ABH Foundations…They ALMOST HAD ME In the 1st Round NGL

– Hi guys, welcome back to my channel, it’s your girl Jackie Aina. ♪ Jackie Jackie Jackie
Jackie, Jackie Jackie Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie Jackie Jackie
Jackie, Jackie Jackie Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie Jackie Jackie
Jackie, Jackie Jackie Jackie ♪ So I feel like I’m probably
the last person on Earth to test out the new foundation launch from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Now complexion has been making
a major staple this year. A lot of people are saying
they’re overwhelmed. A lot of people are
saying they’re over it, it’s too much, we have enough. As a black person in today’s climate of today’s society, I completely disagree. I’m actually glad for once that there are so many different options,
finishes, textures. It feels great to not
have to not only just be limited to MAC Studio Fix Fluid. This foundation, I haven’t really seen anybody say anything negative about it. I’ll be deciding that
choice for myself today and testing it out for the
first time doing a wear test. It is a little bit late for a review. I usually like to do my
reviews like in the afternoon, and right now it’s 4:30, so my bad. Not only is the foundation
Anastasia Beverly Hills’ newest launch, they also
have a whole line of powders, covering my face now, it’s powder. These are humongous, they
clearly never want you to run out or try anything else, clearly. Compared to Laura Mercier,
like that’s (blubbering). (explosion) This is oh, this is actually .9 ounces, whereas Laura Mercier is one ounce, so you get less product, but
more packaging with this one. I ideally wouldn’t want
a container this big for travel and just for
like storage reasons. We’ll get into that a little bit later. Let me just push my
hair back, so we can get into skin prep and all that good stuff. This is what the girls came for. While we do this, let’s talk a little bit about what we know about the foundation. We do know that it’s already out, so it’s available on sephora.com, the Anastasia website, I would assume Ulta also carries it. It is retailing for 38 royal dollas, which is, I mean, competitive. It’s about average for a
luxury, upper, top-tier (siren impression) That’s about average for a luxury brand. It’s supposed to be
ideal for all skin types. It’s listed as suitable for normal, dry, combination and oily, I’ll be the judge of that, I
have combination oily skin. This also comes with a new brush. Now I don’t really know
much about ABH’s brushes, have you guys ever tried ABH’s brushes? I always feel like I end
up just using what I have which is that. Remember the old-school YouTube days of covering the products? Covering the background with your hand. You know why they do that, right? So that it will focus on the item. See, when you put your
hand there it focuses. When you just do this, it, OK, all right. – It was all a lie. Guys, it was all a lie, she lied. – Well lenses back then
weren’t as advanced. So it’s supposed to be
water resistant, OK. It’s a liquid foundation that creates a luminous, natural finish,
a long-wearing finish, even without setting
powder, don’t believe it. I never believe that when people say that. I always wear powder, I just have to. Finishes natural, coverage is
medium, formulation liquid, no parabens, mineral oil, and it’s vegan, cruelty free and gluten free. Wonderful. So Mrs. Beverly Hills herself sent me– Can you open that? I got five shades and
these look pretty close. This is their second complexion launch. The first one was the stick foundation, and the stick foundation,
I don’t really know, I mean I was just like ehh. The first shade that I’m gonna
be testing out is 490 warm, I’m just gonna assume that means warm but while we’re here, this is actually, according to the Sephora IQ shade finder, it’s supposed to be my match. And I would say it looks kinda close ’cause the next one is
500C and that’s cool. ♪ It’s swatch time, it’s swatch time ♪ OK so let’s get into this 490. This looks like a really good color. It’s described as tan. (boink) It’s described as tan skin
as a warm undertone, OK. Some brands do classify their warms, that might be able to work you know. I definitely see red but let’s try, 500C is described as deep skin
with cool pink undertones. Oh God. Let me stop assuming based on what it looks like on the bottle. ’cause the bottles do be finessing. Just saying. That looks like a good color
though, I’m not gonna lie. Of the two, I’d rather use
this one more than I would this one because this one
