25 thoughts on “Artist Vs. Makeup Artist: Creepy Clown Challenge

  1. I don't do makeup but I'm an artist/painter and tbh I would've wanted to join this challenge to see if I could do any better- not to say they AREN'T good.

  2. I adore Sara, she seems like such a nice person and I love her entire personality. I liked the originality of her look. I liked the make up artist too though I've seen people do similar makeup . She used a lot of her makeup knowledge like using the brush applicator and using lesser paint because she knows how to use her skin as a canvas base. But Sara who normally uses paper kinda forgets that skin sweats or becomes oily so the look won't be the same after a few minutes as opposed to paper where the paint dries. Another difference is most of the people who do the make-up oriented look kinda use more glitter and sequins and shiny stuff while Sara takes it up as face painting. ANYWAYS bottom line more Sara please!

  3. I'm not hating, but these looks aren't really clown makeup at all. They look more… avant garde, Goth, Emilie Autumn-inspired looks, if anything.

  4. I think the one who is a makeup artist was more like a canvas with random stuff everywhere that didn't really match and the artist had a more obvious clown look but overall they both did really great

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