Welcome dear friends to my channel Today there will be a video ” What is in my makeup bag?” This video ASMR These treasures are inside my makeup bag We will now consider them in more detail These are cotton pads. Without them can not do more than one makeup Micellar water with oil Vitamins for the face. This is useful Home facial mask is always useful in your cosmetic bag Facial cream. It’s probably in every makeup bag. This face cream.. but I just tried it on my hands. This cream perfectly moisturizes your hands too Foundation for face Ideally it should have been done with this sponge A great sponge to apply Foundation A great facial serum In each cosmetic bag, there should be powder Corrector.. Very need thing in mind Pencils are a necessary thing for every cosmetic bag. Eyebrow pencil..Eyeliner Mascara. Mascara is an indispensable thing in every cosmetic bag Eye shadow. They are needed in the cosmetic bag I know this brush is not for shadows I have very beautiful shadows And at the end of the video I have 2 lipsticks Now you know what’s in my makeup bag. But that’s not all. It’s just part of my makeup bag. This is where I’ll end my video I hope it was interesting for you Don’t forget put ” like ” I’m always glad to see your ” like ” Love to read your Comments Write me Comments.. I will definitely read and answer I hope you were interested and pleased Subscribe to the channel if the first time. And come again. The video is released every Monday and Thursday I am glad to every spectator. Thank you for watching the video to the end That’s all. Bye.. Bye..Meet again. I’ll be waiting for you!”

40 thoughts on “ASMR MAKEUP WHATS INSIDE MAKEUP BAG relax video

  1. Люблю ваш канал и видео!!! Очень очень расслабляете!! Особенно после рабочего дня, это просто супер!! Спасибоо!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  2. Hey Vera could you show us your Beautiful Face I know you are a pretty lady would LUV 2 C U Apply Makeup your GORGEOUS Face 😘

  3. что у Веры в сумочке? паровоз?самолет? автомобиль? ракета Илона Маска?😋😁

  4. Классно и залипательно 🙂
    А в каком городе Вы живёте, если не секрет?


  6. Glad to have a no slime video. I'm not big on slime and plus your nails sound so nice on different surfaces. 💟 Great video.

  7. Спасибо огромное как раз полсе алгебры нужно расслабиться…..
    Можно по чаще такие видео?))❤

  8. очень нравятся ваши видео, но перестала смотреть из за громкой рекламы, неожиданной, несколько раз за видео… расслабится и наслаждаться не выходит.

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