Affordable ,cheap,soft and best makeup brushes haul,amazon new best makeup brushes

hello everyone,,,, welcome back to my another video todays video is really intersting and helpful for you because today i am doing amazon best makeup brush haul and these brushes are super super affordable too so lets start the review about these brushes so lets get started those brushes which i am talking about are these in this you got 4 kabuki face brushes and 3 eye brushes so if i am talking about the packaging so it came with the bubble wrap along with box thers is no any breakage and i recieve it with the full protection i am happy that i got it safely and in good condition there is face brushes and eye brushes include in this package so if am talking about the colour so colour is the same as shown in a picture at amazon here is golden and silver metallic in colour, just because of colour i really impressed so thats why i orderd them i had a little doubt about these brushes when i saw them but its clear now so first lets talk about the price so price is really affordable in just r.s 399 you got these brushes if am talking about quality so its beyond what i thought and its super and powerful quality the bristles are super super super soft i feel like that i am never going to be use them beacause they are so cute and soft i feel like that i will just decorating them on my dressing table or thats it beacause they are super soft so lets talk about how strong handle it has ,,,so it is also superb in this because so many times i buy brushes from amazon,the quality was that not much good, but this brush is not like those brushes,they are really nice they are strong and stiff brush first brush is kabuki,powder brush you can use this for apply compact or loose powder after this i have this bronzer brush,,it can b used as as contour your face next one is foundation brush ,sp u can apply cream foundation with this so these are the 4 brushes next is eye brush…so first is this kind of flat top brush,you can pack your eye lid shade with this next is blending brush and you can easily blend your crease line shade with this i must sure that it has all that important brushes which is really necessary for makeup so guys,,,this was all that brushes which i got from amazon,link i will give in description box,you can check it out so if you like my video,or its seems little helpful for you then do subscribe my channel,like and do comment below support to my channel,or do not forget click on the notification the first you got the notification of my video so lets meet in next amazing video till then ,,take care…bbie

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