looks a little orange. I’m not sure if this is actually the undertone of the foundation, or if the foundation is supposed to be suitable for someone with that undertone to like balance out, it doesn’t really say, but I like this color better. The next color is 510W. It just says deep skin
with warm undertones. It doesn’t specify if warm
is pink, cool, whatever, and that’s about a hair
too dark and I see pink. Like I see straight up pink. I don’t see pink in this shade. I don’t know why they described
this for pink undertones, I don’t see pink there. Moving forward, the
shade after that is 520W. Well done on the variety because these all look different enough but close enough to where
they were trying to target a particular skin tone range but they wanted to give us options, and it’s very obvious. 520W is described as deep skin with a red, olive undertone. OK so, when you say red and a olive, like most of the time, brands don’t think to combine
red and olive together. If I think of red and olive
then you’re going neutral, is that what you’re trying to say ’cause you’re mixing the two? 530N this is our first neutral
but this looks red to me. Deep skin with a neutral pink undertone is what it’s described as. The variety of these
undertones are incredible. This gradient looks amazing. This is what I’d like to see. That’s what I’m talkin’ about. This is really red, would never in any
climate of today’s society ever be eligible for this color. This one’s a hair too dark, that was 520W. The undertone actually
looks pretty decent. Out of all of them, I think
it’s gonna be 500C for me, I mean, I could in some scenarios maybe use this one as a corrector. I like the level of this one but I prefer the undertone of
this one, if that makes sense. So you know what? His mama call him 490 and 500, so Imma call him 490 and 500. I’m just gonna stick to those two colors. I keep wanting to go in this direction. Let’s try that one first,
and let’s start blending that in the center of my face and
just see where it takes us. And just like our hairlines. You just never know where it’s
gonna end up in five years. I did take a look at the
ingredients, just real quick, I like to just do my research
on the product itself so I know what other things
to work and use with it. It does look like it’s silicone-based. I see all kinds of ocanes and oxates. I’m gonna go ahead and
use the primer that I know will probably work really
well with this foundation and it is the MILK Hydro Grip Primer. I will be knocking off a couple points because they didn’t give us
a primer with this launch. I prefer when a brand gives
us a primer with their launch even though not everybody
wears primer and that’s fine, I don’t discriminate. For those of us who do,
which is a lot of people, especially if you have acne-prone skin, sometimes it just kinda
takes the guess-work out of like figuring out what
I can use with the product. I love this primer because
it immediately just blurs everything like the skin. Ah, get the hell out of my face if you’re not wearing this primer. Go, leave, bye. ♪ Get out ♪ – No, but seriously, I love this primer. I’m gonna go ahead and use
the translucent powder, some of the colors I have
mixed emotions about, OK? This powder’s called golden orange, wait a minute, I need to– Connor, Connor, what is going on? See, when black people
hear the word orange, we’re terrified. Orange isn’t a bad thing if it’s meant to be a corrective powder. This does look a little fiery, I see red and I definitely
see some orange. I’m gonna put that to the side ’cause I wanna try this powder out. And then the next shade that
we have is a deep peach. This powder, by the way, I’m
hearing is dry city chick, dry, dry city chick. If you have oily skin, that could either be
a blessing or a curse. And if you have dry skin, it might definitely be a big no-no. So deep peach looks like, that’s a nice color, ooh,
that is really pretty. It’s definitely on the peachier side but it’s not as pink
as what I would expect. Next case, your honor. We have a translucent white, and it’s just as white as white can get. I mean, do I even need to
show what it look like? No. I’m not gonna use it. I have a vanilla, if I could just get into
the packaging with my nails. Look how long my nails are,
who do I think I am this week? Here’s vanilla, it’s
literally like, off-white. Like, lighter than the Laura Mercier translucent loose powder. Then we have a bananas. I don’t smell bananas. Looks like this, and it’s
a really subtle yellow. Almost more buttery. I’d probably use that like in combination with another color though. So, because I kinda wanna see
what golden peach looks like, and like, you guys, think
