Applying Concealer, Foundation, Blush & Review Estee Lauder Double Wear Makeup, Mature Women over 50

Hey awesome ones. Its Heather here and
I’m up for a challenge. This widely loved Estee Lauder……it’s also
widely hyped Estee Lauder stay on…stay in place, make up.
I think it’s double something or other….. double-wear. Everybody’s talking about
it. A lot of the Beauty vloggers are saying it’s fantastic and I’m going to
put it to the test with my older more mature skin. And what I’m going to do, it
says it lasts for 24 hours, but I’m going to test it for a full 12 hours, probably
maybe even a little longer than 12 hours and it all starts in just a few seconds. So being a former 80’s model, I want to
look my best. So I thought I’m going to March myself down to the drugstore and
find out all about this. I ended up buying the concealer and I also ended up
buying the actual foundation. And low and behold the person who was there the beauty expert was wearing this exact foundation. She was like about 40 years younger than
me, but she was saying I’m wearing it right now and it looked fantastic.
She also told me that it really does last 24 hours and she told me a little
story about how she was really tired one night. She went to work at the drugstore
and she was really tired, she didn’t take off her makeup her
foundation and she wore it the next day to work and people are still kind of
making fun of her because she told the story but she said Heather it really
worked. So I’m gonna put it to the test. So I’m getting started on this video in
the morning it’s about 11:00 a.m. somewhere around there and I’m going to
wear this foundation through two video makings so I’ve got like one two three
four hot lights on me right now. So that’ll better look after the sweat test
and the heat test and even maybe a little humidity. Then I am going to wear
it all day. I’m gonna make some dinner. I am going out in the freezing cold. I mean
okay so there’s ice out there right now. It’s freezing cold so it gonna
pass the freez your face test and what else? Oh I’m gonna go grocery shopping
and then tonight around 11:00 p.m. or so I’m gonna check back with you and show
you what it looks like and by the way these two….I don’t know if Bill
can get a close-up of them, but these two items here this is around $40 and this
is…this is slightly less for the concealer. So I decided to use the Simply
Ageless Age Defying foundation primer. It’s from Covergirl and Olay and hey it
was in my my last…I think it was called The Second Drugstore Haul video and it
was one of my top 10. So I’m going to put that up there somewhere, it’s a link by
the way and with this particular product I did ask the beauty expert at the store
if I can use any primer foundation and she said with this particular foundation
the Estee Lauder one yes I could. Which is really great because you don’t want
to have to go matchy-matchy on everything to make something work
especially if it’s a little bit higher end of the spectrum for your makeup. So
what I’m going to do is I’m just going to put oh, a little dab will do ya, about
that much here and put this primer on my face. You can just dab it…that usually
just works and wherever I want….. primer really helps to kind of block up
your pores a little bit, think of painting a house when you’re using a
primer on your house and it kind of makes the canvas, so to speak, which
is in this case your face all primed for the paint which is the makeup. So
there you go now. After I put on a primer I’m gonna put a little bit under here. I
usually don’t put this primer above my eyes and I do have a little bit of eye
makeup on right now so there you go. You can see it’s pretty shiny. I want it to
seep in a little bit so we’re gonna do something else right now. So while I’m
waiting for this to dry generally what I would maybe be doing is putting on my
eyeliner, maybe my first coat of mascara just on the upper because we have to do
the concealer all underneath here, but you might be asking yourself you know
why do I need to have an all-day foundation. Well do you need it on your
relaxing days…no. Going shopping days… no. However if you have one…..tomorrow oh
my gosh, I am so fully booked tomorrow I have to work in the
morning, in the afternoon and then from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. is a YouTube gathering
where they’ve invited a lot of youtubes… ….to boot…..okay
youtubers….to a gathering. So I really want to look sharp. I do not want to
reapply makeup.The most I’m going to probably do is put on some of my anti
shine to maybe look after some of the shine on my face and maybe a little bit
of lipstick that’s all I want to do. So am I gonna wear this foundation tomorrow? If it works you betcha! By the way I just kind of let you
see this anti shine cream…..this stuff is amazing. It is not a powder it simply
goes over your foundation and it really cuts back on the wrinkling because I
find that the powder just dries up my skin. So this is fantastic and I’ve been
reading the comments from a lot of you that are purchasing it and you’re
telling me how much you absolutely love it. It’s a Revlon product and by the way
we’re going to link it in the description it’ll also be in our blog
and we’re proud to say we also have a storefront at
We’re finding right now though that it’s probably only
