Angelina Jolie Makeup Tutorial- Secret tip for Black Liquid Eyeliner!

Nancy Sea Siler: “This is my cousin Elkie” Nancy Sea Siler: “What do you think we should do? How about the Brigitte Bardot… you know the Angelina Jolie look? With the eyes, the lashes, the brows”
Elkie: “Sounds good”. Start with Concealer Put concealer on the inner of the eye to keep the eye bright Cover any blue tones Next use a taupe eyeshadow for definition Don’t wipe on You want to tap and push eyeshadow on lid Elkie: “I have an itchy lip” Use a soft angle brush and put eyeshadow under eye Use a grey eyeshadow above socket So you can see the depth when your eyes open Don’t forget to blend eyeshadow edges to define brows use a firm angle brush I’m using a blonde eyeshadow It looks softer not like you have eyebrows like Bert and Ernie on Sesame Street. Which is preferable… To define the ends of your brows we’re using ‘Fling’ by MAC It gives you that nice end on your brow so they extend out Use hair gel and a clean mascara wand. Next Bobby Brown Black gel liner and an art store brush. get the angel right, the best angle can start from either

the tip of your nose or the side of your nostril
to the edge of your brow, make sure you get the liner right down to
the lash line and then what you want to do once you have the line right is make sure it’s edge is straight as in no feathering on the line When you are older and eyeliner looks bad don’t be sad, use liquid liner open your eyes and then mark the angle put a small amount of gel liner under the eye
connecting the lines together remember only to apply on the very outer of the eye Don’t forget to draw a line from the inner eye
right to the top so the line looks seamless VOGUE Now we’re going to clean up our base under the eyes and put moisturiser on Next- Foundation makeup within acrylic foundation brush apply to the
centre of face and work your way to the outer of the face then with a clean natural fluffy brush buff the
product into skin If you don’t have a foundation brush use your fingers put concealer under the eyes blending in with your fingers.
Then conceal around your nose or where there is any redness and on any blemishes or pimples to set makeup and to take away shine use loose powder, only put where needed so it doesn’t look too much with a light film of loose powder on your ring finger,
set the concealer under your eyes. Use a peach blush on the apples of the cheeks blending up into the cheekbones. make sure you blend very well. For this look, the thicker the lash the better so we’re starting with our first coat of black mascara A makeup artist trick, while mascara still wet loose powder on a brush and coat lashes with it That will make your lashes appear thicker Ladies don’t forget to curl! It makes lashes to appear longer. now the second coat of mascara comb through to get any chunks out while your mascara is still wet. Now we need individual lash extensions they are like little mini wigs that you put on
top of your lashes and sometimes they get away from you! I had a bad cold. use tweezers to put place, on outer ends of your lashes use black eyeliner on the very outer of the lower rim of your eye final coat of black mascara use a lip liner one shade darker than natural lip colour and then tap in some lipgloss Nancy Sea Siler: “Give a big fat kiss!” “Do you feel like Brigitte Bardot?” “Oui!”
“While with my laugh I sound like Mutley the dog!”

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