about how annoying it would be if I did my whole face and
then I tried the powder on, and like I hated it and I
would have to like start over? That’d be really annoying. – Ughhhaaa. (laughs) – I’m pressing my beauty
blender into the lid, whoa. Immediately noticing
that this is like powder. I think if they wanted a powder that also gave coverage at the same time, ’cause this is like (scoffs). This is covering all my
past regrets at this point. I don’t feel it to be drying just yet but I used less on this side and I feel like this is
definitely more along my taste. I think you just have
to go in really lightly. Like do you see the
difference between this side and this side? So as mentioned earlier, I’m going to be going in with 490W first, I’m gonna use one pump, and I’m gonna start in
the center of my face. It’s a pretty healthy pump. And by the way, if you haven’t subscribed to the Jackie Aina family,
what you doin’ queen? I’m disappointed in you but this one time, I’ll let it slide. Don’t let it happen again. But seriously though. Make sure you join the Jackie Aina family so that you never miss new
uploads, because let’s be real. You probably watch all of them anyway, and if you sick of seeing
me in your newsfeed then just subscribe. ’cause that’s how you know
my videos won’t show up ’cause you know YouTube is shady. OK so I’m gonna try my hand at this brush. I don’t really like how small
the surface of the brush is but let’s just give it a try. Why not? With this brush, this will
take me forever to blend it out but that finish, woo baby. That blended out beautifully. OK so boom and boom. I know, me and my esthetician
already talked about it. I don’t wanna hear nothin’. Let’s just see how good that covers. I need one more layer, but
it covered pretty decently. I know that this is a
light, medium natural finish as described because I can still see the powder peeping through. Normally, if I’m wearing a
full coverage foundation, it just goes right away. It doesn’t affect the finish
or the color of the foundation, but the fact that on this side it is, it’s telling me I need to add more product and that it doesn’t have as much coverage as you may be looking for. So let’s just blend out this side, this really is a beautiful finish. I get like radiant vibes from this finish, I get natural vibes, and
then blend out the forehead. So I’m still a little red, I’m gonna throw on another layer, let’s just see what 500C
looks like around my mouth. Just to say we tried the color. Oh yeah, much better. For the brush I’m gonna switch gears, this is the NYX professional makeup brush, I always forget the damn name, I will link it as I normally do. So this shade looks a lot more neutral and a lot less red. 490 may very well be a decent match, the powder just didn’t showcase that. Even right now going over all of this, 500’s kind of toning down that orange and making this look a
lot more closer to me so if I had to choose between the two I would probably go straight into 500C. It’s not doin’ it for me, you know? It’s the color, I keep seeing orange and it’s really bothering me. I just wanna give this a fair review and I feel like I should
just show you guys what the 500C looks
like, so you know what? I’m gonna do something I rarely do. Instead of making it work, I’m gonna take this all the way off and try again with 500C
and we’ll be right back. (squealing) OK, much better. I completely washed off
all of what I started with and we’re just gonna try it again. We’re just gonna act like
nothing even happened. Who’s Anastasia Beverly Hills? I’ve never met her, is that a city? Is that a state? I’ve never heard of her. Gonna go right back into
the MILK Hydro Grip Primer. Honestly, a little midday refresher of the skin is kinda nice. I’m gonna go ahead and set my primer with the Laura Mercier
translucent loose setting powder. This is a nice, neutral
shade that doesn’t affect the color of my foundations ever. See how neutral that is? Like it doesn’t even look
like I have anything on. I should’ve just listened
to my instincts man. Now we know that golden orange, it won’t work for all of the face. There’s room for that powder and I’m gonna use it as a corrector. I’m just gonna test it
out and see if I like it. OK boom, let’s get the
big boy mirror, big boy. I’m just gonna go straight into 500C, oh that looks so much better. That looks so much better. Has a little bit of a chemical smell but it’s not like super noticeable. That’s a great color actually. Little darker but it’s
not unworkable at all, and I used two pumps and I’m pretty happy with how much I used, it’s just definitely a formula like I mentioned earlier. It’s pretty transparent so
