Arbonne Smoothed Over Lipstick | All 16 Swatches! Review!

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content like this today I am sharing with you some a lipstick that I recently
got to try out from our bond and this is their smooth over lipstick and they have
16 shades and I was lucky enough to try out all 16 shades I’m gonna go ahead and
show you guys swatches of all the different shades that I have and I’m
also going to talk to you about the formula so they are vegan they are
cruelty free they are gluten free so the key ingredients in this is water melon
extract apple extract meadow foam seed oil just a lot of really good for you
ingredients they do smooth on very creamy
I am very nice but they’re not overly creamy where they will feather or go
outside the lines of your lips they have a sort of gripped to them so the oils
inside this formula really adhere to your lips and once it’s on it just
pretty much stays on but it’s not drying down it’s not a matte formula it’s very
creamy some of the shades are a little bit more
of a satin finish but they all look very hydrating and nourishing on your lips so
they’re not going to dry out your lips my lips have been very dry and they do
have some fine lines there’s a lot of different things going on with my lips
and I do know that a lot of people like matte lipsticks and liquid lipsticks and
I have several of those but they are just they’re not really something that
I’m reaching for these days anymore I want something that’s comfortable on my
lips makes them look very hydrated and plump it’s just at the end of the day
with those long wearing ones it there’s chapping pieces of my lips are coming up
and I just don’t think it’s the healthiest thing for my lips anymore so
something like this is definitely what I’ve been looking for you there’s no smell or taste to these just
the way that it feels on the lips very very bomb like like they say so it feels
just like you put on some sort of balm to hydrate your lips so I’m really
really enjoying this product and I do think that it is long wearing an easy
way to nourish your lips to add some color and it does melt into your lips
like a second skin so you can’t feel it it’s not heavy it’s very lightweight it
just feels very very comforting and I do recommend these I’m going to list the
information on how to pick up these products down below in the description
and I wanted to give a shout out and thank you to my cousin Ellison for
sending these over she wanted me to try them out and I’m very very happy with
them so hi Allison thank you so much and thank you guys for watching my video
today don’t forget to subscribe and hit that thumbs up at the bottom and I hope
you guys have a wonderful day and we’ll see you in the next video

9 thoughts on “Arbonne Smoothed Over Lipstick | All 16 Swatches! Review!

  1. love this lipstick, you only need one coat last a long time. Even with eating, and working out. This is a great lipstick, it just feels clean and good, Love Arbonne lipstick so much i purchase 4 of them.

  2. This was very helpful – thank you for taking the time to make this video. I enjoyed listening to the music in this video and all the colours looked great on you. Plus, I love your canines. Thumbs up.

  3. They all look amazing on you, honestly! I tried the Zinnia and Magnolia because I was sure they would flatter me but with Magnolia I looked like I had no lips, made me look really pale and almost like I put foundation on my lips… and with Zinnia, I thought it would have an orangey tone to it but it looked kind of fluorescent pink on my lips which I don’t understand at all… I have a warm undertone to my light skin so I was convinced that Zinnia is a warm colour but now I started wondering if it just looks warm at first but it actually is more of a cool shade? Is there anyone with great colour knowledge to tell me?
    Also, orange lipsticks look amazing on me (hence the warm undertone of my skin), however Zinnia just seems far away from orange on my lips!

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