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As a teenager I used to wear the bare minimum of makeup, some foundation, maybe some eyeliner and mascara if I was feeling particularly brave, but not a lot. But as time goes on, I find myself more and more interested and fascinated by makeup. And I think it came from being in the Addams Family, and having to put on a full face of quite extravagant makeup every day, and I really enjoyed that part of my role. And now I’ve brought that into my everyday life, so I thought I would show you how I do my makeup everyday. It’s certainly not a tutorial, because I am not that good at it. But I really enjoy it, and so I thought I would share that with you all. As you can see I’ve started with one of my firm favourites, which is Lush’s moisturizer called ‘Skin Drink’, and then I was very kindly sent some foundations by the Body Shop, and they have lasted me so long. I can’t recommend them enough for that reason, and I just mix and match between these four different shades, which I will write down in the description, so you know exactly what I’m using. Then I use a light dusting of this Luxury Powder from Revolution in the colour ‘banana’, I’ve never seen them do any other colours, though, so that might be the only color they do. I’m not sure, but the colour I use is called ‘banana’. Now I’m one of these people who never gets anywhere near enough sleep, so I put the powder on, then I use this concealer from Freedom, which comes in this very nice little pot. I use that and then I put powder on again, just to make the dark circles under my eyes a little less purple. I have this very handy little Focus and Fix eyebrow shaping kit from Revolution. The colours are medium to dark. But I always find myself using the darker colour, because I have very deceptively dark eyebrows even though I’m blonde. And as always, this is as good as it’s gonna get. This is my N.Y.X. or NYX- I’ve always called it NYX, but apparently it’s N.Y.X.. This is my Sweet Cheeks blush palette, although I do use it for my eyeshadow as well. And I honestly just run my brush over this entire palette and go to town on my cheeks. Now this next product is very very old, as you can see the writing sort of faded of the front. But it’s from Collection, and it’s called Bronze Glow Mosaic, and I just use that to contour as best I can. I never used to use an eyeshadow base, but now I do. I use one from N.Y.X., and I just put that on onto my eyes like a cream eyeshadow before I put my actual eyeshadow on. This is a very very new purchase, I found that Revolution are doing these ‘I heart makeup chocolate palettes’. They have a huge range of them, but my favourite was the Mint Chocolate palette. I’m using a colour at the moment called ‘Secret’, and then on top of that I use a colour called ‘Awaken’, which is a little bit darker. And with my very handy double ended Body Shop brush The other end’s a little bit chiseled, so I use that to do a thin dark linde with ‘Awaken’ underneath my eye. And then I just use a fluffier eyeshadow brush to blend it all out. Playing Wednesday in the Addams Family gave me a very long time to perfect the cat flick eyeliner. I use the N.Y.X. Epic Ink Liner, which is essentially a felt-tip pen for your eyes. I will never use anything else to do my eyeliner ever again, because it makes it so much easier. And if any of you struggle with this and want to get better at it, I highly recommend a felt-tip pen for your eyes. I absolutely adore Barry M’s mascara. This is a new one that I bought recently, called Feature Length, which I’m absolutely loving. It’s brilliant. I used to use one called ‘That’s how I roll’, but I think this one just takes the edge. It’s got a plastic brush instead of a bristly brush, which means it goes on really sleek and smooth. And is never clumpy and I think it’s great. N.Y.X. have a range of lipsticks called ‘N.Y.X. lingerie’, this colour is called ‘French Maid’, and I picked it up maybe three months ago, and I’ve fallen in love with it. You have to put a very thin layer on your lips otherwise it does start to go a little bit clumpy, and you get that weird lipstick line on the inside of your mouth quite early on in the day. But as long as you’ve got a thin layer on, it still stays on for ages. And it dries matte, which makes you forget that you’re wearing lipstick, which I guess is why it’s called ‘Lipstick lingerie’. Very clever. And that’s pretty much all there is to it. I really really enjoy doing my makeup these days. It makes me feel very artistic in a strange way, and really sets me up for the day ahead. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video, and maybe there’ll be more in the future. Who knows? Bye. *click click*

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  1. Banana powder is a setting powder made from bananas which are finely milled and because of this it has a slight yellow tone. It's best used as a contour powder or to highlighting under the eyes and the T-zone. 🙂

  2. I’ve just been cast as Sandy in Grease at my high school and wondered whether you had any advice on nerves?? Can’t wait to see you in heathers💙

  3. I thought it was pronounced "Nix" as that how Lex pronounces it on her body paint/makeup/beauty channel MadeYewLook and Lex has done partner deals with NYX in the past and she always says it as "Nix"

  4. How do you keep your makeup off your glasses? I always find my glasses tend to "melt" my makeup where they sit, leaving bare marks on my nose and foundation on the frames/powder on the lenses!