like, with the two pumps it’s still a little transparent for me. Not in a bad way or anything like that because I’m happy with my skin and I don’t always need
full (slurp) snatchdations, you just gotta know what
you’re getting yourself into. I still see this, my scars and garters so I’m gonna add a little bit more. Before we move on to the rest of the face, I just wanted to note it would be really tricky probably trying to buy this foundation online. So proceed with caution,
I would get in the store and get a sample if possible. ABH, little tip, they very
well may already offer this on the website but I love when
brands launch new foundations and they give us like the
option to buy samples in bulk, so you can get like three
colors for maybe five bucks and it’s like a little sample mini. Those are wonderful,
especially when you have like really unique shade categories. Just throwing that out
there as a suggestion. I have been highlighting with the Too Faced Born This Way
Multi-sculpting Conceal– Did I grab the right shade? Chestnut, yes. It’s chestnut, how you doin’? We’re gonna just blend this out, I get into this powder, I’m terrified. Oh, and by the way I did set with the Sweet Grace baking spray. I just did a quick little
app and then I sponged it in. But anyway let’s blend this out. Now the thing with the foundation
being a little bit darker, I have to like really go a little bit lighter with the concealer to like kind of balance it out. It’s not that bad. So if everything on my face
looks more extremely lighter than normal, just know
that it is what it is. I already know somebody in
the comments is gonna be like, “That’s the best match you’ve ever had.” I think deep peach would
be a pretty decent color for my under eye, I’m
just gonna go for it. Let’s talk a little bit about the powder. We kinda have a really, it’s 36 dollas, and it’s supposed to be
lightweight, super fine, I don’t know if I would
describe that as super fine. It’s supposed to go on
smoothly, absorbs oil, minimizes shine, and leaves
a flawless, matte finish. Definitely looks and
felt like a matte finish. So I’m just gonna go in and use my sponge as I normally do. I’m just going to dip it
right in with my sponge, I’m dabbing off the excess
first, easier to build up than it is to take away if you over apply. All right, I’m going in. (intense music) OK I don’t see anything. Super lightweight, almost a little too light weight in a way, because I need my dips to disappear. So let’s up the powder a little bit. People did say this powder
was dry, oh that looks good. To me this looks good, I’m
not gonna get carried away, so I’m just gonna leave this alone. This is probably one of the
most unique formulas of powder I think I’ve ever tried. Not necessarily in a bad way. I don’t know if it’s
a good way yet either. I don’t know if it’s just me but I do wish it was a
little bit more smoothing, but I like the way that it’s not changing the color of my concealer. Or, it could also be that
this is such a good match that it just looks like my concealer so I’m not seeing the
difference, you feel me? Wow, I like this on my forehead. And then I’m also going to
set my chinny chin chin. Now, to correct, because we didn’t really use any color corrector, let’s go in and see if
we can get golden orange to kind of like warm up
this area a little bit. This is like the area that
sometimes goes gray on me if I don’t correct. Using big, fluffy powder brush. I’m just gonna brush that on
first before I like stamp. Have a little bit more control with that. I definitely see it warming up. Just to say I did it
though, I’m gonna sponge. Can you not? As I was saying before
I was rudely interrupted by the Fast and Furious
video shoot out there. I’m gonna take a little bit of that powder on the back of
my sponge and just set it in. Now I can really see it. Oh, hi mustache, hey, how ya doin’? Long time, no see. OK now I’m gonna set the side of my nose with my Laura powder because Laura is not orange or red or anything else. Not gonna change the
color of my foundation or anything like that. The fact that I’m using three powders, like that’s a lot, even for me. Now I’m gonna take a
little detailing brush, and I kinda want to blur
this area a little bit more. And I’ll leave this powder
here for the time being and just like swoop it off a little later. – [Narrator] A few minutes later. – I don’t like this powder under my eyes. I don’t know if y’all
are seeing the texture. That. See how when I– that. Everywhere else looks OK. The problem that I have with it is like for my under eye,
