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welcome welcome Are you here today to get your make-up on Blair’s shop? Today, mainly cosmetics I use, I will make up for you in the way of my makeup. Then I will introduce you to my makeup product and make up. I’ll make up your skin first. I mainly use ESTEE LAUDER Foundation First, finish all the foundation makeups and then apply them by hand. I will make you a hand-makeup to the guests today. This product is a bit dry in winter, but it has the advantage of being best suited to my skin tone and being smooth. If you do not mind, I’ll give you a detailed product explanation. I’ll make you up. First, I need you to paint your balls, your nose, your forehead, your chin. And apply it by hand. forehead I think this product suits you well. Next make eye makeup. I first use an eye primer. This is VIDEL primer. Using a primer has the advantage of keeping the eye shadow and eye line intact for long periods of time. So I use my primer unconditionally first. This is a VDL product. This is good, Etude House’s kids’ primers come in a cheaper version. But I’m using this right now. You can paint this on your eyes and under your eyes. Apply it to both eyes and tap it and spread it. Now that you’ve finished applying your child’s primer, draw an eye line. It’s Tony Morigelleline Brown. I think using a brown liner rather than a black liner looks smoother. Eyeliner First draw the eyeliner with a dedicated brush. After applying as close to the eye as possible, always take the date to the end. I’ll show you. Here too I have a different way of applying eyeliner depending on the shape of the person’s eyes, but I like it. I think it would be a good fit if the guests do the same. Next up is the eye shadow. I use an eye shadow palette. I bought this cheaply. Maybe I’ll sell it on the internet now at an affordable price. I’ll show you. There are so many colors. There are two kinds of these palettes. I bought this product with a lot of brown color because I mainly use brown makeup. You see a few missing. That’s why I use this palette. I use this palette to remove the eye shadow I use and move it to the lens case. Originally, there was a mirror in the lens barrel, but I dropped it and the mirror was missing. Originally, there is a mirror, so when you make up, you can look in the mirror and make up. I mainly like this color I do not see it. I put a light gold color on my eyes. Mix the black and brick colors and apply them under your eyes. Then I’ll make up. I’ll put it on the snow first. And paint the bottom of the eye with a rounded brush. Please connect me from the end of the eye to the end of the eye line. I’ll mix the two colors. I’ll put the lashes on you. I want to put as much natural lashes as I can. I will use all of my usual eyelashes, and I’ll put this on you. This is a lot of splashing eyelashes. This is a Daiso product, but it’s better quality than I thought and I often use it. I’ll put this product on you. This is Eisai Brown 2. I’ll put this on you. When I open this, I have eyelashes. There are no eyelashes inside. I’ll put this on you. Putting your eyebrows on here … Light at the end of the eye I’m sorry I have a finger. When pasting this, just glide back from the eye line to the back and stick it along the front part. Then it’s naturally attached. I’ll stick it. I’ll put this in first. Opposite Finally, take one more line with a black eyeliner. When drawing this, please draw as thin as possible. Just draw your eye bangs and tails. You can use any eyeliner. This is the current black color. I’ll draw you. this way Yes, it is. Now you just have to make eye drops. Put a shiny eye shadow under your eyes. This is Santa Baby color of Aritaum. It is slightly pink gold color. This under the eyes by hand My fingers keep going .. You can apply this under your eyes with your fingers. I’ll give it to you. You just need to apply it once and for all. Next is the most popular product you’ve asked. Glitter products under the eyes. Holica Kholica I Metal Glitter No. 1 Stella Dust Color Just light it under your eyes. If you apply a lot, it will be burdensome. You can apply cocktail. Now the eye make-up is over. Now you Eyebrow bars are in order. In the case of me, the eyebrows are so thick that I can change the color to the ibro. I think that’s more natural. This is what I bought at Etude House. If you paint your eyebrows with your own eyes and paint them with this, your eyebrows seem natural. I’m only using it. I’ll paint it. Now all the makeup is over. Just apply the blusher and lipstick as a finish. I only use blushers, which are mostly sunny. This is Tony Mori product. I’m wearing this because it’s the best fit for my skin tone. Give me a round of both balls. I’ll paint it. I’m done. And Eagle Lips Stick Shadow. It’s a brown-colored stick shadow. I do not notice this
I use it when I’m co-shedding or painting I’ll nose it with this. You can apply it to the nose and under the nose and knock it down. Now, the last one is lipstick. I always use this product I do not know the correct name because it is now erased, Mamonde … It’s a creamy tint. Baby Rose color. (Puppy guests came …) Apply this on your lips first, then spread with a cotton swab. And once more, let it bloom. I’ll paint it. Apply lip first and swab. And I’ll give you another one in the middle. Now the make-up is over. Your makeup is the same make-up I made. It looks so good to me, but if you like it, please come back next time. I’ll do my pretty makeup research and give you a guest. Then your guest was a lot of work today. Be careful and come back next time. Hi

