Ariana Grande’s Makeup Artist Does My Makeup

I like kill it on my eyes I’m like I’m like I’ll make sure that eyes are like Poppins I’m super excited today because I’m gonna have makeup artist Daniel chinchilla show me a thing or two on how to do my makeup and then I’m gonna try to recreate it it’s myself and then he’s gonna judge me and see if I did a good job I don’t know if I’m setting myself up for failure let Daniel work his magic hands on me I’m Daniel chinchilla and I am a celebrity makeup artist so I’m going to show Sheila and you guys a few of my favorite tips and tricks on how to achieve flawless celebrity glam one of the most important parts is the skin preparation so make sure that your skin is hydrated make sure that it’s primed so right now I’m using a really hydrating primer and you can use it whether you’re hungover or not really pinpoint where you need coverage and kind of stipple it on some kind of pressing it onto your skin and what this does is it sets your foundation in place next step is concealer I start by applying the concealer on the inner part of the eyes because that’s where we have the most amount of dark and then I blend it downward and outward then I’m going to buff it in with the switch so I’m just really gently just tapping the concealer in so next I’m using the bobbi brown eye shadow stick and I’m just smudging it right on your lower lid and then I’m gonna buff it with a brush and I love these because they don’t crease they give a really pretty finish and it’ll look like you have spent a whole hour doing your eye shadow when it really took a minute especially for you like when you’re having to work with clients and stuff do you always have a time limit of like how much time you have sometimes I have 20 minutes and who are some people you’ve worked with um I’ve worked with ariana grande Olivia Coco Betty White most importantly Betty White right now I am using the Laura Mercier setting powder and I’m using it around the face as well only where you have shine makeup isn’t cookie-cutter for everybody so don’t follow like the rules don’t say okay I saw this tutorial so I have to do it exactly how they did it because everyone’s skin is different so this is a bronzing powder and I’m using it to contour start right here at the top of your ears and at the temples and then blend down you want to stay because if you go lower it makes your cheeks look bigger he has to smile when you put your bronzer because you’ll be able to see your cheeks better and you’ll know where to place it this is a highlighting Sigma brushes for the cheekbones I’m applying the highlighter right here and I’m bringing it downward if you notice I’m using circular strokes with my brush because that way you don’t have a stripe so now I’m highlighting your nose if you notice I’m also mixing different highlight colors because I feel like it gives the skin more dimension I am going to line your eyes with a dark brown pencil Brown is a lot more forgiving for me it looks prettier because it’s softer you want to know the best part about it what’s the best guy it’s very mystic approach I only use black eyeliner and I’ve discovered that the brown opens my eyes more look up I’m going to use a brown eyeshadow under as it gives like a soft smokey effect as I am starting at the base of the lash if you wiggle the brush up it gives you volume and length if you’re doing your mascara and you start gears I start to water you breathe really hard in like it’s like sucks in the tears Wow yeah oh my god lips okay so this is a neutral lip liner so we’re going to give you just a really pretty nude lip like this is what most women like struggle with is just like a perfect nude lips I mean the right color for their lives yeah and it really is about finding the right undertones so if you know you have to find out what’s in your lips I always go for like teaching nudes so I also kind of filled in your lip with the lip liner because if you layer your lip liner and your lipstick okay it’s gonna stay on much better I’m actually applying it with an angled eyebrow brush it gives so much precision for so long it was like the matte lip yeah but I feel like now like juicy hydrated lips are back in I always kind of add blush in the end because I’m very weird and it makes no sense the trick is to really build the blush up so grab a little bit apply it a little more apply it if you dig your brush in and just go for it I promise you you’re gonna go it’ll be too much and it’ll be too much and it’ll be hard to blend it’ll be hard to take away and you use the same brush as a contour brush we’re going to do a little clear brow gel and so this will just kind of keep your brows in place and it’s like to brush up you have those the Victoria’s Secret that’s why I like having him around he just whispers all these nice things to me yeah Gary you literally have three products on your eyes see how it look like sometimes less is more you don’t need to do a full makeup routine just accentuate your best features seems pretty simple it does so maybe you just make everything look easy so daniel did my face and it looked fabulous and now i’m gonna attempt to do it myself i really moisturize my face so putting the primer on it takes more time I feel but Beauty Blender does feel really nice on my face to put it underneath my eyes temples so I’m going to put this eyeshadow on the crease of my lid so then he blends it in setting powder under the under eyes putting it on places where the shine is Daniel says I got a do and I got to make sure that this looks on point you smile answer my problem is that I put it always too low so I’m all contoured up my highlighter palette is a mess but I’m gonna use this and mix it up with this and he uses it in circular motion make sure that highlight is popping is it looking that like Daniels not quite but it’s pretty pretty close and he uses a smaller brush to kind of highlight the nose area so now I’m gonna do the eyeliner so now I’m using the brown eyeshadow to go underneath my eyeliner okay so the eyes are looking looking good so far there’s just no way to look cute through mascara is there next up is the lips I really love this color I’m gonna apply the gloss I’m Devin look at me glossy they look induce it so he uses Fenty beauty it’s a highlight but it also serves a blush right I got the blush down because I’m trying to let my brows grow a little bit more he didn’t do anything crazy on my brows brushing them upwards so I am done I don’t know if it looks as great as Daniels does cuz he can’t be a makeup artist I really learned a lot from him I really will try to go for more nude colors on my lips and you know experimenting with like mixing highlighters more so it took Daniel ten minutes to do this look and it took me double that time but I think with more practice I’ll get better with it I hope it’s up to his standards and now Daniels gonna judge me on my look it was very fun and let’s see what Daniel has to say about this list hey Sheila it’s Daniel your makeup bestie your skin is glowing you didn’t put too much foundation or too much powder and I can really see like the detail in it your look is of course Daniel approved you made me so proud [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

100 thoughts on “Ariana Grande’s Makeup Artist Does My Makeup

  1. i so wish i could get glammed for a day. i’ve never done more than mascara and concealer. i’ve tried and failed the rest of the steps but i’d love for a beauty guru to actually do it to my face and me see it step by step according to my face. i envy these people 😭

  2. He didnt do it to match ariana. He did what would look best on her. I thought it looked. It was simple and natural 🤷🏼‍♀️

  3. I thought he was giving her a Adriana Grande makeover, then I read the title again and that’s not what he’s doing 😅 he’s giving her a celebrity makeup makeover that is suitable for her. He just happens to be a make up artist that works on Ariana Grande 😅

  4. Loved seeing Lise Watier being used! One of my favourite brands! They’re also cruelty free!! And Canadian 😍. Their V-Element mascara is one of the best.

  5. 3:33 The product is mislabeled. It's supposed to be Lise Watier. This is a Canadian cosmetic brand and it's awesome!

  6. Take note, ladies: you don't have to bake/put a boat-load of make-up on to look great. Daniel was very light-handed and applied make-up on her effortlessly.

  7. I hate peachy nudes I feel like it’s so hard to find a true brown based nude…..but this is a classic fresh look as a makeup artist myself less is totally more. Even on my own face I don’t go crazy with cut dresses I just keep it simple and those are the best looks on me

  8. Funny how Youtubers can copy her look exactly but her makeup artist didnt do it. I would have had no idea because that makeup looks nothing like arianas!

  9. My sister is an MUA then i dont believe Ariana hired a Wendy cashier to do her makeup and that eye look hunny ARI take me i can bleand some sticks too

  10. that’s $385 worth of makeup sis

    p.s. yoooo, i have a small channel!
    i hope you choose to join the fam🥳💛

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