Aquaria’s ‘Oil-Spill Mermaid Lewk’ Makeup Tutorial 💄 | RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10

– Hey guys, it’s Aquaria from season 10 of
Ru Paul’s Drag Race and today I’m going
to be teaching you how to get my mermaid look from episode seven
the Snatch Game. So watch me go
from this to this. (upbeat electronic music) Now, in most drag looks we
always like to block our brows, some queens don’t,
some queens do. But I’m gonna start by
blocking mine really quickly. Oh my god, how quick was that? Ma-gic, save’s ya 30 minutes,
it’s much more efficient. You’re on the road,
on the go, shave ’em. Now, because this look mainly focuses on
the facial complexion I’m gonna wanna start with a
super well-primed, cleaned, moisturized, dewified,
serum-ified skin just so we have a fabulous
blank canvas to work off of. I like to start with my
primer because I’ve learned, over the past couple
years of doing makeup that if I put it on after
I’ve finished my makeup it doesn’t do a
good job priming. (upbeat electronic music) It’s funny ’cause you put
primer on before you paint. After you’ve primed your skin you’re gonna wanna go
in with pretty much the heaviest foundation
you can find anywhere. The thicker the better. I’m just gonna
throw my base color all over my greasy little face, making sure to get
rid of that mustache. Puberty is startin’ to
hit me, believe it or not. Now that I look
like Frankenstein, you’re gonna wanna go
in with a makeup sponge, ideally a clean one, as
clean as you can get it and just blend this all
out using bouncing motions. You can even bounce
in the chair, it’s just like increase
the bounciness. Don’t do that, that sounds like a terrible,
terrible suggestion. Make sure to get in all your
ugly nooks and crannies. Don’t get it on the earring, ’cause that would be
another $3 out of my pocket. Now I like to use
a foundation base that is slightly more colorful
than the pigment of my skin just because it I think adds
a little bit of vibrance to my face and then I just
blow it out with highlights and dim it down with contours
to kind of even it out, and it all pretty much
looks like my skin tone. Now for this look I was
going for a really intense kind of alien-y mermaid look, so we’re just gonna
go slightly heavy and more dramatic
on the contours just to give it a little pizazz. You’re gonna wanna cut
the cheek really high. I like almost just
focusing it right there ’cause it literally, between
the highlight and the contour, will look like you just
have a lump on your cheek, which is fashion. Gonna slim down this
chin a little bit. And then I like a fairly
dramatic jaw contour just ’cause it like breaks
up the neck and the face. And I’m just gonna
throw a little product around the hairline just so
that you have a nice blend. And we’re gonna go in
with our makeup sponge and continue to pounce
that on the skin just making sure there are
absolutely no harsh lines but also trying to
keep it intense. And we’re gonna go in with
a powder contour after to further deepen the contours. Then I’m just gonna throw a
little bit of this contour on my nose at the bottom
and just blend that out. I’m gonna go in later and
widen the top of my nose. The wig that I’m wearing kind
of covers that contouring that I did there on the show, but that doesn’t mean
I shouldn’t do it because you never know when
you’re gonna lose your wig. Next, I’m going to go in
with my highlight shade of cream foundation and blow
out the high points of my face. (upbeat electronic music) And, just as before, I’m
going to blend all this out. I’m gonna bring the highlight
a little bit up on my nose to make my cheek look larger
and my nose look smaller. It’s called proportionizing,
proportionizing! And as I said before, I’m gonna be accentuating
the bridge of my nose. So we’re gonna make
that super highlighted ’cause I want that
to look really wide. Now that I’ve
blended out my face I’m going to go in and just
detail my nose a little bit to pinch it in just a teense. I’m just going in
with a small brush and picking up my
highlight shade and I’m just gonna throw that
down the bridge of the nose kind of thinning it out
once I get to the middle. And then I’m gonna take a
little more of that product and just bing. Now that my face
is all creamed up, I’m gonna go in with
a light application of a high-coverage
translucent setting powder to set this all in. I’m just gonna take that
on a little powder puff and pack it on the neck because that part can definitely
just get a lot of powder and on the chin,
for that matter. Of course I’m
getting it all over my beautiful black tank top
but now that I’m on Drag Race I guess I can afford
a new one, right? When we get to the cheeks, I’m gonna try to make the
application as thin as possible so it’s not super powdery there because I’m gonna go in
with a lot of highlighters and the highlighters
are gonna pick up better if there’s not too
much powder on my face. Now I’m gonna go in
with a face powder brush and just blend this all in,
just dust off the excess, blend in whatever’s
not blended in yet. You want to definitely marry
the cream and the powders in your makeup so that everything looks
as flawless as possible. Okay, so now I’m going
in with my contour powder and I am going to go in
with a cool tone contour and just really
try to chisel out a more super natural cheek. I’m not going necessarily
for a natural look. I mean I was a goddamn mermaid. There’s nothing
natural about that, so. We want super high, super
pronounced cheekbones but also you’re gonna
wanna blend that out still. Now I’m going to throw
that contour powder around my hairline and in the rest of the
