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hey guys hope you’re all doing well here
today with another requested video I asked on my last get ready with me video
if you guys wanted to see my affordable makeup brush recommendations and a lot
of you guys said yes so I thought I’d film it today you guys know a lover of
all-things drugstore and affordable so yeah i thought i’d share with you guys
my makeup brush recommendations so if you’re interested then please keep
watching ok so I thought I’d go in the order of how I apply my makeup sir
primer first just use my fingers clean fingers to apply my primer let it set
and do its thing for a couple of minutes and then on to a foundation and these
are two of my favorite tools both by Real Techniques I did want to say that
Real Techniques if you buy in Australia is a little bit expensive but i always
buy on I herb calm really really good prices fast shipping as well I get a lot
of questions on I hope you know is the legit side and you’re everything like
that it definitely is i am going to do a video on my I hope recommendations so
stay tuned for that but one of them is real techniques products for you that’s
why i buy from i’ll leave the link in the description bar also a discount code
if it’s your first time purchasing on i hope as well so these two here for
foundation this is their miracle complexion sponge it’s brand new i
thought i needed a new one I just a minute it expands a little and I just
wring it out and then yet apply my foundation that way I love it it’s got
this flat edge here so you can just yeah duh the product onto your skin and then
blend it in it’s also got this sort of like pointy edge here so you can get in
little crevices of your face I use it more for full coverage foundation
because it just it doesn’t buff in the product it just places the product onto
your skin and then press it in from there so it’s very much
a flawless full coverage foundation tool and then the day to day foundation
application I really like the sculpting brush it’s angled so it’s just so easy
to just sort of pat on your foundation and then buff it in I’ll show you guys
how I use this in my last get ready with me video because it is so dense it
really buffs in the foundation without leaving it’s tricky which is really good
yeah and just a great size I love it it’s a little bit dirty because I just
used it actually I do have to say with these real Techniques brushes I love
most that they’re so easy and quick to clean I guess the drying time that I
like most because I wash them i used my earth choice dishwashing liquid with
water and just pop it into my hand I don’t have one of the Sigma gloves of it
into my hand and it cleans them really easily and then overnight they’re dry
which is fantastic because when you get up in the morning you’ve got clean
brushes you don’t need to wait for them to dry or anything like that so yeah
really like the cleaning of these as well and this is my favorite foundation
brush now for concealer this little guy here it’s not made as a concealer brush
but I just feel that it fits perfectly underneath my eye area this is the Real
Techniques contour brush I’ve had this for ages yes I just sort of Pat the
concealer underneath my eye area and then just buff it out where I need to
yours will see me using this a lot of it yet that’s my favorite concealer brush
also this little guy here also by Real Techniques this is the deluxe crease
brush I feel it’s too big for the crease so I use it for my concealer and it’s
more sort of like buffing in sort of right underneath the eye area or in the
inner corner and that’s a perfect size as well so yes now for powder you guys
know that I don’t like to powder that much because I prefer more of a Jewish
finish although i have been selling makeup lately with my hourglass ambient
lighting powder I think I put the one in luminous light and that leaves more of a
radiant finish rather than a matte finish so I’ve been using that and the
brush that I use with it is the furless bc to brush this is from the new body
contour collection brush collection I love the size of it it’s so nice and
soft and dense so what I do is just pick up the ambient lighting powder and just
place it just sort of push it into my skin rather than swirling it around and
this brush has been fantastic so favorite and for blush I really like
this one here it’s sort of like a tulip style brush it’s my models prefer and
it’s from powder and bronzer but I use it for blush I didn’t like it because
you can just apply it with the tip he is so just a little bit or you can turn it
and apply more it’s just really versatile so I like that for my blush
these two here for my bronze up are my picks so this one of Google try to good
work yeah this one here I prefer this is the models prefer one it is their
contour brush I like it just because it’s a little bit fluffier you can see
that there it’s just a little bit well not as precise I suppose if I want a
very precise contour this is fantastic and it’s by artiste and if they’re
contour brush as well but this one I you use more on a day to day basis it’s just