  5. Hey Carrie, <3 I saw on the official facebook page that you're going to be starring in Heathers! I don't think you've mentioned it yet? (but since it was officially announced I figured it was okay to say). I'm so excited for you! Especially since you did that cover of fight for me a few years ago. I won't get to see it since I don't live in the UK, but damn I'm just so proud!

  6. You make it look so simple. I need to invest in a couple of good eyeshadow brushes. That felt tip for the eyes looks pretty darn amazing too. Love your voice btw -very soothing and reassuring.

  7. Thanks for using makeup that is actually many YouTuber using high end products and you can get such a good look from cheaper products 👏😊

  8. I work at Boots and even the no7 workers say it as nyx the word not the letters so youre probably right. also loving the development of your makeup skills through the year and this loom is wow!

  9. I love this!! Also where is your top from I’m in love with it and I think it’ll look great with my new pinnefore dress haha

  10. You're like really pretty all the time and I just want to hug you all the time for you are a truly beautiful huma both inside and out

  11. Your videos have always been my absolute favorite to watch over and over again, and your voice in videos like this and your "post show routine" is SO amazingly calming!! Thank you being such a glorious, loving, positive, honest human person! Your passion for life inspires me endlessly <3

  12. Loved this makeup tutorial, it was very relaxing and very well explained! Only tip I have is to do foundation then concealer then powder, as you’ll get a better application of your concealer as oppose to putting it on top of a powder! Still loved this though, and the lipstick is on my to buy list!💕

  13. lol sometimes I forget some people apply foundation with their hands so it freaked me out a bit! My preferred method is the Real Techniques Beauty Sponge. Also I really love doing my makeup, it makes me feel confident. My skin isn't the greatest, I have a lot of acne scarring and hyper-pigmentation which doesn't make me feel hat Greta about I myself. But makeup makes me feel like myself. Makeup is art!

  14. Surprised our makeup routines are so alike. I have that exact eyebrow palette, eyeliner and bronzer and use body shop foundation (although definitely need more soon!)

  15. I wish i was this good at applying winged eyeliner! No matter how many times i practice i still can not do it!

  16. Well aren't you the just the cutest damn thing! I currently use the NYX stay matte but not flat foundation, but I like the look of the body shop one, might give it a go

  17. Hey there, I'm working in retail and everyone around me says Nyx and not N.Y.X. I'm guessing the brand is named after goddess of the night in the Greek mythology <3
    Your makeup looks amazing, does that take a lot of time in the morning?

  18. nyx is actually pronounced as one word! the founder named the company after the greek goddess of the night!

  19. Nyx made a few special edition colors with purples. I bought two of them, and they are my favorites. One particular is a lilac color. I was unsure of the color would look good on me, but it’s a terrific color. I feel like it would work for most people. It’s so pretty

  20. Can you lend me your eyeliner skills?! I can never get my wings to look right so I usually just skip it, but I love the way eyeliner looks! The struggle is real.

  21. dumb question, would you still go to this length of putting make up on every day that you were in a musical?

    I don’t even know if that question made sense

  22. This eyeliner is goals. I have one with the same tip but instead of making a perfect line in kind of comes on with gaps. Think I should have gone with the more expensive one ..

  23. Sound quality seemed to really step up this video? Have you got a new microphone or something? Loving the homey feeling of it 😊

  24. Love this Carrie! Rehearsals for Heathers must start soon, hope they go well, I'm so looking forward to seeing the show! 😄

  25. I don’t wear make up at all mostly because I’m allergic to foundation and not arsed doing anything else, but this was so interesting to watch? 😂 Turned out well, as always 🖤 xx

  26. Just a piece of advice: put the concealer before the powder, and the powder after. This way you'll set the face and everything will stay in place. Otherwise, the concealer will sit on the top of the powder and you'll risk cakeface & for the concealer to melt.