areas that I contour. This is how you do the makeup. Now, whether I don’t
have a clean brush, don’t have enough brushes,
or whatever just to save time I’ll like kind of pinch
my brush like this and pick up just a little
bit of the contour powder and dust that off and
go in and use that to intensify my nose contour. I also do that and just lightly
go at the tip of my nose just to try to minimize the
hanging downness of that because apparently
mermaids don’t, they don’t have a nose like
that, just, I’ve seen them and that’s what they look like. The way I like to do my nose is to put a kind of
blended line here and kind of bring
that up like that. That gives the illusion that there’s like
a divot in the nose and I started doing that because that’s kind of
how I saw Lady Gaga’s nose or like Lana Del
Rey’s nose kind of and I think they
both have cute noses, so I incorporated
that into my drag. Okay, and once again
we’re gonna go in with that same powder brush and just make sure
that is all blended out ’cause you don’t
wanna look a mess. Next, I’m gonna go in with
a super white setting powder and a separate powder puff
from the original one, a little bit smaller to
intensify the highlight areas. Once again, we’re
gonna wanna try to keep the amount of powder
on my face to a minimum but still get it as intense
and pigmented as possible. I like to do just a
little on my chin, ’cause that’ll all blend out, a little under
the contours here, a little bit under the
contours of my cheeks here on the jawline, and
then I’ll do some in the middle of my forehead and kinda just drag that
down my nose like this. And then I’m going to go
in and put that all over the high points of my
cheeks, which is everywhere because I have such beautiful,
just juicy, juicy cheeks and bring that up along
the side of my nose as well to further give the
illusion that my cheek is taking up more space
on my face than it does. Now while this all cooks I’m gonna go in and
start on my eyes, which are actually gonna
be super simple today. I’m gonna be doing a bit
different of a version than what I did on Drag
Race, a bit updated I guess with a little bit
more color and pizazz but still it is a super
easy, super blended, super simple eye look. (upbeat electronic music) I’m gonna go in
with a light color that I would use as
a transition shade, just you know a
pretty neutral brown and hollow out the
socket of my eye. This, we’re gonna wanna
get pretty intense but subtle today,
if that makes sense and then repeat the
same on the other side because this is not
an asymmetric look. But you’re gonna wanna make
sure that this is blended up into the brow bone really,
really, really well because you’re not doing
eyebrows with this look, as I stated before. Or hopefully I stated before, maybe I just thought
about it before. Next, what I like to do is go in with a lot darker of a color
with a small pencil brush. I don’t wanna overdraw
the shape of my crease, I just want to emphasize
the depth of my eye socket to really make the brow
pop and the eye pop and everything pop,
it’s gonna be poppin’. And the shape that I’m going
for today has an emphasis on like pulling this
part of the eye up. So we’re gonna be putting a
little extra product there so that it really gives
that intense eye look. Next, I’m gonna go in with the
first brush that I was using, pick up a tiny bit
of that dark shade, and start to blend that
upward and outward. I figure I would
use the same brush because it has a little bit
of the transition color on it and it has a really
nice blend to it, so it will help
to blend this out. Now that I’ve put all
the color in the crease that I want to put, I’m gonna
throw a little bit of blue on the bottom of the eye. I didn’t do this
part on Drag Race but I think for today’s tutorial we might as well just
go all out with the blue because I do not need to
hold in these blue eye drops for an entire long runway that I’m rolled in
a wheelchair for. I’m gonna go in with this
bright baby blue color and grab it on a kind of
thin but still blendy brush because if we’re gonna throw
this blue gunk in my eye we might as well just
have blue everywhere. I’m gonna kinda
keep it like that. Doesn’t need to be too blended. I think that’s cute. And kinda bring it out
just a bit like so. Next, I’m gonna go in
with that same brush that I put the cream
on my nose with and my white highlighting
cream foundation, I’m gonna pick that up
and draw out a new crease, or a more intense,
emphasized crease at least to really, really accentuate
the deepness, the depth of my eye socket. And I like to use my finger
just to blend that out because it works. Why fix it if it’s broke. That’s a really nice shape. We did it today. I am, Aquaria’s on it
for the makeup tutorial. I’m gonna take a pretty
dense brush like this and throw some of that white
setting powder on my eye. You could also use
a white eye shadow or something more
suited for an eye but I have all this and
no white eye shadow, so that’s gonna work for me. Now I’m just gonna
paint a thin line of black liquid eye
liner on my upper lid just so that the base of
my lashes is intensified. And honestly this part does not have to be
completely flawless. Actually, you know what
take the two extra seconds and make it look good,
you might as well. And I’m not going
to drag this out, I’m just going to
stop it right here keeping it a little
heavier on the outer corner but definitely not like
winging it out by any means. Now, in the inner
corner of my eye I’m gonna bring my liquid
eye liner in just a bit to make my eyes just a bit
closer together visually. Is that a dog? – [Off Camera Person]
Sounded like that, right? – Wait, was it a dog, no? – [Off Camera Person]