open to people in North America. I did not know that before so the other links
will probably work for you if you’re in another country, but you pay the same as
everybody else at our amazon shop. Again I’m gonna repeat it
and we also have gifts for him, yes for her,
fashion housewares, all kinds of things that we personally love and we do get
paid a little bit of commission. I have to tell you that but you know what if
you’re wondering how do those guys keep on making videos, that is our main source
of income are these links. So thank you so much and let me know in the comments
that you’re supporting us. I really really appreciate it. So on to the next
step. Let’s go. All right so the primer is dry now let’s
start with the concealer. Now I usually use a concealer just a little bit
lighter than the foundation and this one is called 1c………oh,1c light cool.
So there you go…… and it has a little dabber in it. You
know I like the little dabbers but I was told by this beauty expert in the store
that this stuff dries out really super quick. So when I do underneath my eyes
I’m gonna do something a little bit different .Alright I’m 63 years old I’ve
got lots and lots of dark spots and weird things which some of you over 50
know what I’m talking about…… um check this baby out right here. This
looks like a giant sized freckle, it’s not. I’m…this is the first time I’ve ever
used this stuff so bear with me…oh my gosh….that covers. I also have these
little…they call it keratosis or something. I did see a dermatologist and
you know I’ve got to put a link up there for when I went to the dermatologist and
had them look at some of these things. If you’ve got some oddball markings on your
body or face you want to see a dermatologist, okay it could be some skin
problems there, but this is my my dabbing thing. Okay the official word…the dabbing
thing. Okay so every little spot and she said be quick. I’m being quick uh see
these guys back here, dabbing…I know where they’re all hiding. I even put a little bit on my nose. I’ve
got some red marks there, got some red marks there. I got a little
something-something going on here. I do not know what that is but it shows up.
Okay then I put my makeup on, it usually shows up, so I’m gonna have a little bit
more it seems like it’s settled into this dark spot here, also have a dark
spot here now. I put on the concealer first so and then I put on the
foundation. So it looks a little weird right now. Now here’s the really
important part. I’ve got this brush, this the beauty expert told me to buy. This…it
looks like a little finger really and it’s for applying concealer. I did not
know that. You know this is why I’m doing these videos because yes I knew a lot of
things when I was an 80s model and then the past few years, but I I’m just like a
sponge now for learning and letting you know these things. So this little brush, I
don’t know if you can see that? I’m going to be putting the concealer under
my eyes. Really important that we get this right. So let’s see. First time…so okay see what I did there. Now I’m going
to use this little brush and quickly….. …look at that. I go up in my little purple
part my eye right there – oh that is really a nice application isn’t it ooh
like like like. Okay so I still got some moisture on this one so it hasn’t dried
out completely yet. Let’s go on this side and let’s use my new brush. We will try
to find you links for these things. Okay so you can get them online cuz that’s
the way to shop these days no crowds no lineups. I do like it so far.
Now remember with this brush you’ll want to just sort of rub off the excess when
you’re done and make sure you that you do wash them regularly. Okay all right
time for the foundation and again I’ve never applied this before and I’m going to put
a little bit…no I’m not gonna do that. I apply with this sponge. I
just put a little bit on a sponge like that and by the way you can buy these
sponges at any any drugstore usually and I’m gonna smooth that out…..
they’re also washable. Okay now remember this dries quickly so I going to
have to really get going on this. I always like to sort of start with my
forehead and let’s do that. Okay I put….I applied it. Now I’m going to use the dry side of it to blend and like she said do it quickly because it dries fast. Nice coverage there so far.
Now we still got a little bit left on this. Let’s go down on the nose. Okay wait too much. So we gotta just take
a little excess off right underneath. We still have some room for underneath a
little bit left. Into the nose part….. ….chin….. now I also make sure that this kind of
this coloring kind of matches my neck. Now it’s got to dry a little bit,
apparently it doesn’t oxidize and change color, but as you can see this looks very
nice with my neck. I don’t want to see somebody and I put
it on really dark it’s a dark foundation and then you’ve got this white neck
going on or you’re super bronzing your neck, nah forget about that. This is
trying to do a matching matching and if you’re fair or pale like me, porcelain
skin is in…so let’s go for it. All right now I gotta cover all those markings
that I did with the the concealer. I am NOT going to put anything under my eye
because it’s the same brand, so let’s put a little bit more here. Okay you can see
how much I did there. Just kind of go like that. I’m not using an awful lot and