  27. french maid looked so purple and dark on the website so I didn't go for it but it looks gorgeous on you! maybe a must.. love the look Carrie xox

  28. Hey carrie, how long does that moisturiser last you? I'm really interested in lush products but some seem too expensive for the quantity for me!

  29. Love this video. It is nice to see a more what I call a “normal” everyday makeup video, because some come can come across as too much and too overly professional for an everyday look for someone who is just not that great at makeup like myself. It was also just refreshing to see someone doing makeup who does not take themselves as a seriously like some of the beauty gurus that I also watch.

  30. As someone who's recently been getting VERY into makeup, I'd love to see more of this! You've got a very nice vibe in all of your videos, but it's really great in makeup videos because I've found that a lot of the bigger-name beauty vloggers can be intimidating at times haha!

  31. That's my foundation! LOVE the Body Shop, i've tried others and nothing compares. Lovely to see you're still cruelty-free and advocating that 🙂

  32. help, i'm 14 and it literally looks like i have volcanos on my head. it's my first time with proper spots, please help

  33. Soap and glorys supercat liner is amazing! It's basically a felt pen for your eyes too! Your voice is so soothing

  34. I’m 4’10.5” and 15 years old. I really want to make it as a musical theatre actress, but am afraid of my height and weight holding me back. My best friend recently told me she didn’t think I could make it because I’m so short, and now I’m very scared of what to do. Can I please have some advice? I look up to you so much, and strive to have your career. Thank you so much!

  35. You look amazing, love the look! I'll definitely have to try those NYX liquid lipsticks!
    Could you maybe do a video about your face skincare routine? You have such great skin, I'm just curious how you keep it so radiant (probably good genes XD)

  36. So pretty!! I totally get what you were saying, sometimes I feel like putting on makeup has a meditative quality about it? Loved the video 💕

  37. Do people say N Y X? I've always said NYX too and my friend who's in retail for NYX (although in Sweden) says it that way too.

  38. This encourages me to keep trying to do eye makeup despite wearing glasses. I always feel so discouraged because I can’t see a thing without them to apply anything properly and am scared of sticking myself in the eye. 😂

  39. I feel like im one of only a few straight guys who follows Carrie and eagerly awaits each video!

  40. Heya, nice video, thank you for sharing this ! 🙂
    Also, thank you for explaining your approach to make up, I always struggle to explain to my adorable no nonsense feminist friends who loathe make up as an obligation that I enjoy doing in my free time. I always feel ;ike creating a character, like a bolder or more fun or more femme fatale version of me. I guess it comes from the stage as well, using make up in ballet galas and stuff ^^ So thank you for very much explaining your creative approach to make up, it gave me words to explain mine to my curious friends 😀
    Also, you have great skills at it ! 😀
    (I've always found normal make up quite difficult to master due to being used to wearing something for the raw spotlights that would look way over the top for day wear, did you have the same experience ?)

  41. I know absolutely nothing about makeup and really hope to learn someday. I just don't know what looks good on me and what stuff to buy. Most of the time when I pick out something and try it, it ends up looking weird (mainly because of the lighting).

  42. Hello Carrie I’m So Happy That You Have Been Cast As Veronica I know I Just Found Out But Can You Do A Series Of You In Heathers

  43. Generally you shouldnt put cream products (like concealer) on top of powder products because it messes up the consistency. Also banana powder is the name for a type of setting powder (usually used to avoid the white ghostly effect in flash photographs you get when you use regular setting powder). Your makeup still looked great in the end though.

  44. Really nice video Carrie! Does the liner transfer at all? I've been trying different felt tip style ones and found that they create a line above my eye lid after a few hours…not a great look for me ngl

  45. So glad that these are all animal cruelty -free products, trying to clear my make-up bag of them! Had my eye on that Body Shop foundation, so will invest now! ✨

  46. Quick question, are these all cruelty free brands? I’m looking to only buy cruelty free. As always thank you Carrie for your video! You are a beautiful soul!!

