ASMR Facial Oil Drop & Eyeliner (Eng sub) | Talking+Notalking | Visual makeup 오일을 얼굴에 똑똑&아이라이너

Maybe not, but… Please open your eyes slowly. hello. everyone i’m boyoung(first name) ban(last name) Today! In the last Sailor Moon video, The sound you liked the most! I’m going to do those sounds for a long time. There will be a section for talking and a section for not talking. Check the timeline. What was the most popular Sailor Moon item?you know? There were the most comments. One thing is this. yeah, face oil I’ll drop this on your face. and second this… remember ? this ‘eyeliner’ When I drew this, they liked the sound. so one.. and two I’m only going to do two makeup item. First of all! I’ll do face oil first. drop drop.. ok? I’m going to do it from now on. Why don’t you tap for 30 seconds before then? Thank you. My microphone is on my head. I’m doing this. this way~ tap Maybe I can polish your face. yeah, i can Because I will drop for a long time. I won’t wait any longer. Let’s do it! ok like this I’ll approach you slowly. How do you feel? People liked this sound. So do you? Camera’s focus….AF.. Ok. good at a slow pace Let’s talk for about 10 minutes! and..I’d better do ‘Notalking’ for the remaining 10 minutes. ah….! In the Sailor Moon video, what did I say about the scent of this product? Maybe..A camellia? But you know what? It smells like camellia flowers! really~ Yes, that’s right. The smell of real makeup item is the smell of camellia. Now. Should I try it with my left hand? We’ll be closer than we are now. your face must be full of this oil by now. I’m sure…yes in turn so These dropper and moon shape .. I tried to glue it… but It didn’t bond well. Ah! I will do eyeliner in a little while. Here. Here. a mucous membrane of the eye But I might draw too much. Because I have plans to paint a lot… on your eye this way this side Now I can hear the noise of the car. I usually shoot(video) at dawn. but, now.. It’s afternoon. Nobody’s home! daytime filming Anyway, so there’s a noise. It’s the sound of the mouth. Tok. Talk. um…Did you ever see me in white? Did I wear it?..>_

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  1. 안녕하세요! 반보영입니다

    이번에는 여러분들의 댓글을 보고 만들게 된 영상입니다

    세일러문 메이크업( 가장 인기가 많았던 2가지 소리가 있었는데요!

    바로 페이스 오일과 아이라이너 입니다

    한번 들어보시겠어요?

    앞부분 20분은 토킹이며(오전촬영)

    뒷부분 20분은 노토킹 입니다(새벽촬영)

    노토킹인 뒷부분은 새벽에 다시 재촬영을해서 화면이 조금더 어둡습니다 (재촬영이유: 앞부분 찍다가 부모님이 오셔서 중지하고 그날밤..그러니까 새벽에 다시 했어요 @[email protected])

    Hello! I'm Ban Bo Young.

    This is the video that I made after reading your comments.

    Sailor Moon Makeup( had two of the most popular sounds!

    Face oil and eyeliner.

    Would you like to hear it?

    The front part is 20 minutes of talking (afternoon shooting)

    The back part is not toking for 20 minutes (dawn shooting)

    The screen is a little darker since we re-photographed it at dawn.


    [타임라인: timeline]

    0:01 미리보기 preview

    [토킹구간 talking]

    0:41 인사와 잡담.hello. every one

    2:37 오일통 탭핑 tapping face oil

    3:36 오일 똑똑 떨어뜨리기 drop face oil

    12:21 아이라이너 탭핑 tapping eyeliner item

    14:02 아이라이너 그리기 drawing eyeliner

    [노토킹 구간 No talking]

    21:54 오일똑똑 떨어뜨리기face oil

    28:04 아이라이너 그리기eyeliner

    [would you support me?]

    (이곳은 '패트론'입니다! 후원자분들을 위해 편한 영상이 따로올라가요!)

    (이곳은 '투네이션'입니다! 메세지를 따로보내실수 있고 다음영상 말미에 답장해드리고 있습니다!)


    [email protected]

  2. この人のASMRは音はもちろんだけど、韓国語での優しい喋り方とか、声のトーンとかも綺麗で素敵

  3. 13:04 미친ㄴ 언니 블루예티로 속삭이는 단어반복이 절실히 필요해요ㅜㅠㅠ 언니 목소리 너무 사랑해요..
    그리고 굳은 아이클레이랑 하트보석탭핑하는 거 너무 좋아요!!! 탭핑으로 긴 영상 올려주시면 계신 방향으로 절할게요,,♡♡♡

  4. 반보영님 피드백 들어주셧어!! 진짜 너무 너무 좋아요ㅠㅠ!! 참된 에이에셈아류유튜버!! 앞으로도 항상 응원할게요!!!!

  5. 와…소리 딱딱 끊겨서 들리는거 보니깐 영상 촬영하시고 녹음도 따로하셔서 영상 만드신듯….ㄷㄷ…

  6. 요즘 매일 듣고 잡니당.. 언니 미안하지만 노토킹은 잘 안듣고 자요.. 언니 목소리 최고팅글이라…😊

  7. 제 눈두덩이가 학교책상위의 시험지인건같네요
    또각소리가 일품이야 소리 진짜조아열

  8. 🌙talking🌙
    00:41 お話し
    02:37 フェイスオイルタッピング
    03:36 フェイスオイル塗る
    12:21 アイライナータッピング
    14:02 アイライナー塗る

    🌙No talking🌙
    21:54 フェイスオイル
    28:04 アイライナー


  9. 相変わらずすごく良い音だ〜💗

  10. Афигеть, это очень красиво. Чудесный голос и звуки. Волшебно. Заснула моментально 🤤🤤🤤🤤😍😍😍😍🐨

  11. I want her to do a lipstick application video where she uses the sound effect. I really like watching lipstick application with sound effects. I hope she does it.

  12. 16:42 모기가 지나간건 아닌것 같고 내가 숨쉬면서 나는 소리인가 뭔가 해서 놀랐다

  13. 言葉はわからないけど、貴女の声がとっても優しいのは伝わります。その優しくて柔らかい声にいつも癒されます。仕草も婀かで目が離せません。応援しています。

  14. What did you use to make the make up set? Air dry clay? I have never seen any material that looks like a velvet finish.

  15. 안녕하세요 asmr을 찾다가 반보영님을 발견하게되었어요 !! 뜬금없지만 소품이 너무 아기자기하고 귀여워요 (사실 탐나요) asmr 잘 듣고있어요 .. 💗

  16. ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ

  17. Жаль что я не знаю корейский 😣Но мне очень нравится твои видео 😍❤️

  18. Aquí tu comentario en español ☺ su voz es tan suave y relajante me encanta la temática de todo Kawaii😍I love you❤

  19. 그 디자인으로 화장품이 나왔으면 좋겠어요ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 너무 잘 만드셨어요ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ💗💗

  20. When my mom does my makeup

    My dad does my makeup I look like a clown no not even a clown a whole damn circus

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