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  1. It's reuploaded video. 🙂 재업로드입니다! 再投稿です!
    🍅Timeline 타임라인 タイムライン🍅

    00:05 preview
    01:33 wake up, lady.
    02:00 drinking water
    02:42 hairband
    04:06 toner
    09:45 lotion
    14:13 makeup base
    18:48 foundation
    22:52 powder
    27:05 eyebrows
    30:37 eyelashes curler
    32:44 eye shadows
    38:34 eyeliner
    40:18 mascara
    42:19 lipstick
    43:48 blusher
    45:48 highlighter & shading
    50:22 nail polish
    51:37 dusting powder
    52:54 hair brushing
    57:25 hair serum
    59:12 necklace & earrings
    01:02:05 wedding vail
    01:03:32 flower circlet
    01:04:20 maid's request
    01:07:35 bouquet

    00:05 요약
    01:33 일어나세요~
    02:00 물 마시기
    02:42 헤어밴드
    04:06 토너
    09:45 로션
    14:13 메이크업베이스
    18:48 파운데이션
    22:52 파우더
    27:05 눈썹
    30:37 뷰러
    32:44 아이섀도우
    38:34 아이라이너
    40:18 마스카라
    42:19 립스틱
    43:48 블러셔
    45:48 하이라이터 & 쉐딩
    50:22 네일
    51:37 파우더 털기
    52:54 머리빗기
    57:25 헤어세럼
    59:12 목걸이 & 귀걸이
    01:02:05 면사포
    01:03:32 화관
    01:04:20 부탁
    01:07:35 부케

    00:05 プレビュー
    01:33 起きてください
    02:00 お水を飲む
    02:42 ヘアバンド
    04:06 トナー
    09:45 ローション
    14:13 メイクアップベース
    18:48 ファウンデーション
    22:52 パウダー
    27:05 眉
    30:37 アイラッシュカーラー
    32:44 アイシャドー
    38:34 アイライナー
    40:18 マスカラ
    42:19 リップスティック
    43:48 ブラッシャー
    45:48 ハイライター&シェーディング
    50:22 ネイル
    51:37 パウダーを払う
    52:54 ヘアブラッシング
    57:25 ヘア・セラム
    59:12 ネックレス&イヤリング
    01:02:05 ベール
    01:03:32 花冠
    01:04:20 お願い
    01:07:35 ブーケ

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  2. Maid saga:
    Part 1: the lady was looking for a husband
    Part 2: the lady was arranged for marriage and now she’s getting ready for marry
    Part 3: coming soon (I hope so…)

  3. 42:30 isn’t that the same lip balm kook uses, cause that’s $30. Miss ppomo is loaded 😳

  4. ʀᴇᴄᴜᴇʀᴅᴀ, ʜᴀʏ ɢᴇɴᴛᴇ ǫᴜᴇ ᴛᴇ ᴀᴍᴀ says:

    No entiendo ni mierda pero me dejaste bien hermosa con tanta cosa que me pusiste en la cara xd

  5. Right before this, youtube just had to show a horror movie ad… there should be a bot that says, if a person is going to watch asmr the last thing they want to see is an ad for a horror movie

  6. Me, with my eyes closed because I wanna sleep: U_U
    Maid: lady…
    Me: 👁️_👁️ YES MY DEAR?

    Edit: lmao how did this get so many likes?! Thanks guys 💖

  7. 하녀님이 너무 예뻐서 남편이 건들 것 같아서 못 데려감ㅠ

  8. 예전에도 즐겨보는 영상이긴 했지만 요즘들어 중세로판소설을 보고 있어서 그런지 더 몰입이 되는 그런 느낌 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 오늘도 잘 보고갑니다 뽀모님 충성충성 ㅠㅠㅠ

  9. 이 영상 볼려고 하면 10초안에 잠들어서 뽀모님 목소리를 잘 못들었는데 오늘 다시 들어보니까 목소리가 너무 좋으시네요^^뽀얀 피부랑 밝은 갈색 계열의 머리카락 색깔이랑 오글거리는 말을 예쁘게소화하시는게 너무 보기좋아서구독했어요👍

  10. Wow I hate whispers. Anyone know a soft spoken/ no talking type?

  11. 나에게 ASMR 채널 프로모션은 세계에서 가장 좋은 것 중 하나이다.❤️

  12. 1:04:43
    Ppomo : I have to ask you something now

  13. 1:02:33

    原文→면사포랑 화관 씌워드릴게요.


  14. I imagine as I Am meant to walk down the Isle I am no where to be seen and everyone begins freaking out and everyone is calling me. I'm actually running out the door with my maid to go elope

  15. 저 뽀모님께 시집가도 되나여??

  16. 이거듣고 자다가 갑자기 뒤에가 뜨거워서 깬건 저뿐이겟죠 ..?

  17. I fell asleep to this and woke up the next morning wondering where my ‘husband’ was 😂 this was so real and believable! Amazing work, yet again ❤️

  18. すごい世界観! 視覚も聴覚も

  19. Screw the damn groom, I'll marry the maid instead
    *Proceeds to bridal carry the maid out and rides off into the sunset on a horse*

  20. me, clicking on this video: oo, im gonna enjoy this one teehee

    me, 0.000009 seconds in: omigosh an anGEL SHES SO ADORABLE AND KIND AND SWEET AND LOVELY UWUWUWUWU

  21. I don’t understand Korean but all the English comments that did understand it thank you bc I now understand the story a lil better

  22. I would allow this wonderful maid to remain at my side for her extreme loyalty. Friends like her are very rare.

  23. 寝て起きた後でもこれ見てたら、いつのまにか寝ちゃってる。いつも寝るときに見てます😊

  24. Honestly I'd either marry the maid and my fiance at the same time or leave him for the maid I get the feeling he'll do something besides LOOK AT HER SHE'S FREAKING CUTE AND SO WHOLESOME I WANNA PROTECT HER and marry her

  25. ポモさんの動画の中でこの動画が一番好きです。いつも途中で寝てしまうのですが、フルで見ようと思い頑張って起きて観てました笑 もうこの動画一年経つのですね…時の流れは早いのだなと感じました!!これからもポモさんの動画楽しみにしています。百合最高

  26. 영상 길어서 다행이다 잠이 하도 안와서 중간에 얼마나 봤는지 확인했더니 50분 ㅋㅋㅋ 눈을 감고 있었는데도 한 시간 동안이나 잠이 안와서 잠 자는 거 포기해야 하나 생각하다가 어쨌든 영상 끝나기 전엔 잠들음.

  27. 洗个澡用了一个小时多…嗯…容我想想🤔,这也许就是…就是…啥呢…好吧~_~,这是我的猜测:这人儿,肯定会在浴缸急死~😂😂

  28. 오늘은 정말 멋진날이 될거에요 하고시작하는 이영상 너무좋아요..

  29. 목소리가 정말 예쁘고 아름다우세요♥♥

  30. そのお嬢様、メイク中に絶対寝るでしょw


  31. 면사포 만지면서 속삭이는거 진짜 시각적팅글 대박이다… 넘…넘설레는 영상임..,…결혼 때려치우고 뽀모님이랑 살고싶음

  32. 저 뭔가 궁금한건데 어디에 다가 화장시키시는건가용?

  33. ppomo keeps talking about this thing called a “man” and i really cannot for the life of me figure out what they are

  34. (よっしゃ今日は全然眠くないからフルで見れる気がする!!)



  35. Get yourself a woman who's that devoted :]

    Seriously couldn't I just hold that cup on my own? Didn't know I was that lazy XD

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