Almond Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hello guys, what’s up? It’s Gia. Welcome to my video. Today I am going to be showing you how to do this makeup look. I think it looks very natural and it looks really cute and soft, for any occasion that you may have, any event or appointment. So if you wanna know how I did it, please keep watching the video. We gonna start with our face clean. I just washed it and I applied lotion and next I am going to be using this primer which is from Max Factor. What this does is to minimize the pores. And this are the places where I mostly have my pores open so I try to kinda close them. It actually leaves the skin very soft and easier to work with. For the eye we are going to start applying this prime for eyeshadow, this one is from Catrice. Ok, so for the eyeshadow I am using Maybelline The Nudes palette. We’re going to start using this cream color. Just using my finger, we are going to apply it all over the eyelid. Second, we are going to use this brown color. We’re going to be taking a small brush. We’re going to be applying this in the corner, just a little bit. We don’t want to go like, in the crease. We wanna stay in the eyelid. Sometimes I like to use my fingers to blend a little bit. Next, we are going to be using this gold eyeshadow kinda peachy. And I am going to apply it with my finger. And we gonna apply in the center. Just a small touch. And we r gonna blend it a little bit. Next, I’m taking this wet and wild kinda cream eyeshadow. We gonna take a little bit and we gonna apply it in the inner corner of the eye. Next, I’m taking this Bourjois eyeshadow. I don’t know if you pronounce it like that. Is like a gold eyeshadow. Is very pretty. I think that’s the name. And we gonna be taking again with the other pinky finger and we are going to be applying it underneath the eyelashes. The bottom line. Just a slight touch, is almost not visible. This is going to add some light to your makeup. Next, we are going to be using brown for our eyeliner. And this is something weird, and actually I tried it out and I really liked it. For that I am going to be using a liquid eyeliner and a pencil. With the pencil I am going to start drawing like the eyeliner and then I am going to be doing better with the liquid eyeliner. After we finish doing our eyeliner, we are going to curl the eyelashes using this. For the mascara I am going to be using this one from Revlon which is in a brown color. And what we are going to do is we gonna paint the eyelashes just like going to a side. Applying the mascara this way makes the eye look more like an almond. Really long eye. And maybe you are seeing my eyes the same way but I truly see a difference when I do my mascara this way xD We are also going to apply some mascara in the lower eyelashes. Now for the eyebrows I am going to be using this pencil from Essence. Which is blonde. Is lighter than my eyebrows. But I thought it just looked better. I have my eyebrows full so I don’t really need to paint them a lot. It’s just to add some color to it. Make it look lighter. As you guys may already know I am not a very big fan of doing my eyebrows because I am not really good at it. I am going to be using the brush side, I’m just gonna pretend like I know what I am doing. For my concelear, I am going to be using this one from Catrice. I truly, really like this one. I think looks really cool and it last for so long. And I am going to apply just a little bit in my dark circles and some spots that I may have. For my foundation I’m using this one from Wet N Wild. This one is the soft beige. I am not a big fan. I was, I once was a fan of foundation. But lately I try avoid wearing foundation. I almost never wear foundation to be honest. I apologize but my phone heated. Is so common. but what I did was to apply my foundation with a beauty blender or sponge. After applying the foundation I am going to be adding some blush. The one I am using is this one. Which is kinda dirty :$ It’s the dream bouncy blush from Maybelline. is the number 70 called Hot Tamale. And I really like this one because it last for so long and it looks really natural. i mainly apply it with my fingers. Next for my highlighting I am using this one from W7 called Life’s a Beach. It comes with this 3 colors. For the lips I’m using this lipstick from Tom Ford. Which is the number 7. And then I am going to be taking this Velvet Matte. It’s a random lipstick that it’s just like 1 euro. And I am going to apply just like a small drop there. And it’s just going to add some more color to the lips. ok guys, this is how the makeup ends up looking I think …… Ok guys this is how sjkdnklasdm.asm k,ahweh ty neighbour. Ok guys, this is how the makeup ends up looking. Thank you guys so much for watching the video And I will see you guys on the next video.

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  1. Me encanto! realmente soy mala con el maquillaje pero con tus consejos creo que mejoraré, sigue haciendo más de estos vídeos please!

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