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Please welcome back
Frank the Mortician! I’m happy
to be back. What have you been up to
since you were here last, Frank? I walked out to my car
and got my makeup case. There’s your freak show, Frank.
There’s your freak show. This is gonna take
a lot of work. That’s what I told her. Hmm…
What do we have here? ♪♪ [ Sighs ] Hmm.
Tissue fixture. Massive decomposition. Stiffening of
the epidermis. Flagrant detritus. You know
I’m still alive, right? Oh, you will be when I get down with you. I told you Frank was
the right man for the job. What about filling that hole right there? Yeah, I’m gonna — And can you lance that? Yes, I ca– And can you shave
that down? Maybe there’s something
with that upper lip. Now, Frank, I know you’re busy with Amy and all, but I was just wondering
what you would do for me. Can you lower my brow? Can you lift my chin? Well, maybe I can come by the funeral parlor and you can just
have a look-see. You are unbelievable, Frank. Unbelievable. There you go.
There you go! Look who’s coming alive! Now, while Frank
tends to Amy’s face, we’re gonna go
to commercial break. We’ll be right back! That’s my line. Mnh-mnh. Too late.
We’re already gone! ♪♪

4 thoughts on “At Home with Amy Sedaris – The Mortician Makeup Artist | truTV

  1. Patty is a rare miss of a character for me. I usually love Amy's personalities. I do love the show, though… especially the lady who lives in the woods LOL

  2. Part from Gerri Blank, Patty Hogg is THE best and most hilarious character! She makes the show, love her 😍

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