  47. Love this video, what I really love about doing make up is that I spend 20-30 minutes of my day not thinking about anything else, just make up and it works as a sort of mindfulness, me time type thing and helps calm me down and set me up for the day ahead

  48. Makeup revolution is stunning & SO ARE YOU


  49. Dear Carrie, I totally understand how you feel about makeup as being a form of artistic expression, that's exactly what it is to me. Since it does seem to be a matter of importance to you, I would like to leave a little info here in regards to animal testing and some of the brands you mention in the video. NYX belongs to L'Oréal and The Body Shop did so until 2017, when L'Oréal sold it because it was losing traction. Neither NYX nor The Body Shop test their products on animals. However, them belonging to L'Oréal (or having belonged to L'Oréal until recently) is where things get a bit murky. L'Oréal itself has not performed animal testing on their products since 1989, but they do sell their products in regions that do, chiefly mainland China. Mainland China has a policy that any cosmetics sold on their territory need to be tested on animals. So if a brand wants to sell its products there, it basically gives the Chinese government permission to test its products, which is exactly what happens with L'Oréal and the companies it owns who want to sell in physical shops in mainland China. NYX is currently not sold in China, because they want to avoid this happening. The Body Shop had products in duty-free shops in mainland China until 2014, when that was uncovered, causing a scandal and causing the company to retract its products from there. Not exactly cool and not exactly honest with consumers who were trying to buy a truly cruelty-free product. So, while NYX does not technically test on animals itself, it belongs to a company that sanctions it for when they want to be in markets they would otherwise be shut out of. China is the largest such market. Same goes for The Body Shop up until last year, with a future that is now uncertain when it comes to whether it will now maybe become truly cruelty-free with its new parent company. You might have noticed that on most of Makeup Revolution and Freedom's products it says "made in the PRC". This is something you don't have to worry about (or at least, if you do, for a totally different set of ethical reasons) because products that are merely manufactured, not sold, in China are not required to undergo animal testing. As such, both Revolution and Freedom truly are cruelty-free brands. One more tip: don't ever rely on a PETA certification on your cosmetics for when you try and buy stuff that is cruelty-free. With PETA, it's enough that a brand asks to be put on their list as long as they promise they're cruelty-free. As you can imagine, this had led to various cases of PETA listing brands who were decidedly not cruelty-free, as they simply don't do checks. And finally, go ahead and pronounce it NYX, not Enn Why Ex. The brand has a capitalised spelling but is named after the goddess Nyx, so that's the correct pronunciation. Hope this wasn't too tedious for you to read. I'm a long-time makeup artist and I too like to know my facts when it comes to what a brand promises. I've stayed away from The Body Shop for years now because I hated how they essentially lied about being cruelty-free after being sold to L'Oréal. A few more great truly cruelty-free brands: Lunatick Lab Cosmetics, Makeup Geek, Sugarpill.

  50. Just a piece of advice for your brows, your hairs seem quite gathered near the end, making the front look a bit blocky unfortunately. You could use a brow gel to spread those out or i use pears soap, a spooley and that does the job! Pixiwoos have a whole video about it on their channel if you're interested, they call it soap brows.

  51. Love this Carrie! <3 What products do you use to wash your face clean of makeup? Just curious! Thanks!

  52. i use the body shop foundation in bora bora and honestly it's lasted me ages and the coverage is so good and not cakey at all, would definitely recommend

  53. Can anyone help, been making sure my make up is cruelty free and also other products but struggle to find a cruelty free deodorant. Any help appreciated

  54. Watching you put on makeup and making it look so easy makes me wish that I had the patience to learn the skills to do it! Normally I just stick to mascara, because that I can do!

  55. the staff at the NYX store near me all pronounce it like "nicks" too so idk who told you that ahah
    also that chocolate bar pallet is a total knock off of the too faced ones which are soooo nice

  56. "I used to wear the bare minimum of makeup" Dude that's what usually happens when you're STUNNINGLY beautiful 😍😍 (Inside and out!!) 💓 X

  57. I really enjoyed this video Carrie, I watched it a while ago and just popped back again to see how you did your eyeliner. You're a pro! Thanks for sharing xxxx

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