everywhere else is fine. But here, it’s not smoothing. I’m not getting like a flawless finish. What happened?! I’m not feeling this, and if
I go out lookin’ like this, No. I’ll be right back. Let’s quickly move through the eyes. I’m gonna prime using
the chestnut concealer, once again from Born This Way. Goin’ to my palette, I’m
gonna start with “Ginger” and I’m gonna start blending
“Ginger” into my crease. I lied, I’m gonna use “Ginger”
in a second, we’ll get there. I’m gonna actually blend a combination of “Big Wig,” the dark purple,
and “Credit,” dark brown, into my crease first. So Ava 228 Luxe Crease. And I’m gonna start swiper no swiping these into my crease area. Then, I’m gonna take
“Ginger” and start working it along the edges of where
we applied that color just to soften and buff it out. Let’s go back to the concealer and dab back in the center of that lid, or cut the crease as the
kids like to call it. I saw this eye look on Pat’s Instagram, created by Alexandra Anele,
and like I was totally inspired so I’m kind of channeling a similar vibe. OK after we’ve done the
concealer we’re gonna halo eye, so we’re going back to
“Big Wig” and “Credit,” and we’re gonna also pop it
in the inner-most corner, then I’m gonna pop over to “Wiggly” and start applying that on the outskirts of the middle of my eyes. You see what I’m doin’. I’m just tapping it in, don’t swipe. At this point, this might as
well be a full face of ABH. I think all we need now
is a mascara from them. I’ll wait. Next we’re gonna take
“Dollars” from my palette, this olive green, yes that is olive green for all of the people who seem to think I don’t know the difference
between gold and olive green. Just trust me. “Dollars,” we’re gonna
put on the inner-most center of the eye by patting and also
swiping, and when you swipe you kinda wanna go over “Wiggly,” just so that you get
like a gradient effect. Look at how cool this eye look is. Thanks Alexandra Anele for the inspo, I love her eye looks on Instagram. She does like a lot of the eye
looks on Pat’s Instagram page and they’re always just
like premium quality like Mike Cannon could never. You wanna go over
“Dollars” just a little bit like around the edges of it, so the two colors look like a gradient. It’s totally cool to take
your blending brush again and like blend around both of them so it looks nice and neat. We’re not done. We’re gonna take “trust
issues” because “trust issues” has kind of like a lime
green, goldish finish. We’re gonna go right over “Dollars.” “Trust Issues” has been the
color that I’ve used the least in my tutorials so I wanted to
hit y’all with some of that. Really wanna make a splash
with “Trust Issues,” add some dimension. We’re gonna do the same
exact order of colors along the bottom lash line. But first I’m gonna take my
Urban Decay 24/7 glide on pencil in the shade “Electric Empire.” It’s green, it’s almost like
a really pretty jade green, and I’m gonna pop that into my waterline. This look is feeling very like reptilian. And I think the green just
really solidified that. I’m gonna finish out
the eye look by adding “Trust Issues” in the inner corner. You know the deal, I never neglect my
inner corner, highlight. I’m gonna bronze using my Lip Bar bronzer. The shade that I use is “Just Got Paid.” Shout out to all of the girls giving us good bronzers this year. And people have probably
never noticed this but I always make it a
point to use at least one black-owned brand
in every single video. Or black collab, somethin’. Somethin’s gotta be black. I’m gonna line my lips
with BFF 3 from ColourPop, what else is new? This is the Bud Lip Blaze from Lime Crime, it’s like a really nice, chocolatey brown. I’m gonna apply that,
it’s a liquid lipstick. These smell so damn good. I’m gonna make sure my liner’s real strong and re-apply it. I’m gonna take the Colored
Rain X Power Blush Duo and these shades called “The Shots.” It’s like a peachy blush
and a really pretty corresponding– ooh it matches my nails. And then I’m gonna throw on the highlight. Oh my God, that is so pretty
and perfect for this look. That is gorgeous, oh my God. I’m gonna gloss my lips. I’m gonna take this Dose
of Colors lip gloss, They make some of the
bombest glosses, ugh. This is also a gloss
that matches my nails, I feel very proud. The name of this shade
is “Sunshine Kisses,” it’s a coral, oh. I forgot how bright this one was. I’m gonna apply it a little bit. Mwa every day. (squeals) (laughs) uh. Why did it take me damn near four hours to conclude this review? This is definitely the
longest review I think I’ve probably ever filmed. One of the very few times
I’ve been tempted to wipe something off and start all
over not once, but twice. But you know what? That’s
