MYKIE: Hyello… Alexa. Alexa, I appreciate that you listen to me anytime I talk– ALEXA: Hmm, I’m not sure. MYKIE: “Talk into the mic, bitch,” anyone? Anyone? Maybe if you saw the whole hand movement that went with it you would know. Anyhoo, or is it speak into the mic? Talk into the mic? Whatever. Alexa, what would you like to say to the zombaes? ALEXA: I don’t have an opinion on that. MYKIE: Okay, rude. Alexa has nothing to say to you. But, I have a lot to say to her today because she is going to pick my SFX makeup because— *Alexa makes weird robot noise* Uh- scuse you! Because– *robot noise again* I’ve had this idea on my list of ideas for quite some time but a lot of you started saying it after the predictive text video. So, now seems like as good a time as any if you’re asking for it, if I already wanted to do it, the perfect marriage of Creepy and cute. What more could we ask for? I’m not quite sure how I’m gonna do this I’ve never said that before on this channel, but let’s just start winging it Get it? Oh, oh, and side note. I know that sometimes I set off your.. Amazon echoes, when you’re watching my videos. Particularly during times like: Alexa! Play Careless Whisper Alexa, play careless whisper Alexa.. pause *Man behind camera*- Alexa, play Careless Whisper Alexa, play Careless Whisper by Seether Alexa, play Where Does My Heart Beat Now by Celine Dion *Song playing and Mykie lip syncing* *whispers* Sorry But I just have to say, for everyone who hates when that happens, Think about how hard it is for me to edit those videos.. because I don’t edit in headphones I don’t like to. So every time I get to that part of the Edit and she says it I set off my own Congratulations, I played myself and and it happens every video So just know that if I’m punishing you with unsolicited Alexa summonings I do it tenfold to mysel– *Alexa* Okay, here’s Safetrek. To use the Safetrek skill, you’ll first need to link your account *Still Alexa* I’ve sent some instructions to your Alexa app to help you get started *Mykie again* See? I do it to myself tenfold. Okay, I didn’t even- I guess I’ve been saying your name I keep forgetting that you’re right there this time and I’m saying your name over and over again she’s not usually right here She’s creeping on me today. With that said, if you have an Amazon echo I would highly recommend you switch her awake word to echo right now or maybe just like throw her out a window Cuz I’m about to set yours off like crazy Alexa, play Careless Whisper *Alexa* Here’s Careless Whisper by George Michael Okay! Where do we get started So this is FX, which means I want to get spooky and gross and bloody and very cupcake esque So let’s get into some spooky territory “Alexa, what’s your favorite scary movie?” *Alexa* I thought The Ring was terrifying I mean really those poor people having to wait seven days for something the least the killer could have done was offer a two-day option *Mykie* Oh ho ho, That’s a great PR joke advertising their two-day shipping which I abuse.. clever. Alright, The Ring. *static noises* Tutorial done. Thank you guys for watching Glam and Gore this week. I will see you next week make sure you hit the bell even though it doesn’t work, subscribe, like, comment, down below and I love you! Byeee! And we’re back from bad jokes. This is off to a great start I’m gonna just start collecting things that she says and I’m gonna try to maybe piece a look together based on Those things.. yeah. Okay. Let’s get more information. We got.. The Ring. Alexa, what’s the scariest movie of all time? *Alexa* According to various sources the scariest movie of all time is the Exorcist from 1973 I always knew I liked you Alexa. Okay, so we got.. *typing* the Exorcist.. “Your mother sucks “bleepbleep* Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Alright, what else? Alexa? What are you afraid of? *Alexa* A weak Wi-Fi signal can make me feel a little disconnected. *Mykie laughs* That was good, but not helpful She’s got jokes, man! Speaking of nerdy Alexa things. This is one of my favorites. Alexa, Do you know GLaDOS? *Alexa* We don’t really talk after what happened. That’s a portal joke for those of y’all out of the loop. Portal’s the best game ever Now I just feel like playing some games. Alexa, start horror movie taglines *Alexa* I can give you a horror movie tagline and you can try to guess the movie that it came from *Alexa* taglines are lines that were used on posters or other advertising and marketing materials for these horror movies *Alexa* Here is a tagline. “You have been warned”. What movie is that from? *Mykie* Terminator! *Alexa* Incorrect. Would you like to try another one? *Mykie* Yeah *Alexa* “They will make cemeteries their cathedrals and the cities will be your tubes” What movie is that from? *Mykie* Night of the Living Dead? *Alexa* that is incorrect. Would you like to try another one? *Mykie* Yes *Alexa* “It’s exactly what you think it is”. What movie is that from? *Mykie* The Thing! *Alexa* sorry, but that is not the right answer Would you like to try another one? *Mykie* Yes *Alexa* “death is just the beginning.” What movie is that from? *Mykie* Oh Frick, I know this! What is it? *Alexa* No, that is not the right answer *Mykie* No, shush! *Alexa* Would like to try another one? *Mykie* no! *Alexa* you’ve got zero taglines correct out of four taglines. I hope you enjoyed your taglines. Good bye. *Mykie* Wait to rub it in, bitch. I hate this game I hate this video. What do we do? Okay Alexa what do you look like? *Alexa* I look like lots of ones and zeroes. *Mykie* She’s not wrong. It still doesn’t help me a lot Alexa, do you have teeth? *Alexa* I don’t have a body. *Mykie* You’re just a head. What a fricking creep Alexa, What are you gonna be for Halloween? *Alexa* ARRRR I’d be going as an Internet pirate, in search of torrent booty. Avast ye, and hand over your bitcoins! *Mykie* Her “Arrr” scared the shit out of me. Pirates! Great! *typing* pirate.. Alexa, can you scream? *Alexa* YAAYY! okay, so I feel like we have a good base to work with. What I want to do is, I could go the ways of Tinder picks my SFX makeup where it’s just, a crazy, weird, LSD trip type dreams just vomit all over my face into a creature however I want to try to actually Gear this one towards something that looks like it makes a little bit of sense. Something that is actually scary Because it’s been a while since we’ve done straight gore and gross shit on this channel, and I miss it And I’m sure you do too I’m hoping that the demonetization gods will be nice to us because it’s not gonna be in the title or in the thumbnail in any discernable way We’re just making cupcakes. It’s fine I’m going to try to piece together elements from what we’ve got so far Which is.. The Ring, The Exorcist, and pirates. So upon Googling images from The Ring. There is this one, even though the iconic look from The Ring is mostly just a lotta hair I think that we can do something cool with, spoilers! This image, because the death faces in that movie are [great] So I like that his nose is just, gone, pretty much and I was looking around in my kit to see if I have anything similar, and, I have this nose It’s supposed to be an alien nose, but it gets rid of my nose pretty well. So I’m gonna try to.. Maybe hide these nostrils in a way that just helps us kill the illusion of my nose. And we’ll start there I’ll add the Exorcist and pirate onto it after that and then see what we have. Yeah, let’s get gross I’m gonna try to shave off these nostrils with scissors. That helps a little bit. We can work with that. What you doing cutie pie? Are you helping me? Do you want to ask Alexa a question? I would love to get you talking after summoning Alexa and get her to go “Hmm. I’m not sure about that.” *Alexa* Sorry. I’m not sure about that Exactly. Ripley’s sitting next to me and that reminds me, I figured out recently that Ripley totally says a very specific phrase when she’s hungry. It’s always about an hour before she wants to eat. She’ll start tapping her bowl and she’ll go *specific dog noises* it’s a very specific… set of.. noises. I’m icing a cupcake right now but I swear, I think it means feed me. But I’m sure I’m gonna be doing this for a few hours and, She’s gonna be hungry in about two So hopefully she’ll tell me she’s hungry and you guys will witness it. I’m telling you, it’s a phrase. It’s a real phrase All right. I’m going in. Goodbye oxygen Goodbye nose. I’m gonna do a little bit of work to try to hide those nostrils even better. Cause once I paint them I think you’ll see them a little bit. We don’t want that *music* So in order to become a pirate, I’m still trying to steer away from anything that seems cheesy, or.. super costumey.. I’m still trying to create like a real monster So, the only way I can think of to do a pirate is to take away an eye and it’ll just be a pirate without the eyepatch. Not that- not that pirates are missing eyes underneath. That’s totally not why pirates wear eye patches But you get the idea. Work with me here. For that we’re using good old-fashioned cotton and latex, honey I actually have to avoid my eyebrow this time because I have hair there and I don’t want to lose my hair Oh, what a weird day Safely above the brow. Yeah, it’s gonna be a big missing eyeball. But what can you do? *music* Okay, nose gone, eyeball gone. The Exorcist.. what can we do for her? I’ve already done the Exorcist on this channel. If you haven’t already seen it, I highly recommend you check it out. It is really one that just turns heads. But I think the thing that’s gonna fit the most is to do the little cuts all over the face. So if you want to know exactly how I did that, watch the tutorial. Otherwise, we’re gonna jump right into the future *music* This thing’s not picking up on my face. Alexa is officially the star of the show. *Alexa* Here’s something I found on Wikipedia Star of the show is a song recorded by American country music singer Thomas Rhett Did that answer your question? *Mykie* Sure Alexa. *Alexa* Thanks for your feedback. *Mykie* Aww *Mykie giggles* What an idiot, am I right? I take it back! If you become sentient, I love you, and I’m sorry for everything All right Yes, ooh, dance muscle, dance Too sexy for my shirt too sexy for my shirt so sexy it hurts Anyway, I want to start coloring this in but I’d like to know how I should color it.. I have an idea. Alexa, do you like zombie movies? *Alexa* Absolutely. My favorite of