let’s get going on these cheeks and face of mine. See all the redness and
everything here lets cover all that up. A little bit on my nose. I’ll fix all that. Okay…so yeah I’m applying this…it’s way too thick…get it off my nose. I can
always put a little more concealer there if it didn’t work the way I wanted it to.
I want this to be full coverage but I don’t want it to start cracking. We’ll
find out about that later on today, but yeah
okay so let’s….we’ve still got some left here…let’s go before it dries out. It’s covering up quite nicely…a little
shiny there…Oh under my nose…. Mm-hmm…….
….don’t want too much here on these little marionette lines. Don’t you just hate that
marionette lines…yikes, okay so I don’t want it too cakey here. So I’m gonna
remove a little bit there and maybe a little bit here in these lines so that
if it is gonna crack I don’t look like I have permanent lines there. So let’s let
this dry, oh by the way I’m using 1w2 sand for my color. Yep I’m going to have
to touch up a little bit of the concealer now. So I have these kind of
indents underneath my eyes. I don’t know if Bill can show a little bit of a
close-up of it….. but I like to put a little dab…. oh where’s that brush mmm where’s my new brush oh there it is. Okay so I’m going to put a little
dab here, maybe this won’t work the way I want it to, yeah okay and all it does is
it just takes that little line away a little bit it adds a little sparkle
there instead of a indentation. Okay got that…um there’s a little line there I
think that’s a wrinkle but I’m going to brush that up, bring a little light to
it so it doesn’t look so wrinkly and I still feel that this area here this big
freckle guy here needs a little bit more. So we’re gonna touch that up a little
bit and yeah now I’m happy with the foundation part, let’s go to one more
step while this is drying. So while that’s drying I might as well touch up some of
my eye makeup, lipstick that sort of thing and I love this palette by L’Oreal…
oh my gosh put a link for that as well and hey if you have hooded eyes or droopy
eyes that sort of thing, I did do a video on hooded eyes which I think will really
help you. There’s a link up there. I’m so excited it’s got over 800,000 views on
it right now so thank you…you guys are amazing you really kind of revved me up
to keep on doing this. So anyway this is… uh I don’t use a lot of liner underneath
my eyes. I’m just using a little bit of powder here you can see that and I’ve
got the little swoosh going up here because I do have the dreaded hooded
eyes. A little bit of lipstick. I’m just going to use a Revlon lipstick here just
to brighten up my lips a little bit. Went for a coral look today. Line them up….pretty. All right and what
else? How about some eyebrows. Try the Burt’s Bees.I’ve already done my
eyebrows but I’m just going to touch them up a little bit and make them a
little thicker. Didn’t want to do too much with the eyebrows when I was
putting on the foundation cuz don’t want to get all your eyebrows stuff in there. Do a little match up here. Helps to use
the brush on this. I have missing eyebrows and maybe what I’ll do is I’ll
put another link up there because eyebrows are pain when you’re missing
eyebrows….up there for you again another tutorial by me on doing your eyebrows. So
okay and I also use a little wax for my eyebrows to keep them in place and keep
them standing up not getting droopy. Okay now I’m noticing a little shine here so
already I know these lights are really hot I’m just going to put…if I can get
it open, the Revlon anti-shine. Let’s do that and maybe Bill can get a close up of
how amazing this stuff is. I’m just seeing a shine under here and I don’t
want to put powder because it’s gonna be wrinkle City if I put powder under there.
Can you see how that took that away? How about on the tip of my nose….. ….you see how that just…’s gone! Okay so under hot hot lights you’re
going to need some either anti-shine cream or powder. All right so let’s go
with the… the way the Beauty Expert that was at the drugstore she had never
heard of the Revlon anti-shine cream so there you go, she said I’m going to buy it.
Bill’s laughing back there. All right I’m just gonna use this Clinique blush and this
brush here. Now I’m a little nervous that because of these lights and everything
that this blush has to go on kind of you know in the apples of my cheeks here or
somebody said in the comments, you know where you naturally blush. So it’s a good
point. Oh it’s applying nicely right on top. You
can see that I love this brush because it’s nice and big for that…..yeah
that’s done….lets put on a little bit of contouring. I’m just going to use… this
isn’t very expensive at all….it’s a Revlon contouring it’s a bit powdery so I do
like to make sure that the powder is off the excess and we’re just gonna go down
here, a little bit there, a little bit over there, how about our nose? Do you
think your nose is getting wide? I think mine is wider as I’m getting older.
Huh…droopy eyes, wide nose, bigger ears, they say and let’s talk about another
lovely thing that us aging women get to deal with and that is jowls. Oh well we’re
gonna hide mine. That’s what the contouring is for we don’t want to put
too much because we don’t want people to see the obvious line there, but take care
of those jowls, a little bit of contouring here and there. Alright so I like it
