ABH x Alyssa Edwards Palette Tutorial

hey guys what’s up welcome back if this
is your first time stopping by my name is Brittany and hello there today we are
diving in and creating this sunset glittery beautiful I look today using
the new Anastacio and Alyssa Edwards a shadow palette this is what the inside
looks like right here you guys have heard all about this palette by now I
know that I’m totally late to the bandwagon with this palette but
Canadians are basically the last people to get their hands on any collections
especially if you’re waiting for the product to land in Canada so that you
don’t have to pay outrageous custom fees so I normally have to wait for some
products to come in to Sephora before I can get my hands on it but this is a
look that I came up with this really sunset II it’s really glittery and
beautiful it’s totally up my alley and I absolutely love it and I really hope
that you guys enjoy it as well if you are new guys please consider
subscribing make sure that you hit that bell too so that you notify it every
single time that I do upload and if you guys want to see how I create this
beautiful sunset look today using the new Anastasia and Alyssa Edwards palette
then let’s get into it you okay so I already went in and prepped my
lid with my P Lewis base I used the white base for today because I really
want to get some rich pigment out of these eyeshadows so I’m going to start
off by going with the morphe m45 6 and I’m going to go into the shade believe
and then I’m just going to focus this shadow in the crease I’m gonna go in
with the morphe M 506 and I’m going to go into the shade Texas made and then
I’m gonna blend that right above where we placed the purple shadow our
tattaglias right now guys this is blending out so much better than this I
this I took me a long time to get blended out and I don’t know why that is
do you guys have one eye on your face that works better than the other because
I always feel like this is the eye I struggle with and it fucking drives me
not having any of the issues I had on my other eye right now fucking weird bug
into the shade brick road and I’m just going to use this as the last shadow in
the crease area going for a beautiful a Sun set violet look today now that I
have those really nice and blended out I’m going to go back and re intensify
every shade that we have in the crease so you’re basically just gonna go back
and forth and repeat the exact same steps that you already did but when I do
this step and I just wanted to let you guys know that when I do this step and I
go in and re intensify all the shades I do tend to switch off the brushes a
little bit instead of going in with this brushes that I used in the beginning I
really find that the morphe m56 2 brush really helps when you need to go in and
re intensify shadows and make sure that they blend as seamlessly in together
this is the brush that I use every time that I have to go back in and REE
intensify shadows just because it helps me get a little bit more of a precise
area and I just go in with like the lightest possible amount and pressure
and it just makes it all blend so good together while Rhian tense’ fiying all
the shadows sorry that was a bit of a ramble but go in with a morphe m12 for back into
the shade believe and I’m just gonna pack that purple shadow all over the lid
okay so now that the lids done they I’m gonna go in on the lid with the base
again and I’m gonna go in and kind of draw a half circle on my lid
this style of eye look is from tiff a on Instagram she’s an absolute beauty and
does her makeup flawlessly and I was really inspired to create a look like
this after looking at her Instagram page I will have her instagram listed in the
description box below but her makeup is always beautiful and
it’s just something different that I haven’t seen anybody do before and I
can’t really do her justice but I’m gonna try it okay blend doesn’t
really look like a half circle because I suck so so I’m gonna start off by going
in with a makeup Shakti 58 brush per and I’m going to go back into brick row that
yellow shadow you’re gonna place this yellow all over the area where you just
placed the base so for the for the glitter on the lid just to give it a
little bit of an extra pop I’m going into my color pop literally obsessed
glitter and this is in the shade puffin it’s really really beautiful jelly
glitter I go in with the makeup Shakti to brush and then I’m gonna pick up some
of that product and you’re just gonna place the glitter everywhere is where
you place the yellow shadow on the lid I was just going to leave it like that for
the day but I don’t like how my half-circle came out so I did decide to
go in with some black gel liner so I always go in with my tried and trusted
Maybelline black gel liner and then that’s basically all your alright guys
so I did op off-camera and I did the rest of my face and we’re gonna move in
underneath the lower lash line now so I’m gonna start off the lower lash line
by going in with my honest Asya brush this is the brush that came with this
palette I do find that honest Asya brushes that come with her palettes are
actually really good to use most brands when they include the brushes I find
that they’re pretty shitty and they don’t work well but all of Anastacio
stresses that she puts in these palettes I do find use for them and do think that
they’re really good so don’t throw them out we’re going in on the flat side and
I’m going to go into the shade believe and I’m going to
buff this right underneath the lower lash line then I’m gonna go back in with
the morphe m56 – I’m gonna go into the shade Texas made and then I’m gonna pop
some of this underneath the lower lash line as well when you have that kind of
blended on I’m just gonna go back into the same Anasazi brush that I use the
purple shadow with and I’m just going to buff in at that purple shadow just a
little bit more with no additional products just so that it’s still really
nice and prominent like so everybody else in the world that is up in shambles
because of the Jaclyn hill launch and the lipsticks oh my god I am so thankful
that I talked myself out of purchasing them for some reason my gut was telling
me Brittany don’t purchase them wait for some reviews so I did
and luckily thank God I listened to my gut it did go in and purchase some
beautiful lipsticks from the new Mac collection that is on their website I
think it’s called the electric collection anyways at this packaging
okay I will say I was solely sold on the packaging I love marble and I got the
bronzer too and the bronzer so good the bronzer is the one that I have on my
cheeks today so if you are in at the market for a good nude lipstick that
does not have hair or air bubbles or plastic in it go check out Mac because I
do believe the collection is still there so I’m going in with my Rimmel lip liner
in addiction so the lipstick that I’m going in with from this collection is
called feelings seda mental I do feel like it’s a little too nude
before this look to be honest so I’m going to lint oh I’m gonna go in it with
my color pop Aquarius lip gloss give it a little extra pad Azal alright guys so
that is it for my Anasazi and Alyssa Edwards I shadow look today I really
hope that you guys enjoyed it if you guys want to see me create any more
looks at using this palette make sure that you head over to my Instagram and
follow me there because I do a lot of many tutorials on there as well and I
will definitely have a couple many tutorials coming using this palette I do
think it’s really really good and I do love how the eye lock turned out so make
sure they go and follow me over there I will have my handle listed in the
description box below don’t forget to give this video thumbs up before you
leave and let me know what you thought of the look in the comments section
below with that being said thank you so much I
love you guys and I will catch you in my next video

18 thoughts on “ABH x Alyssa Edwards Palette Tutorial

  1. Yes, one of my eyes always gives me trouble and the other one will blend just fine. It always happens, no matter what eyeshadow I use. So frustrating!

  2. Great video – as always. Quick question. How did you get the yellow background? Did you use a green screen?

  3. That's weird I'm subscribed and my notifications are on but I didn't get one 😒 regardless i bought this today and the first thing i did was check your uploads 😀 loving it

  4. Definitely your type of look babe! Looks fantastic as always! Reminds me of those amazing outfits that circus performers wear…. or is it the Rio performers??🤔 you know the ones with the colorful vibrant ruffle sleeves. Either way gorgeous!! ❤

  5. Yeah…I feel the pain of being Canadian with those custom fees…and how do you do it each time?? WOW!

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