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  1. 초반에 블레어님 얼굴만 보다가, 0:37에 화면이 까매져서 제 얼굴이 보이는데 여기서 얼마나 자괴감이 드냐면…

  2. 오늘은 블레어님 얼굴이 가까이서 많이나와서
    눈호강제대로 하네여 ㅜㅜ
    대체왜이렇게 이쁘신거야!!!언니딘짜 여신님 ㅜㅜ❣️

  3. 헐 브금너무좋아요😭😭😭ㅠ!!!!!!! 블레어님 소리랑 얼굴은 더 너무 좋아요 진짜 너무 이세상사랑러브 죄다 가지셔요 증말

  4. 항상 좋은 영상과 소리감사합니다 ~~ 매번 불면증때문에 잠을 못이루고 있었는데 ASMR 을 알고나서부턴 한결나아졌어요 ^^ 최고 !!!!

  5. Asmr들으려고 왔더니 아이돌이 에쎔알 하고있으시네 ….ㄷㄷㄷㄷ 이런분이 실제로 존재하시는건가요..?

  6. 日本語字幕嬉しい( ⸝⸝⸝¯ ¯⸝⸝⸝ )♡
    ASMR界で一番可愛いと思う!だからもっと顔出して欲しい…( ´・ω・`)

  7. 너무예쁘시네용 지나갈려다가 안 눌러 볼수가없는 미모시길래 들어왔어요
    피부가 그냥 완전 아가야 피부시네
    잘보고 잘듣고 잡니다~

  8. 헉 여자친구 신비 느낌 있으신 것 같아요!
    소리도 너무 좋고 예쁘셔요ㅠㅠ 잘 듣고 잘 보고 갈게요☺️💕

  9. 헐 블레어 인성 ㅡㅡ 11:45


  10. 이 분은 영상만 주기적으로 올리기만 하면 1년 내로 100% 성공하실분이네ㅋ 성장이 기대되네요ㅋ 오늘부터 구독입니다ㅋ

  11. 탭핑 너무 좋아요 ㅜㅜ
    마음이 따뜻해지는 기분까지 드는 영상.. 오늘은 이거 듣구 자야겠어요!!

  12. 성적표✔💯 이름: 블레어

    잔잔한 브금 10/10 🎶🎹

    배우 뺨 후두려치는 연기력 10/10🤷‍♀️

    타고난 미모 11/10 (이세상미모아님)🌸

    속삭임의 퀄리티 10/10 (팅글돌아버려)

    사물을 이용한 소리 10/10

    롤플레이 같지않은 롤플레이 9/10 (본인도 찝찝해함) 👿

    매력적인 블루 레드 배경 10/10

    중간중간 편집 10/10 (자막 등)

    화장법 10/10 (복숭아 닮음 🍑🍑)

    화장 튜토리얼 10/10 (남자인데 핑크빛 입술에 핑크핑크 아이란인 만들고 싶어짐)

    이런 고귀한 채널을 이제야 찾아내다니
    ; – ; 구독 누루고 갑니다 앞으로 잘 부탁드려요!

  13. 블레어님 속삭이는 소리 너무 좋아요ㅠㅠ 저는 asmr에서 말로 속삭이는 소리나 발음같은걸 되게 중요하게 보는데 블레어님 소리가 진짜 취향이에요ㅠㅠ

  14. 메이크업 잘 못하고 얼굴에 덮히는 느낌이 싫어서 안하지만 다른 사람이 예쁘게 꾸미는 모습을 보면 대리만족감이… 흐뭇

  15. 목소리 들을려고 이 영상봤는데….
    남잔데 화장해보고싶어지네요ㅋㅋㅋ
    얼굴에 손을 댈 때 화면이 어두워지는건 센스가 미쳐써 연구많이 하시는 것 같해ㅎㅎㅎ

  16. 이 분도 파도만 잘 타면 순간 10만 -> 50만 -> 100만 asmr 유튜버가 되실 수 도 있겠습니다.~~

  17. 언니 ㅠㅠㅠ 더 찍어주세요 ㅠㅠㅠ 잘 때마다 ASMR 듣는 습관이 생겼는데 언니 거 아니면 잠이 안 와요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  18. 와….목소리도 예쁘시고 얼굴도 이쁘신데….팅글이 장난 아니여서 구독이랑 좋아요 눌러 버렸어여…

  19. 10:27초에 질이 진짜 괜찮은거에요~ 라고 하실때 에셈알 유튜버 띠에님이 손으로 짱 하실때랑 닮았어요!!
    음..귀여워서..혼자 생각하고 말기 그래서 걍 적어봤어요..구냥 그렇다는거에용..:)
    👍🏻이 제스쳐 넘 커엽❣️

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