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Hey guys, it’s Fleur here from Fleur DeForce
and today on the Beauty Recommended channel I’m going to be showing you how to get these
kind of relaxed romantic waves, they’re still kind of glossy and polished but a little bit
messy so they have that romantic kind of twist to them, perfect for an occasion or for Valentine’s
Day, which is also coming up. I’m also going to be showing you how you can minimise the
damage to your hair whilst you are doing this look as well so if you want to see how I did
it then keep watching. So I’m starting with wet hair today, I’ve already washed and conditioned
my hair using Aussie Take The Heat shampoo and 3 Minute Miracle Take The Heat formula.
These are really good if you want to be using heat on your hair, as they do give you some
heat protection but the 3 minute miracle also leaves your hair soft and shiny at the same
time so it’s easy to manage and style, especially if you have messy hair like me. I’ve let my
hair dry to about 80% today to limit the amount of heat that I need to use on it. You can
let it totally dry if you have the time but I’m going to rough dry it to save time. I’m
also using Silvikrin’s Style & Heat Protect Spray first, you need to shake this to activate
the heat protectant and then spray it all over your hair and really work it in with
your fingers. This spray works really well for styles like this because it gives you
protection from the heat of your styling tools but it also provides a decent amount of hold
to your hair as well and it smells like lychee, which I love. And then after my spray I’m
also going to apply a little bit of Pantene’s Dry Oil with Vitamin E onto the ends of my
hair just to keep them nice and smooth so I’m working it in with my hands. And then
I’m going to rough dry my hair until it’s totally dry, then section it horizontally.
So I’m going to do three separate sections, so you want to take about a third of your
hair in the first section and let it drop underneath like at the bottom of your hair
and then clip up the rest. I’m also going to lightly spray each section again with the
Silvikrin Style & Heat Protect spray, which you can use wet or dry, which is really good
but I would definitely recommend applying a little bit less on dry hair to avoid overloading
it. The curling wand I’m using is Jose Eber’s 32 millimeter barreled wand but basically
for this type of look you want a large, clipless wand. And then I’m wrapping one, to one and
a half inch-wide sections around the barrel, holding them for about 10 seconds before letting
them drop. And you want to make sure you wrap the sections of hair away from your face for
the most flattering look, if you want bigger or bouncier curls you can let the curl drop
into your hands like i’m doing now and hold it for a few seconds whilst it cools but if
you want looser curls you can just let the sections drop like I’m doing. Once you’ve
completed the first sections you want to take another horizontal section of hair down and
work around the section the same way, spraying a little bit of heat protection on each section
as you go and repeat this for both of the final sections but keep remembering to keep
the curls wrapping away from your face so that it is a more flattering look, towards
your face is never a good look. Once you’ve curled all of your hair, you want to run your
fingers through the curls just to break them up and loosen them. I’m also going to spray
in a little bit of texturising spray into the roots and the mid lengths of the hair
to add volume and texture to the look making it look a little bit more messy. I also really
like this product because it actually makes it easier to kind of reshape your style throughout
the day, you can kind of get your hands in and give yourself volume as you go, so it’s
a bit of a less structured look but it’s a bit more touchable, and then last but not
least spray in a little bit of hairspray to set the curls into place, I’m using my Oribe
Anti-Humidity Spray, spraying it all over the curls and then we’re done, that’s the
final look. So that’s it for this tutorial, I really hope you guys enjoyed it and some
of you found it useful. This channel is set up with the aim of answering Britain’s Biggest
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