100 thoughts on “Alternative Bridal Nail Design using Netting, Acrylic and Gel Polish – Gothic Almond Shape

  1. Was ist daran Gothic? Die Form oder was?

    was ich mich allerdings viel dringender Frage:

    wie magst man mit solchen Nägeln so Standard Dinge wie Kochen bzw. Gemüse schnibbeln, Putzen, sich anziehen, Haare machen,… Mal ganz zu schweigen von so Dingen wie Hintern abwischen….? Wie geht das? 0.o ich kann mir das echt nicht vorstellen..

  2. Wow, that is beautiful Kirsty, I love how you did the gothic almond shape, can it be done using tips? Fabulous work as always x

  3. looks like strawberry icecream swirl! mmmm ….btw is there a difference between this shape and a "russian almond" ? just curious…thanks…🐇🤗❤️🌈🦄

  4. Kirsty, where do you get your drill bits from? I want one with the rounded end like yours but Naio Nails don't have them.

  5. As usual Kirsten just beautiful and amazing. I just love everything you do your personality is like a breath of fresh air, I am just wondering if you could do me a favor and do some dog style nails, i am a big dog lover and would love to see some animal style nails just use your imagination
    and let the acrylic do the work for you thank you form Galt,California

  6. i really wanna know what the difference between a russian almond and a gothic almond is, because you can make creative differences in all shapes but what are the consistent differences???

  7. I am so used to having short nails that I look at how long you do them and just wonder how anything gets done with them They are gorgeous and I wish I could have them now.

  8. wauw so beautiful 😍😍😍do you think it would be nice on a shorter nail than you have made? you often use acetone after filing, is it better than gel wipe? has the acrylic to set before you put the netting on or do you do it in wet?

  9. Yes!! More extreme wedding styles please Kirsty!! I'm hoping I can find it in the budget for you to do my wedding nails xx

  10. hey kirsty the nail was beautiful but I do like your hair it is amazing.
    thank you for all of your encouragement and inspiration we all appreciate what you do

  11. omg, just watching this video with my phone next to my tablet. my phone just started randomly searching coz it heard your voice!!!

  12. Ive been watching you for a long time now and omg you make this look so fricken easy in fact you've convinced me that I may possible be able to do this myself lol – Just wanted you to know that I love your work, enjoy your awesome personality and I look forward to seeing more of ya xx NZ fams

  13. I would love to be able to do my own nails like this….but I have enough trouble using my non dominate hand just to paint my nails lol. I don't think it would turn out well.

  14. These are stunning bridal nails, of love to see the dress lol. Looks to be a beautiful wedding just by looking at the nails.

  15. I love how you just let your personality come right out, you have really let loose in such a good way! I'm sure you have gotten much more comfortable in front of the camera than you used to be 🙂

  16. The electric nail file sounds like when you scratch a cats butt right at the tail and it goes ‘mlem-mlem-mlem-mlem’ XD

  17. Is this that anal-retentive friend of yours? Fay is it? I recognized that huge rock on her finger is Damn near identical! Whoever gave that to her didn't give her a ring they gave her a weapon!

  18. Watching this in March 2018 and those glitter colors and nails are so familiar… it's Fay isn't it? Lol!

  19. How much do you charge in U.S. $$….. Be honest ..must cost a lot. Love your work. Is Faye tipping you well

  20. if i had the cash i would fly you out to me with nail goo and glitters to make my nails edge and awesome!!! but i am going to have to pray lol

  21. Yes it was Wonderful.. I’m going to try with angellovenails.com .. I’m allergic to acrylic..I Love Your Designs.. You have a Super Fantastic Personality..

  22. I love the shape of this nail, can u do a Gothic almond shaped nail in a shorter length? Or is this one of the shapes that length needs to be longer for it to work?

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