No, why are you allergic? – No, I love dogs. – [Off Camera Person] Oh. – I’m gonna say hi if it is. (laughing) Oh my god, something
is tickling me. – [Off Camera
Person] I don’t think we’re allowed to have
dogs in this building. – No dogs but ya got
a lot of bad bitches. (upbeat electronic music) Now I’m just gonna dust
away all this excess powder because I’ve been talking
during this damn makeup tutorial and it’s been settin’ on
my face for quite a while. So I wanna get that before,
I don’t know what happens if you leave it for too
long but I wouldn’t try it. Now after blending
that powder off I notice that my nose is not
looking the way I want it to. So I’m just gonna go in with
one of my eye shadow brushes that I was using earlier, not
picking up any extra color but just kind of going
in on this nose moment just to turn it out
a little harder. ‘Cause the sides
of my nose go up and pretty much take a right
angle with my eye socket, I’m going to go in and
try to counteract that with a little bit more
of this white powder on an angle here so that
we get more of a V shape rather than a T shape. Does that make sense? Next, I’m gonna go in with
a light dusting of blush. Any blush will do, really. This one has a bit
of shimmer in it, which is great because we are going for
a very shimmery look. To make my highlight
super intense I’m gonna add a couple
different highlighters but I’m gonna start
off with adding a layer of a finishing mist just to
the high points of my cheeks so that the highlighters
have more to adhere to. And I’m gonna go in with
a pretty much generic, softer highlighting powder. And then I’m going to
go in with this powder that has like a
blueish, purplish chrome
kinda moment to it. And then I have
this palette here that pretty much has a
million different colors and I’m just gonna dab around
and see what I can make. We’re gonna have fun today. So I’m gonna lightly spray
that, go in with the first one. This one’s more of
a natural highlight and just pop that on. I’m also gonna bring
this into my brow bone because we’re gonna
wanna highlight there too and while it’s wet you might
as well get into there. Then I’m gonna switch to
the more blue toned one which is very intense. You can see right there just
a whole lotta bam going on. Now I’m just gonna go in
with this green color, the yellow color,
the white color, a little bit of the blue. Who knows, just
make it shimmery. And we’re gonna throw
that, oh my god, on the high points
of my cheekbone and blend it up into the brow and even a little
bit further up. Oh my god that looks crazy. Guys, can y’all see that? Now that the cheeks and
eyebrows are highlighted I’m just gonna go in and highlight literally every
other high plane of my face with a shimmering highlighter
because this look is shimmery. This is like the disco
ball of like face. But first, I’m
going to dust away this nose bridge contour
highlight moment. Just a nice even
coverage everywhere. (spritzes finishing spray) Nice and dewy already
but I’m gonna go in mostly just with the
more natural highlighter and hit my chin and
hit my jaw bone. That could use some glow. Throw this with my finger
down the bridge of my nose, so that’s super shiny. Last but not least I’m gonna
throw a whole lotta highlighter on my cupid’s bow. I want my shoulders to look
super shiny for this look to further accentuate
this glossy, shiny vibe. I want them to look all
disco ball-y like this and not all flat like this. So I’m gonna go in with a little
bit of the finishing spray and go in with my highlighters
and just go to town. Of course I’m not left-handed, so this kinda looks
a little dopey. But, oh, bam. Problem solved. Now that the skin
is nice and shiny I’m gonna make my
lips nice and juicy. For this look on the runway I
did not have any lipstick on. All I had was a heavy
supply of gloss, so that’s what I’m
gonna do today. I’m gonna mix a couple
different glosses. I’m gonna first start off
with a pinkish nude tone that is close to my
natural lip color. Next I’m going to go in with
a super light peachy color. I’m going to put
that in the middle and just make sure to
blend that out like that. Now I’m gonna go
in with this crazy, I did not use this on the show, but this pinkish,
orang-yish, yellowish, crazy shimmery lip gloss
and throw that in the middle ’cause that has a crazy
iridescence to it. And then we’re gonna top
it off with one last gloss. This one is like silvery
with a green and pink and purple and
blue flecks to it, so basically we’re putting
every bit of color shimmer on my lip and it’ll all
pretty much even out to something that we’re
gonna have to wait and see. I’m going to very
lightly with this brush throw a little more
highlight just gently on my cupid’s bow so that it
picks up on the lip gloss. We don’t wanna get
the brush all glossy. Now that I’m almost finished I’m going to top my eyes
off with a layer of mascara and these Couture
lashes in multi. They are just a really,
really unique style of lash. This lash is so
crazy and insane. There are curly bits, there
are jagged pointy bits. It is such a crazy lash. I set up another mirror on my
desk so that I can look down but also get this damn lash on without boopin’ it up too hard. Oh, so cool. So, that is the
final makeup look but I’m going to go pop
on my wig and my big and my gloves and my jurely and throw in my special
effects eye drops and I will be right back. So, this is my
final completed look for my oil spill mermaid. I’ve got my webbed fingers, I’m crying the
tears of the ocean, and I’m feeling
absolutely beautiful. Thanks for following
me on social media and I’ll see you around.

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