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– Hey, I’m Alex and this is my
episode of Self Care Nation. (calm music) My morning routine
beings the night before. I put my phone on the
charger away from my bed. I don’t like to have any screen time 30 minutes before sleep. I stock my bedside table
with sleep essentials. In there you’ll find Vaseline because I always need my
lips to stay super hydrated, magnesium spray to help
promote deeper sleep and relieve any sore muscles and of course my dream journal. Goal setting and executing my visions is super important. I write down my top three to
five priorities for the day. (calm music) I love to wake up without an alarm. I only set an alarm if I have to be on set super early for a shoot. Sometimes I will check my moon deck, especially after a weird dream. I use the cards to help
guide me through the day and help raise my awareness. First thing I do once
I’m up is make my bed. However, my cats are not ready to get up and start their day, so I’ll make the bed with them in it. I read in one of Tim Ferris’s books that making your bed sets
the tone for your day and to be honest, it’s
kind of therapeutic for me. I also leave a mason jar
with water on my night stand so I can drink room temperature water first thing in the morning. Off the to the kitchen I go to make a hot cup of tea. It’s a great way to start your metabolism and ground yourself in the morning. (calm music) I then take my supplements
which include my B vitamins, my Biotin and a probiotic. Skin care is my absolute
favorite ritual in the morning. Every morning I take the
time to apply my skin care products with intention. I am very gentle with my skin care routine and I only use very few
products in the morning. So I only cleanse at night and in the morning I just
rinse my face with water and I use products with no fragrance, no harsh alcohols, no harsh exfoliants, and no irritants. I also love a good relaxing facial massage and this will get out any of
morning puffiness or bloat. I’ll use my hands and
sometimes my jade roller and it’s great for lymphatic
drainage in the face and it feels so good. Then I go into my zen den. I light up some sage or palo santo. I do a five to 10 minute meditation with some deep breathing. For all of my meditations, I use the app Insight Timer. This app makes it so easy to choose which meditations I want
to do and for how long. I come from an industry
that can be judgemental at times so when I
meditate I can get my mind really clear of any mental clutter so I can be the best version of myself and be a good service to my clients. As soon as I’m done with
my meditation practice I start stretching. I proceed with some light yoga poses. I do this every morning to
drain my lymphatic fluids and to get my blood pumping since I just spent the
last eight hours sleeping. (upbeat music) I then head over to my living room and I pull out my journal. I list five to 10 things
I’m grateful for that day and it usually starts with
how grateful I am for my cats ’cause I just love them so much. (meowing) Yes, I know, I know. Recently I’ve been
jotting down the hardships I’ve been facing and thanking the universe for these experiences. It is not easy to be
grateful for the tough stuff that goes on but I am so grateful for the strength and the lesson that is always to be learned. Thank you so much for watching and be sure to subscribe
to Well And Good’s YouTube channel for more episodes.

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