ANGELINA JOLIE INSPIRED Makeup Tutorial by Aldo Akira ♥ Indonesian Makeup Artist

hello makeup lovers! back with me again, Aldo Akira. and my beautiful model, Athletina.. ..hey! today i’m gonna show you to do MAKEOVER makeup tutorial – inspired by ANGELINA JOLIE. let’s start and enjoy! ♥ Athletina hair is medium shorts, so i added some hairclips at the top of her crown-side, use the bobbi pins to make sure it’s look perfect! ♥ TIPS: to make the hairclips look like her real hair, so i’m using her real bangs hairs on the left and right side of her bangs. and now, Athletina’s hair become more long , so we’re now READY to start the MAKEOVER inspired by ANGELINA JOLIE. first of all.. i apply the HIGHLIGHTER. (on the cheeks, chin, and nose areas.) i blend it using a Makeup Brush.. blend it.. blend it.. all over the face. until it’s evenly and smooth.. then, i apply shading on the cheek bone.. and, around the jaw bone.. to make the nose more sharp, i apply shading too on her nose, using shading brown colours. to conceal the eye bags, and also the dark spots areas, i apply the concealer at the bottom of the eyes. and the CONCEALER it also can be a highlighter and to contouring on the nose bone.. i blend the concealer using makeup sponges. after that, i put very light – pink natural blush on, on the apples of the cheek. then, i apply the MAT – compact powder to mattifying the face. after that, i make the eyebrows, i’m using eyebrow pencil – brown colours. start with first line.. and then, the second line.. then, i brushed the eyebrows with the eyebrow brush.. for the eyebrow bone, i put some highlighter with light shades.. and i put chocolate eyeshadow colour for contouring the crease. just blend, and blend, and blend it again.. using eye makeup brush.. to make the eyes look more beautiful.., i put super black – gel eyeliner. and you can try this wink – “CAT EYE” in the corner of your eyes, to get your eyes look more ♥ SOPHISTICATED! after eyeliner, put bronze eyeshadow on the out of corner of the eyes to make eyes more wide-open. then, cleaned up the messy under and around the eyes, with the powder brushes. for more “Dramatic Eyes” use the Magic Falsies ♥ by ALDO AKIRA EYELASHES.♥ put the “NICKY” false eyelashes to get the A N G E L I N A J O L I E – Eye Makeup Look! don’t forget to apply the Falsies GLUE first, and make sure the GLUE quality is good, to make the Falsies on your eyes stay much longer. wait until the GLUE stick to the eyes properly. for the final look, add some more brown-shading, and highlight on the nose.. and, don’t forget to add some brown – shading too on the cheek bone area.. put the highlighter on the nose – is my ♥ favourites part.. then, applied gel eyeliner too on the water lines.. added bronze eyeshadow-colours under the eyeliner to make eyes more Dramatic Look. for “ANGELINA JOLIE” LIPS Look-A-Like.. i put some nude lipstick. makes the lips more FULL and VOLUME.. so that’s gonna be look like A N G E L I N A lips! it’s time for the ♥ finishing makeup.. i added brownie bronzing powder to make the cheek bones looks awesome! Voila !!!! Athletina ala A N G E L I N A J O L I E by ♥ Aldo Akira

22 thoughts on “ANGELINA JOLIE INSPIRED Makeup Tutorial by Aldo Akira ♥ Indonesian Makeup Artist

  1. Good jod hihi…
    Lebih bagus lagi klo di edit videonya, biar lebih pendek, tpi terinci saran sih hehe 😀
    Pake imovie ka.. Keep posting yaa..

  2. thank you saran nya Wyndi Denia Putri , tapi justru aku mau kasih tau bahwa makeup itu bisa juga ASELI berdurasi sekian menit , tanpa edit from START sampai FINISH ya segitu durasi nya

  3. akhir tutorialnya keluar yah,,, stelah skian lama di tunggu,,, keren banget tehniknya,,, skedar saran,, klo ada torial brikut,, kasi tau merk kosmetiknya n kegunaanya yah ka,,, biar lebih dapet,, hehehe,,,, sukes slalu,,,,

  4. yaAllah bikin alisnya kok susah banget yah,. di video kayaknya gam[pang baru dicoba eh, gak berhasih berhasil bikin alis ideal,.. huh

  5. haiii kakk mau nanya dong, itu pake concealer apa yaa coveragenya bagus bgt hehehee. terus shadenya apa? -cilla


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