Anastasiya Shpagina Make-up Tutorial Flower Fairy 烏克蘭真人漫畫少女 飄逸仙子妝

Hi everyone! In this video, I explain how you can enlarge your eyes with makeup. This is my daily makeup routine but this is also my first video so you may find it kinda funny. I hope you’ll enjoy it though. Firstly, I apply beige eyeshadow. Apply it to the upper eyelid. Blend it well. After that, apply white eyeshadow to the lower lid. Apply eyeliner starting from the inner corner of the eye. The line is getting thicker towards the outer corner. Curve it downwards. And then draw the lower lash line connecting it to the upper one. In this way. Next, draw the wing of the eyeliner. It’s getting thinner towards the nose. Make the lower lashline bolder. And after that, draw a line on top with grey shadow and curve it down to the nose. Blend it well. And then, apply and blend brown shadow. Next, apply white shadow on the eyeliner wing we have drawn before. Connect white and beige shadows together. And apply white shadow to the corner of the eye. After that, blend it. Before putting on false eyelashes, apply mascara to the real ones. Put on false eyelashes. And apply mascara again. That’s it! I hope you enjoyed my video. Thanks for watching. Bye!

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