after ten minutes…… but you know let’s check in with me as I
go on my day. You know maybe eight hours from now and when I go out in the
freezing cold and grocery shopping and then we’re going to check back it’s
going to be a little past 11 p.m. and see how it held up. All I’m gonna be
touching up is maybe with my anti-shine cream and a little bit of lipstick so
that’s all I’m going to do there now. I do weird things like this because I’m
not your conventional YouTube blogger. I don’t know…I just…I march to my own
band or something like that but I I will… remember the the drugstore haul that I
mentioned? In the drugstore haul I didn’t have just makeup. I had weird stuff but
stuff that I thought you would really really like. Like sports insoles for your
shoes that keep you smelling fresh in your running shoes or sneakers and also
your gelling and it’s very comfortable. I also have things like eye wash baths and
that sort of thing in the drugstore haul. So certainly not conventional but
that’s just me…you’ll find that out in my videos. So I’m going to bring in the
cuteness factor. Hey Hurricane. I know he licks some of the makeup but
it is dermatologist tested, fragrance free. We won’t let him lick my face too
much but I thought I’d bring him in now because it’s not the end of the
video yet, but I thought I’d bring him in now because as I’m doing my check-ins and everything later on and especially at 11 o’clock at night I might forget to bring him in for the cuteness factor. And I know a lot of you love seeing
little Hurricane so here he is and we’re here to say thank you so much to all the
subscribers and if you’re not a subscriber hey just ring that bell if
you like what you’re seeing, and sorry click the subscribe button and
also click the bell and there you go. Also we do beauty fashion videos every
Friday and also kind of more inspirational, travel, fun, food that sort
of thing. I’m usually keeping Hurricane awake at
this time of the day but anyway and we do those on Tuesdays. Also every
single day now I’ve been doing this for a few weeks I post on Insta gram and just
search awesome over 50 and you’ll find it there. So Hurricane, I’ve got to do a
little checking in now because people want to know if this makeup stays on.
Yes well it stays on even after a dog licks it. Oh and I know the lady told me
at the drugstore that it does come off as well quite easily. So that’s a good
point to know as well. So I’ll see you in a few minutes or maybe a few hours as we
do some checking in on this long-lasting wear foundation. So it’s absolutely
freezing outside and yes Bill and I do grocery shopping fairly late at night. So
this is the freez your face and Foundation test. So yes I am shopping, Bill and I
have done two videos today, so we do shop late for our grocery shopping, so anyway
people are kind of looking at me funny thinking of course I’m doing a vane
selfie but like I tell you, don’t worry about what other people think and the
makeup still holding up. so I’m in the car, it’s freezing. My wonderful husband,
you can see him in the background there ,he’s putting all the groceries in the trunk.
So a few hours from now and we’ll do the final check at 11:00 p.m.
Looks pretty good right now. Okay everyone it’s past 11 o’clock at night
and here’s your update. I like it. I like the foundation it’s really nice
and here I am….I’m a little bit you know I don’t have the high energy level and
I’ve got my bloodshot eyes and everything but my foundation stayed on
beautifully. I was reading some of the things on the back of this as well that
you know it’s lightweight and oh my gosh I might be getting tired here, it’s great
with heat,, humidity, activity and it also is let me see, fragrance free and
dermatologist tested so and also it didn’t change color…like a lot of times
the foundation during the day especially if you’re under hot lights and then
you’re in freezing temperatures sometimes what it does is it oxidizes
and it changes color, but no it didn’t and I’m just going to show…. Bill’s gonna
help me with a little bit of a close-up here, so we’ll show what the foundation
still looks like on that side, the concealer was really good. I had a little
bit of transfer from my mascara that’s usually normal, but still all in all it
looks pretty fresh. This side here…Bill if we can get a close-up, as you remember
I have those darker spots there and I think it looks good. My hair kind of fell
but you know now, you know I really really did this. So hey at 63 years old
and probably the most mature beauty vlogger to try out this makeup, but I’m
really really happy with it. And if you have been using this makeup
this foundation I’d love to read in the comments you know how you feel about it
etc etc I also maybe you have a beauty product that you really want to share
with me and I’d love to read that as well. So I know a lot of us we were
working from sunrise to forget about sunset until about midnight
which I’ll be up until past midnight tonight and we still managed to keep it
awesome. So I’m going to start to relax a little bit and I hope you find time to
relax during the day as well and in the meantime I’m wearing this tomorrow to
that YouTube thing. I’ll probably be talking to people until 11 o’clock or 10
o’clock at night love it. Keep it awesome… we’ll see you later. Everyone’s
invited to subscribe and join us on our videos.