the beauty of reviews. You get to experience the
ebs and flows of trying a product for the very first time. I don’t wanna discourage anyone from not trying the products, I actually think the foundation
is absolutely beautiful. My skin looks and feels flawless, honey. I thought the shade range
was pretty impressive, like for the options that they gave me. They did pretty good getting there. I don’t wanna speculate, I
am just gonna go out there and guess and assume
that Mally had something to do with the shades ’cause
she works really closely with ABH on most of their campaigns. I don’t know, I could be
wrong, but it’s very obvious that a lot of time and effort
was put into the shades, at least the shades that I saw. Like those were pretty damn spot on. And I like the fact that even
though they probably knew this wasn’t gonna be a match for me they sent me the shade
anyway so that I can kinda like ballpark it and see how it compares, just to see a little bit of variety. Here is a closeup of the final
look, including the eyes, shout out to me for sticking to my roots and going back to halo eyes. We haven’t done halo in
a while, I missed her. Yeah, I think the skin
looks pretty damn good, pretty flawless. As Dennis likes to say, flawless. My preliminary thoughts
about the foundation so far, I do quite like the packaging, I love that it’s bold, daring, and you can just see
straight through the product, and then you have the label on the back, I always make notes about
the foundation packaging because it needs to look
cute on my bathroom cabinet, mind your business. So far it seems like it’s
a pretty versatile formula. I think that a lot of
people with dryer skin types were kinda waiting for this formula. We’ve been given so many
different matte options. And as I’ve been saying, my
past couple tutorials probably, I think I mentioned this in
the Dose of Colors review, and I think I also mentioned
this in Pat’s review, but I like the fact that
we’re getting now your skin but more flawless types
of foundation finishes. I think we have enough matte, I think we have enough
super full coverage, I’m liking the way that we
are like embracing skin now, and this foundation really
does allow you to do just that. As far as the shade goes, I’m
really confident that 500C is just all I need, I
don’t even think I need to entertain 490 because
490 would be too light to correct for the bottom
half of my face anyway and I could just like use
this and a color corrector and be on about my business
like I normally do anyway. In this review, I had a couple, uh, curve balls, if you will. It’s now 10 minutes til
eight o’clock you guys. I was hoping and expecting at latest I’d be wrapping up the
demo portion of this video at around five or like six. Worst case scenario, it’s now
three hours later than that. And I have to get up really
early, as I mentioned earlier, so this is probably gonna
be the one exception where I’m not giving a full day, and by full day I mean
like eight hour wear test. So far, I really like the foundation, I think the formula is beautiful,
not full coverage though. If you do have acne scars
and if you are concerned about redness in the skin
or just like discoloration in the skin, you might wanna
try this before investing and taking the full splurge because I don’t have confidence that this is going to be the
foundation that can give you the coverage on one or two pumps. Now with that being
said, the less coverage a foundation has, the
more you’re gonna use it. So is it worth buying it? And having to build and build
and build and build and layer? Or, are you gonna go ahead
and splurge on a foundation that already has the
coverage you’re looking for, and you can sheer it out, and you know, get more use out of it? Personally for me I like
a little bit of both. I was least impressed with the powder. I did not like the powder for under eye. I do have powders in my
collection that I only use in specific targeted areas. These Charlotte Tilbury
Air-Brush Flawless Finish Powder is the perfect example of that. I literally only use this powder
to touch up under the eyes and that’s like a final step. The Hour Glass, I think it was called the Mineral Veil Powder, I don’t remember, but that is also a powder that
I like to use all over face I don’t use it under eye. This powder, in my opinion,
and I’m not the first person that I’ve heard say
this about this powder, just really really intense
when used under the eye. And if you do use this under the eye, don’t do what I did and
layer it on heavily. I was trying to use sparingly
but I kinda dropped the ball. It’s very easy to get carried
