ABH Norvina Collection Vol 1 Palette

hey guys what’s up what’s going on today
I’m gonna be showing you how I created this I look today using the brand new
noir veena Volume one palette eyes this palette is so aesthetically pleasing to
look at everything about this palette screams my name this has to be my
favorite is palette that Anasazi and Raveena has ever come out with I know it
is a little bit more expensive and for us Canadians it breaks the bank at $79
Canadian but I did end up purchasing this palette when Sephora had their vib
sale so I did end up saving myself 20% off so I did end up saving a little bit
of coin which allowed me to justify buying it for myself okay that’s what I
do over here I had to get my hands on it but this is the eye look that I came up
with today it’s really sharp it’s really cut it’s on point I absolutely love how
it turned out so I’m just gonna go ahead and dive right in if you guys are new
here my name is Brittany welcome to my channel please subscribe make sure that
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to see how I create this I look today using the new Anasazi at Noir veena
volume 1 palette then let’s get into it I don’t think I’ve been this excited
over a color story from Anastacio and/or veena ever this has to be the most
prettiest color story that they have come out with yet and I think it would
be absolutely cool if every time she comes out with a new volume if they do a
different color scheme like maybe they come out with a green palette maybe they
can come out with a blue palette I think are there’s endless possibilities that
you could do with a collection like this they go in and prep my lid with my pea
Louise base and I’m gonna start off by going into the shade b4 with my makeup
Shakti 58 brush this is a really small detail brush so I really like this brush
because it really helps me map out where I’m going to cut the crease this is
something that I’ve been doing a little bit lately just to kind of get my cut
creases a little bit better and I do find that with my hooded eyes this helps
tremendously you don’t have to worry about being like super precise with the
color payoff right now just kind of worry about getting it mapped out
exactly how you want it before you go in and blend it out like
I’m just kind of looking at myself straight on in the mirror and just
packing it on above where my crease actually folds so kind of generally
something like that I know it looks a little bit messy right now but I am
gonna go in and blend it out in a minute I’m just lightly tugging on the eye very
gently and just kind of smoking it out a little bit I am gonna go in with a
different brush here in a second with the same shadow but I’m just trying to
get the general line of it a little blended out so that when I look straight
on it doesn’t get lost in the crease I’m gonna hop over to a morphe M 506 and
then I’m gonna blend that directly into the crease as well I’m gonna leave it
like that for a moment I’m gonna hop over to the morphe m56 2 and I’m gonna
go into the shade a 2 and then I’m gonna really focus on blending this crease out
better alright guys I did hop off camera and caught my crease I’m sure that most
of you guys know how to do that if not there’s lots of videos on YouTube
showing you how to cut your crease so I’m just gonna move right into the lid
and for the lid I want to go in with a really pretty gold shimmery shade from
the palette it is called c2 I’m gonna get my brush to spray with my skin to
Navy a setting spray because I want this shimmery child to be a little bit wet so
that it gets the best pigment out of it and then I’m literally just placing this
shade all over the lid it is so stunning so guys these eyeshadows really truly
pack a punch from this palette then when I basically have it packed all
over the lid I am gonna hop over to a smaller shader brush I’m gonna go back
into the exact same shadow and I’m gonna use this smaller brush to really tight
line against that cock crease because we want all of the base to be covered with
pigment and I find when you use a large shader brush you can’t get in it really
nice and precise around the cut crease so that’s why I tend to switch out my
brushes and I mean on the outer part of the eye I am going to go in in a little
bit here and sharpen it up with a makeup wipe so I’m not really being precise on
the outer part of the eye just making sure the pigments really nice impact on
so with this part I am going to start working on the wing so I am gonna go in
and take a piece of tape to the outer part of my eye and this is just gonna
really help me create a really nice sharp wing I’m gonna go in with my
Milani concealed and perfect concealer for this I really find that this
concealer is a really nice concealer for base for an eye shadow it’s really nice
and opaque and the consistency of it works so well so I’m just going I’m
basically just going in and mapping out where my liner is gonna go with this
base so now that I have the liner mapped out I’m gonna go into a makeup Shack
t-to brush and I’m gonna go to the shadowy v and I’m going to pack the
shadow all over where I just placed that base and this is going to create a
really nice burgundy liner on the eye and then this is basically the part
where you’re gonna go in with the makeup wipe clean up the edges and make sure
that everything is really nice and sharp and seamless alright guys I did help
off-camera and did the rest of my face and I’m just gonna move in underneath
the lower lash line so I’m gonna go back in with my makeup Shakti 58 brush I’m
gonna go back into the shade b4 and then I’m gonna buff this right underneath the
lower lash line and then I’m gonna go the exact same brush I’m gonna go back
into the shade a two and I’m gonna buff that right underneath the lower lash
line as well basically just smudging both of those eye shadows into each
other and then for the final step to this look guys I’m gonna go into the
shade a 1 it’s a really beautiful kind of light lilac shimmery shade from the
palette I’m going to give my brush a spray again so that it’s wet and I’m
going to apply this shadow right to the inner corner of the eye just to add a
little bit more of a pop to the look oh yeah that just really really helps
brighten up the inner part of the eye really I like that a lot alright guys so that is it for today’s
tutorial using the new noir Vina Volume one palette really really really like
this palette guys it is definitely worth the investment I know it is a little bit
more expensive for Canadians at $79 but I don’t mind investing money like that
into an eyeshadow palette if the quality is going to be there and the quality is
definitely there for this palette so again absolutely love the palette check
it out if you haven’t already don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up
and let me know in the comment section below what you thought of today’s look
and with that being said guys thank you so much I love you and I’ll catch you in
my next video

12 thoughts on “ABH Norvina Collection Vol 1 Palette

  1. I picked up this palette during the VIB Sale but I returned after seeing the warnings that came with the palette…..17 of the eye shadows are “not safe for the eyes” so I returned it. My eyes are too sensitive for these kinds of shadows.

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