so much easier to use because you just pick up a little you can just sort of
angle it on the side and get quite a bit of a line going on or you can just sort
of blend it in turn it and blend it in and then I go like that to even blend in
more this is still this is still good it’s just that I do prefer this one here
but they’re both very similar but this one’s just a little bit softer and
flavia now if you’ve got to mention before I do like to use cream blushes as
well mostly in summer and this one here I love to apply it with this is the
furthest PP f3 stippling brush I like because it just doesn’t pick up too much
product because that’s what you don’t want with a cream blush so it just picks
out a bit of the product and then it’s just
so easy to blend it in with this brush so really like that now for highlighters
these two here this one is the furnace pro 5m this comes in a kit and this one
here is the elf fan brush this one here I prefer more on a day to day basis
because it doesn’t it doesn’t pick up too much product and it’s just really
nice and easy to use just on the tops of your teeth teak tops of your cheekbones
and anywhere else that you want highlighted so use this more on a day to
day basis but if I want to go hard with my highlighter which most of the time I
do i use this one here and yeah it just picks out more product and it really
just gives such a defined highlight it’s beautiful it’s really nice and soft as
well that one’s my favorite okay so they’re all the Affordable brushes I’d
recommend for face products so we have real techniques furless elf models
prefer and our teeth I’ll leave links to where I get them from in the description
bar I’ve also got a discount code for furless brushes as well makes them even
more affordable and they also now ship to the US which is great because they’re
such a fantastic australian company so i definitely recommend checking them out
now on to some eyeshadow makeup brushes that i recommend first of all just
thrown all over the lid shadow brush I really like these two where is it this
one here and this one here so this is the furthest PPE to brush it is really
little but it really just packs on the color and I just use it and just press
on the color onto my eyelid and because it’s little it’s so precise so if you
want only a dark shadow just very close to the lash line or you know your o-line
color war sort of in the inner corner this is fantastic to just sort of pack
down that color very precisely so I love that if you don’t want as much precision
the Real Techniques face show Oh brushes it’s a bigger brush but it
just packs down and lays down the eyeshadow fantastically if that’s a word
so yeah these two are great if I wanting to darken up the outer corner I use this
brush here it’s a pretty dense don’t rush so it just picks up the product and
just applies it really precisely for you and then I buff out with this guy here
this is the furthest me3 brush it’s semi dense it’s pretty fluffy and that’s what
I like because it’s a great size to get into the crease and just to buff out any
eyeshadow shade so really like that one now if I want to smoke out the eyeshadow
on my lash line which I like to do some more on a daily basis it just looks a
little bit more natural I use this brush here this is the Phyllis ppm to brush
it’s a little angled brush it’s really skinny so it gets in right at the lash
line so you can apply the product and then I just sort of flick flick it up so
it just smokes out the eyeline really like that one for a gel liner I use this
one here and then the fellows brush I love the fearless I brushes there they
are fantastic this is the pro 6 e brush and it’s got a little angle to it so it
just makes it so easy to apply your gel liner yeah you can see that sort of
weight that I use it there but yeah really like that for my inner corner
highlight and for my brow bone I like this one here this is an Ecotools brush
eager to brushes are fantastic as well i buy mine at priceline or on I home as
well this is the highlight brush and it’s just perfect for the brow bone and
also the inner corner highlight now for lips I use this one here I don’t
normally apply my lipstick with a brush but if I’m being very precise if it’s a
red lipstick or anything like that we have to be pretty careful I use this one
here some real techniques absent brush it’s tiny yeah and it’s just perfect for
applying lipstick okay so that now is all my affordable makeup brush recommend
so hopefully you guys found this video helpful as I said I’ll put all the links
that I can in the description bar for you guys but any questions let me know
in the comments section and I’ll get back to you I would love to hear some of
your affordable makeup brush recommendations as well there’s probably
other breads that I haven’t tried yet so definitely let me know so I can check
them out as well and that is pretty much everything guys it would be fantastic if
you subscribe to my channel and like this video if you liked it and yeah I
hope you’re all having a wonderful day and I’ll speak to you soon ciao you

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