Anantya & Anaya PRETEND PLAY With Princess MAKEUP Set .. | #Review #Toys #MyMissAnand #ToyStars

Two new Makeup Artist are there in the Market now you think who they are its me and Anu Yes today we both gonna to do such a toy unboxing by which we’ll become Makeup Artists If you like this cute Makeup Artist then hit LIKE to this video & get this video to 30,000 LIKES Now lets open that box I do not use my Mumma’s Makeup stuff so I’ve brought for a Makeup Set Will you do my Makeup? Yes Anu & Could I do your Makeup? we both gonna will look beautiful!! so lets do Unboxing we pray to god and he’ll surely give us & here it is We’ve bought it from Hamleys also you can get it online or at any local store I’ve given its link in the description box below do check out there if you want to buy it Now we’ll open this box so we’ve got so many accessories also got so many pieces to assemble it and its assembling process is given here in the box We’ll assemble it reading these Mumma Plz help us ok We kids are not allowed to do Makeup but we can do Makeup with it and it doesn’t harm to our skin as its a pretend makeup you can play this game alone too or can play with your friends and I am playing it with Anu come in How are you? I am good Where you want to go Anu? I want Makeup as I’ve to go for a Party Ok.. which colour you want? Make me a princess ok come here I’ll do you hair now I’ll make you wear jewellery you are looking so beautiful you can look here in the mirror now can I go for the Party you can do this pretend makeup to look beautiful you can play it with your friend you can really enjoy a lot playing with it so thats all with our today’s video & if you’ve enjoyed our last twist so let us know in the comments below also comments me with which toy you want us to Unbox next ? or if you know how can we play with it more? please let me know also hit LIKE to this video and get this video to 30,000 LIKES If your friend need such type of toys then do SHARE this video with them and tell them to SUBSCRIBE our channel ‘ToyStars”

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