away with a powder like this. I would just recommend it for
all over face, not under eye. I’m gonna check back in a little bit later and let you guys know how
this foundation held up. Oh before I take off though,
I have been nominated for a People’s Choice
Award again this year, thank you to everybody who helped vote and like supported me throughout
that process last year. But I’m gonna leave the link in the bio, I would appreciate it if you could vote, just take a couple seconds of your day, and just vote for your
girl in the social media beauty category. And by the way, E! People’s Choice, can we get more black people
on the list next year? I’m just sayin.’ Anyway, I’ll check back in with
you guys at around midnight. ♪ Hola ♪ OK, I’m talking quiet because it’s late, and I don’t want the neighbors
to file a noise complaint. I actually finished the
base at around six or seven, and it’s now 1:00 a.m. So that’s actually been
a six hour wear day. I stayed indoors, with no A.C., don’t know if that makes a
difference but there is that. I pretty much can kinda see
roughly how this foundation will cooperate for the most part. Sometimes I feel like some
foundations after that eight hour they just completely flip the switch and it’s just like a guessing game, you never know what
you’re gonna end up with. But I have a pretty
healthy amount of shine, everything looks magnified when I’m in front of my filming lights, but in normal lighting I
literally look the exact same as when I first applied this foundation. I just powdered like under my eye to smooth it down a little bit right before I started filming, but everything else I have not touched. It definitely feels like
a long wearing formula, it hasn’t moved, it hasn’t budged, it is noticeably more
shiny in my T zone areas than it is around here where
I tend to be more normal. Sometimes even dry
depending on the season, depending on the skin-care
treatments I’m using at the time. Do I feel like this foundation
can work for oily skin? Yes. Absolutely. Just make sure you’re
not expecting something that is going to be matte and dried down all throughout the day, this
definitely will have some natural shine peeking through, and if you’re OK with that
and you can commit to that, then I would by all means
recommend it for sure. I’m definitely going to
stick with the color 500C, I thought that was a great color. I’m a little iffy on
the shade descriptions, but I would just get in
stores and try it on. Because some shades that are cool are categorized as peach and golden, and that can be very confusing, keep that receipt girl
for that return policy. This setting powder, I have such a love-hate
relationship with it. If you use this under eye,
which I actually have seen people use this under eye
and it looks good on them, I’m just really particular
with under eye powders. And a little bit goes a long way. I don’t think you should be
loading on powders in general but with this one, don’t
have a lot of wiggle room. It’s not as smoothing as what
I would like to be in a powder but I thought it was a fabulous
powder for all over face, just under eye I could live with out it. Those are my final thoughts on the new Anastasia Beverly Hills foundation and translucent loose powders. I’d love to see a less
golden orange version of this exact, like this
exact level, but more neutral. Like the one from Laura Mercier. I just always compare
everything to Laura Mercier, I just feel like they’re doing it right. That’s it, thank you guys for
hangin’ out on today’s video, I’m so sorry I couldn’t give
you a true eight hours or more wear test but I think
we get the gist of it. Don’t expect Studio Fix Fluid. Don’t expect Spackle. It’s just not, this ain’t
it, boo, this ain’t it. Don’t forget to vote for me at the E! People’s Choice Awards, I’m gonna leave the link in
the description box down below. I appreciate everybody who’s
been sharing and posting the link so far. Also, fun fact, I have
kinda been doing this thing where I go live on Facebook
like every other day, so if you are a lover of Facebook, please head on over there and follow me, I’ll leave the link to that
down in the description box below as well and we just
spontaneously like to go live and like do makeup or unboxings, whatever else my little
heart desires in the future, just stay tuned. Speakin’ of staying tuned,
if you can’t quite make it to Facebook, why don’t you
just watch another damn video because let’s be real, I know what your watch history
looks like, all righty. And it’s not Phil DeFranco. I’m just kidding, love you Phil. (click) (laughs)

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