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  27. You always seem to find the best products (I'm ordering the eyebrow pencil from Burt's Bees that you use and going through your Amazon website to do it…I hope you get some benefits from that. I think what you did for the hooded eyes looks great. I like the way you did your lower lashes…kind of a smudged kind of effect instead of a harsh line. Thanks for the tips!

  28. I’ve just stumbled across your videos and wanted to say a huge thank you! I’m 58 and have never worn foundation unless it’s a big occasion, but over the last few years I seem to be sprouting wrinkles, dark patches, hairs and all sorts of other uninvited guests on my face!! So it’s wonderful to find someone my age who’s honest and helpful, and makes me think hey, with a bit of effort maybe I could be a little bit awesomeover50 too?! Thanks again, from a new UK subscriber xx

  29. I’ve never heard of the revlon shine away stuff! I’m SO excited to try that!!!! Thanks for the tip!! This makeup is gorgeous on you!! Oh, and I just love Hurricane!! I’m seriously binge watching your videos! They’re so great!!!!

  30. This is what I've been using for the last three years. It is the only makeup I use! And the bottles last such a long time. I got the tip from a twenty something friend so it is good for all ages x

  31. Hi Heather, I love your videos. This is the first time I’ve ever commented. I’d love for you to try Limelife by Alcone products.
    As a model from the 1980s I’m sure you’ve heard of Alcone. Well now the public can purchase the same wonderful products. There Skincare is Amazing all of its natural, Paraben free and leaping bunny certified.
    If you are at all interested in any of these products, let me know and I’ll send you my link.
    From a faithful watcher. Deva

  32. I’m amazed at how many beauty bloggers are just now discovering Ester Lauder’s Double Wear Foundation! I started wearing it shortly after it was introduced in 1997 — the same year our daughter got married. I am now 68 and still wearing it, same color (2C3, Fresco – Cool Undertone Rosy), and must say it is the only foundation I’ve ever used that did not turn orange on my face after a few hours. I’ve had so many compliments on my makeup over the years — I truly love this foundation! I had used several other foundations prior to Double Wear — Clinique, Mary Kay, Lancôme, and others. But nothing compares to Double Wear!
    Enjoy your blog! Blessings!

  33. Thanks for your research! I am also an ex 80's model and 62 years old! My Gosh; things have really changed! FYI, I still just blot with tissue to remove shine. Who knew?

  34. My first time here and I really enjoyed this. I might be one of your oldest viewers, if not the oldest – I am 77! I subscribed and am looking forward to more videos. I am going to try Estee Lauder. I am very fair so might need one shade lighter. Would you know? I can't tell by looking at them online and I don't drive anymore.

  35. I’m 57 and have oily skin. I have discoloration on my cheeks. Foundation and concealer doesn’t cover it. I’ve tried all different kinds of both.

  36. I recently found you & I look forward to your cheery disposition. I have to tell you you look so much like BFF!!!♡

  37. I will say though, the primer that goes with the Double Wear….like butter. It is SO beautiful. These products are over $60 each in Australia. But I’m 43, and they’re worth every cent.

  38. Haha, I did that too! I went to work in DW, slept in it, then went back to work in it…. It LASTS. I use it now because I work 12 hour shifts.

  39. Great video and you look fabulous! I agree with a previous poster about the round sponges- try a Beauty Blender ( Sephora has them) Run under water, then wring out as much as possible , then squeeze more with a towel and apply like you did, in sections- stops it from going cakey … you can build it up if needed..and you are right not to bring it up in the eye is a dryer foundation so yes, a primer is key, or even a bit of moisturizer mixed in. Thanks for the review!!!

  40. I just love your videos on make-up application and clothing tips for us older ladies!!! I'm 69 (and I just never thought I'd be 69!). I've used Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation and Estee Lauder Concealer for over 6 years now, and I find it to be great for my skin. Not too heavy, but good coverage! Even though I have some troubled skin issues, such as you have, I still get many compliments on my skin and make-up! I've learned a couple of new tips from your video! And I really appreciate you sharing all these wonderful tips and ideas with us ladies!!!

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  43. I'm a retired free-lance make-up artist. (67yrs old). I like a no bleed lipstick protector. I found that ELF sells one in a clear tube. Very reasonable price. Thanks for the your videos.

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