Affordable Vanity Mirror with LED Lights Review & Unboxing► Under $40

Hey curlfriends and welcome back! Today I’m coming to you guys with a little
unboxing/review for an item that you guys would love to know about. It’s super affordable and budget friendly
and it’s dope for us naturally curly girls as well as you makeup guru’s! The lovely folks over at Spaire Direct reached
out to me for this Spaire Lighted makeup mirror. It’s this trifold mirror. It’s very compact. It’s in this nice rose gold pink color. It’s really dope! They reached out to me to share it with you
guys. I was super excited. I figured, why not review it and try it out
because right now I have a really janky setup when it comes down to filming for you guys. I used to keep my mirror on a holder to sit
it upright. Now, I don’t have to do that. So like I said, this is a lighted makeup mirror. It’s great for vanities and small compact
areas to do your hair or your makeup. It’s a makeup mirror trifold. It has LED lighting. It’s a vanity mirror with 3 different magnifications. You have 1, 2 and 3x which is the most up
close. The size of the mirror is really compact and
small. It’s about the size of an iPad Mini or so. It’s actually about the exact size of an iPad
mini. It has a little base that probably takes up
the most space. It’s super small and compact to fit in really
tight areas. It also has a trifold design that pretty much
folds up and protects the mirror. Let’s get down into the good stuff and get
into the unboxing of it. This is the box that it came in. It’s a really small, compact box. It has such beautiful packaging, I love it. Inside of your box you’ll find one mirror
of course; which is the main portion of it which is the size of an iPad. It it’s already folded into the trifold packaging. You’ll also find the base in which it sits
on top of. This base can hold any of your extra items
like jewelry and makeup, anything that you need to stick into a handy spot within your
reach. I like to put bobby pins in mine. Next, you’ll find a user manual, charging
cable (which is a USB kind of cable), a 24 month warranty and a whole bunch of extra
foam packaging to protect your product. It’s available in one size and one size only. I think that this is a great size for makeup
application, doing your hair, whatever you need to use it for. This is perfect sizing because you have the
two extra mirrors on the sides. You have 2 magnification mirrors as well as
the normal standard sized mirror on the other side. As far as power supply, this mirror can work
off of two different power supply options. This particular mirror does not hold electricity
altogether. So, you can’t charge the mirror itself. It doesn’t hold electricity but you can either
A: power it with some batteries. I takes 4 AAA batteries which can get a little
bit expensive. Or you can use the USB port that’s found on
the back of the mirror. The USB port can plug into pretty much anything;
a laptop, a wall plug, whatever you want to plug it into. I personally see myself using the AAA batteries
just because it’s a lot more mobile. The cord is really short for the USB port
so I like using the 4 AAA batteries. I just got this really cheap pack from the
Dollar Store. I has about 12 batteries or so in it. It’s going to last me quite a long time because
I turn off the mirror in between uses. On the go, you can use the 4 AAA batteries. Maybe at home you may want to power it with
the USB port. Whatever you decide, you have 2 different
options to the mirror. As far as mobility, this mirror can move up
to 180 degrees which is pretty much from front to back. You can pretty much tilt this. This is perfect for me when it comes to filming
because a lot of times I’m filming tutorials with you guys where I need to see the top
of my head or the bottom of my head. But I don’t want to come in too close because
of the particular lens that I’m using. I’m able to tilt this to the distance that
I need it to be and at the angle that I need it to be. Let’s get into the pros since we’ve gotten
all of the specs out of the way. I think that this would be perfect for travel. For those of you guys that travel a lot, a
lot of times these hotels (lower end hotels) don’t have nice mirrors that come out to your
face and magnify your face. So, this would be perfect for travel on the
go, on the plane or in the car, wherever you need to do your makeup really fast. It can fit in pretty much any large purse
or in your car. It’s perfect for limited space. If you have a really small makeup area or
vanity this would be perfect. It won’t take up a lot of space. You can also store a lot of your small items
in the actual base itself. It’s great for makeup application or hair. As far as your eyebrows and getting those
details in your eyebrows, you can use the magnification to see them much better without
having to squint or have your face super close to the mirror. Even for your edges, ya’ll know I love slaying
down my little edges. I use them for my edges. I loved the two power outlet option because
it’s great for when you’re on the go. It’s really cost effective and won’t break
the bank at all. The touch screen and LED’s gives it a nice
luxurious feel for a super cheap price. The mirror runs for about $59.99 on a regular,
but right now it’s on Amazon for $37.99 which I feel isn’t too bad. It’s a nice compact mirror trifold. I love the price and I think that it’s super
affordable and a great buy. As far as my cons, I have maybe one con. It’s not even a really big con. It doesn’t feel super durable. I’m not going to lie to you guys. It is a little 30 something dollar mirror. It doesn’t feel like it’ll last a long time
if you’re going to be transporting this outside of the house very often or if you break things
easily. But, it does have a nice luxurious feel to
it. It’s very universal as far as your use for
it and it’s super compact. I see this lasting me a long time. I don’t plan on taking it out of the house
too often. I hope you guys enjoyed this unboxing of this
compact mirror. I loved the mirror. Me personally, I’ve been using it for my film
days whenever I don’t want to get out of the shot or out of the frame but I want to see
my hair in more detail or if I want to get different angles of my head. It’s perfect for that so I loved it. I hope that you guys love it. It’s available on I was sent this product for free. I love you guys and I’ll see you guys in the
next video!

13 thoughts on “Affordable Vanity Mirror with LED Lights Review & Unboxing► Under $40

  1. Are those built in shelves you use for your products or did you DIY or buy? I need a better storage for my products. Yours look very organized and beautiful

  2. man y'all gonna make me broke with these recommendations lol…but I need this especially being a new make up lover…

  3. Do you hear unbreakable mirror?Yeah ,this is IBEET Unbreakable Stainless Steel Makeup Mirror! Unlike the traditional glass mirror, this mirror is made of high-quality stainless steel, so you don't have to worry it would be broken anymore. Credit Card Size-prefect to put it in your handbag, purse and wallet, easy to carry around! Never again will you have to wonder if your eyeliner or lipstick is a mess when you are out.

  4. Mine was £13 and it looks exactly like that one. It lights up it is rose gold and it is still working well for 9 months

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