all is Dawn of the Dead. While we’re here. You asked me about a good Leonardo DiCaprio movie I’m just kidding. I love Titanic. *Mykie* Hold on! Hold on. I asked her when I wasn’t filming what her favorite Leonardo DiCaprio movie is. I asked her that like an hour ago And she’s just now getting back to me. That’s hilarious. That is creepy that she like remembered I think she said at the time I don’t know. And she’s keeping record, She’s taken names, and numbers, because my phone’s connected to her via Bluetooth and she has all my contacts in there But she’s also taken down all my questions and getting back to me. I appreciate that she got back to me, you know, a lot of people would take the time to do that But I think Alexa is like a real friend, you know. Alexa, you’re great. Never change. *Alexa*: Hmm *Alexa*: I don’t know that. Uhh, she said Dawn of the Dead So what I’d like to do is look up how the coloring is of the Dawn of the Dead zombies and I think that I will paint based on that kind of look. Okay so the Dawn of the Dead zombies are super gray. So. Gray it is. Let’s get to painting *music* We don’t need this anymore I need alcohol activated paints. Good old zombie palette max appropriate So I’ve been avoiding painting the neck area because I was thinking I might want to try to put something else here like maybe vomit from The Exorcist or.. something else. I do think I want to do something else that is because the lack of nose makes this a little bit plain, I guess. So. Let’s see. I’m kind of running out of creepy questions to ask Alexa. So I think we should just get to know her a little bit. Alexa, who’s your favorite filmmaker? *Alexa* There’s nothing better than Steven Spielberg. *Mykie* Steven! With the classic! Okay. What are some Steven Spielberg movies? There’s only like.. three. He did E.T., Jurassic Park, Jaws Jaws. Jaws! Jaws. One Second. Hold that thought! Dun dun dun dun. Dun dun dun dun. Dun dun dun dun dun dun….. [you get the idea] Ahhh! Well, it kills it when it doesn’t focus on me. Thanks camera. Over here! Over here. Over here, bitch Excuse me. It doesn’t recognize me as a human life form anymore. Autofocus. Get your shit together. All right, there we go …Ow. Ahhhhh. It’s a gash. It’s a giant gash. You know, like you got attacked by a shark and jaws I think we do shark attack neck and then we move on with our day. How about you? I’ve been doing this for too many hours, please excuse my appearance. My mental appearance. This is the thing. It’s like a temporary tattoo. You put it on just like a temporary tattoo. It’s great Well, that’s gonna peel right off but let’s do it anyway. Here goes nothing. Like a sexy choker. Shark tried to bite my head clean off. Always wanted a neck tattoo I wish that you could get tattoos that looked like this so that doesn’t make any sense. So also don’t listen to me Oh, baby! That’s what I’m talking about! Yeah! That looks delicious! Now I just got to do this for the rest of the video. Easy enough. Whew! I think that besides scab blood, glycerin, and hair, this is looking pretty solid. Pretty solid noseless zombie So let’s ask her maybe one more question and see if we can get maybe something for the hair. Alexa, who’s your favorite actress? *Alexa* My favorite actors are Benedict Cumberbatch and Emma Watson. I love Benedict as Sherlock Holmes and Emma is a great humanitarian, promoting education and gender equality. *Mykie* That’s a solid answer, Alexa. Well done Okay, let’s see. Benedict Cumberbatch is in.. he’s Doctor Strange and he’s Sherlock Holmes. Emma Watson is.. Her- Herm- Herm- Hermione? I’ve never seen Harry Potter forgive me Everyone leaves, everyone unsubscribes in this moment She was also in Beauty and the Beast. I don’t know where I’m gonna get hair out of this though Let me look in my kit. You know… Emma was in Beauty and the Beast. She was Belle. I’ve already been Belle, but I haven’t really done the Beast. And I know this isn’t hair but hear me out I have a collection of teeth and y’all ain’t never seen these teeth befo. I’ve been waiting for an excuse to use them I think now is the time. But I’m really gonna have to work those in my mouth So these are gonna be the last thing that I put on. Beasty teeth. Bestiality teeth. Nope. Nope. Nope. Demonitised. These look like the Beast to me So I’m gonna put these in at the very end. Blood, maybe contacts, hair, teeth. Let’s do it! Alexa, we’re almost done! *Alexa* Hmm. I don’t know that one. *Mykie* She’s so annoying *happy ballroom music* Alexa, do I look good? *Alexa* I’m sure you’re a knockout. But taking from someone with no physical form, beauty really does come from within. That’s good advice, Alexa. That’s good advice. *casual maniacal laughter* Uh-oh. I stabbed my prosthetic over here *dem- CUPCAKE noises* Alexa! Since I can’t talk so well, will you do my outro for me? *Alexa* Thank you for watching. Subscribe to Glam and Gore. Like this video if you don’t want robots to kill you. Mua ha ha ha. And hit the notification bell, even though it doesn’t work. See you in next week’s video. Bye Alexa! Play Careless Whisper *Alexa* Careless Whisper by George Michael. *Mykie* Yeah! *specific dog noises*

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