Annalee Muggeridge Makeup Artist/Social Influencer – Trailer

“195,000 social media followers now, that’s
crazy aye?” Going to New York last year with Estee Lauder
companies, and meeting Jane Lauder, was definitely a huge, huge achievement for myself. “It must have been a big step in its self, as well?” It was terrifying, it was so scary to become
self employed, but again I didn’t want to have all this amazing success and not try
and leverage it or take, just go for it, I didn’t want the opportunity to go and I didn’t take it. As much as the social media and the influence
comes into it, my core is being a self taught, made, makeup artist and I’m really good at it! “And that’s what you want to stuck to it?” That’s who I am, that’s how I know people relate
to me and I’m really passionate and proud of everything I’ve done with that.

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