Affordable vs High End – Complete Indian Bridal Makeup Kit For Beginners | #Anaysa #ShrutiArjunAnand

Get ready fast we are getting late I think it has got expired let it be lets apply it are you crazy!! do you ever take expired medicines!! No why? it causes reaction and what if reaction occurred on face but Makeup is so expensive do we buy it daily Ok I’ll make for you a makeup kit in best affordable range ok! but who will tell how to use it I’ll be creating two western makeup look but what about Indians if our friends hit 1,00,00 LIKES Then will do two Indian makeup looks too see I think done with 1,00,000 Likes also our new friends too will join in our family by doing SUBSCRIBE to our channel give me the primer I need to start the makeup you know I have Smash….. you’re talking about Smashbox but you’ve asked for under budget first listen carefully this Nyx primer’s works as same that of Smashbox but thinks it comes for Rs. 1300/- we got it at 50% off on sale which goes on Nykaa see my skin is looking soft and smooth now foundation will set well on it I too took the benefit from that Sale I’ve bought this foundation and our shades are different and this foundation comes in 21 shades and I’ve got it at Rs. 600 only in Sale so this light shade is for you and dark one is for me have this sponge how much it costs?? its of PAC cosmetics so expensive or try out this one this get washed so many times still have good shape isn’t its a perfect foundation for summers yes true next is concealer but what’s special in it you can apply it without foundation as it gives full coverage so just apply it over the main area and this best for brides too as its stays for too long but all concealer get creased but this is not try it once I won but what you won I’ve completed first Do you know my great teacher Nikkie Tutorial says that Maybelline fit me loose powder is best its too cheap this single shade will work well on both of us I think a good loose powder is must in summers what will happen if makeup doesn’t sets well? that had happened in her last video:-)) I have bought this Europe Girl blush and I’ve bought this just like that of Anastasia Brevery hill and this has 28 shades of three finishes told you many times it needs to be blend well with a beauty blender otherwise you’ll not get that flawless look Eyebrow Pencil this is my favourite one got at Rs. 144/- on sale its seems so expensive did you steal it ? no I’ve bought if form the sale If Eyeshadow is of not good quality it get sticks to our eyes so always buy a good quality eyeshadow first apply medium coloured eyeshadow on crease area of your eyes and blend it well and then apply any dark coloured eyeshadow to the outer corner of your eyes apply another your favourite eyeshadow or that matches with your dress on your eyelid & don’t forget to apply any light coloured eyeshadow towards inner corner of your eyes this makes our eyes to look highlighted and bigger why are you applying that old times kajal try that one which comes in roll on that one is not that much of dark so doesn’t give that look this pencil one filled with gel liner thats why its too good it too get faded away after a while no not at all look upward I think you must use this liner from Chambor its expensive special thing about it is water proof and of matte finish which is your favourite highlighter this one from Becca but it cost Rs. 5,500 from where did you bought it? stolen from you but it better if you take this this is of lower price and this one.. why you compare it with this one ok you apply this one and I am using this one people by themselves will know which one is better I think some people will jealous of me give it to me I too wanna try it isn’t it an amazing highlighter so finally you’ve bought an expensive setting spray see no need to buy this expensive setting spray you can mix aloe vera gel with rose water and use it as a setting spray but the reason to use this one… you yourself see its mist blends so well on our face and give a nice effect to our face all other sprays are good too but doesn’t have spray like this now just wait for thirty seconds this makes our highlighter more shiny I am applying this shade of lipstick and I am using this one it comes in 30 shades and it comes in 60 shades and are best for Indian skin tone why are you crying you gonna apply that expensive huda’s eyelashes but what should I use we will use that inexpensive mink lashes Mink lashes what are these? have you listened to Aliexpress? its has app and a website too you can find a Yado Makeup store I’ve bought these four pair of lashes from there only at Rs.179 I bet you these will look good even than that of Huda and what tweezer you are using? I’ve bought if from Amazon why don’t you bring it for me ok lets make it order now now who will apply Mascara I think no need to apply that after using these lashes anyway I am applying this mascara from Nyx and I am using this one look my advise benefited you don’t go for too cheap and free products we need to use best quality makeup in affordable range yes you are true and for this advice all those who are new will surely SUBSCRIBE to our channel if you want me to make two different Indian makeup look then do let me know in the Comment Section below

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