Altered Mirror with Prima Marketing Midnight Garden Collection

hi everyone its Keren here and welcome
back to my channel today I have a brand new tutorial where I outer mirror this
is a handheld mirror that I altered using the Prima marketing midnight
garden collection as soon as I saw this collection I knew I want to create a
mirror I don’t know why but it really made me think of that type of project
and I took one of these mirrors and I decided to alter it using some of the
papers I love this collection it’s so so beautiful it has beautiful deep red
colors and all I did is take is buy a cheap mirror from the dollar store this
is a plastic mirror and all I did is just trace it around the paper I used
one of the papers from the collection it has beautiful flowers in the background
and I just traced it and cut it so I could glue it to the background almost
like decoupage it to the background the hard part of working with a mirror is
that it reflects everything so you’re gonna notice that in many different
places you see some styles you see my camera because it reflects the camera
when I turn it around or you can see some of the areas in my room as I’m
moving the mirror around it was also really hard to take a picture of it at
the end because I was trying to not get anything in the background I use 3d
matte gel to glue this piece that I cut to the back of the mirror it really
changed the whole look of the mirror once I glued it you can also use soft
gel for this as well that’s the 3d gel is what I had at hand and it doesn’t
really matter which one you use as long as you glue it and then use some type of
tool to really flatten out the gel so it doesn’t give you any bumps in this case
I just used my hands and firmly pressed all over the back of the mirror to make
sure that any bumpy glue will just come out from the sides whatever glue came
out I just used to seal the background and see all the papers so if it gets wet
when you’re using it in the bathroom you can make sure that it will seal the
paper and it will not with any water damage so the gel really
helps for that and it’s good to seal it off everywhere I heat set the gel really
well because I wanted to work on the front of a mirror and I really didn’t
have patience to wait I wanted to add a little bit of that same flowery pattern
in the front so I cut only a handle and glued it in the front part of the mirror
to create that flowery pattern in the handle of the mirror as well
I took some heavy black gesso from Prima and using a paintbrush painted around
the edges of the mirror I just wanted to paint the plastic so I could add some
wax everywhere as well I did this both front and back including the edges of
the mirror and Here I am peeking you can see me in the mirror reflection so it’s
really cute because it kind of gives you an idea of where I’m sitting and what
I’m doing to finish the distressed look of the mirror I took to a different type
of waxes one of them is the fire ruby and the other one is the aged brass and
using my finger I started adding some of the color to the edges of the mirror so
this way it defined everything and made it look as if it’s part of the
background I loved combining these two colors
because they really look together and match the midnight garden collection the
aged brass specifically matched the foil accents that these papers have I
continued adding it in the front as well and even took the aged brass and added
it in the edges of the mirror and also in the front over the plastic since I
had covered everything in black gesso it really took the wax really well but it
would have probably done it anyways because this wax goes on any type of
material but it looks better when it’s on black gesso it has a better grip when
you use it on black gesso so all I did is outline the mirror that way it really
looked like it matched the midnight garden collection
now it was time to embellish the mirror I fussy cut some beautiful flowers from
the same paper had used for the background and I also took some die-cuts
that come in the collection like the ephemera and also some real flowers that
match the collection as well as some die-cut feathers I fussy cut some of the
feathers from another one of the midnight Guardian papers and I also had
some die-cuts that I used as well some of the foiled pieces would look really
good with this embellishment so I really like adding those as well
it reminded me of some type of 1920s mirror with the feathers and the
beautiful flowers once I figure out the arrangement
I took the 3d gel and glued everything to the background I love using the matte
gel because that way you don’t see anything once it dries the glue dries
clear what I like about this medium is that it’s so versatile you can use it to
decoupage but you can also use it to glue embellishments and even to go
through a stencil to create patterns since the embellishments were hanging
out from the bottom of the mirror I thought it would look ugly to have it in
the back the way it did so what I did is I took some black gesso and just painted
the back of the embellishments all the different pieces of papers that were
sticking out to kind of make them match out you could take some of the same
paper and cut out pieces or just add feathers looking the other way and
matching the other side but all I did is just take a little bit of black gesso
and just add it through the background that way I could add some of the wax and
make it match the rest of the embellishments I mean this is a
temporary solution most of the time people will be holding the mirror facing
themselves so you won’t really see the back as much but I just thought it would
look nicer that way so I painted everything in black
once the gesso was dry I took some of the fire Ruby and the aged brass
added it to the black Jess owed part that way it matched everything else that
I had added in the background before I also added a title at the front of the
mirror that says you are beautiful I wanted to have every person that picks
up this mirror whether it’s me or somebody that I gift this mirror to that
they will pick it up and always feel beautiful whenever they’re looking at
themselves this is a really important thing for women and also men or
teenagers so if I’m gonna give it to my daughter I want her to feel that she is
beautiful no matter what and no matter what she does with her she wakes wears
makeup well whether or not she feels something else within herself that she
always knows she’s beautiful inside and out and that was a really important
message to put on a mirror I think that’s really important you don’t see me
adding this on but it is there at the end and you can see it in the little
edge of the flowers thank you so much for watching if you like my video please
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and have an amazing day bye

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  1. To blur the mirror for photographing spray hair spray heavily on it , after photos simply remove with soapy wet cloth. Real simple

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