9 Skincare MISTAKES That Can Make ACNE & Large PORES Worse! (Ft. Wishtrend TV)

Hey guys, welcome back! So it’s Felicia and Rowena. Sometimes large pores and acne isn’t because of something you’ve done or something that you didn’t do. Some people are just more prone to it than others. So instead of blaming yourself for something you essentially have zero control over What you can do is to make sure is to make sure not doing things that are potentially making your pores bigger and your breakouts even worse. So this video is a continuation of our pore care series we made one previous one on 7 things to not do for proper pore care. And today We’re giving you a brand new points for pore care and and breakouts.

42 thoughts on “9 Skincare MISTAKES That Can Make ACNE & Large PORES Worse! (Ft. Wishtrend TV)

  1. I cleared my acne using a similar brush from https://gentlebeautyusa.com/products/1. I think there is a glitch on the website cuz I got mine for free using the code bluesky at checkout. Thank me later 🔥🔥

  2. What do you ladies think of cetaphil’s oil absorbing moisturizer, soap and glory’s preaches and clean deep cleansing milk, dermatologica??

  3. I have a serious question if we boys use this products. Do we also smell like girls? Cause that's a problem so what should we do and this things are very expensive too but I'm buying it but please anyone give the ans

  4. 5:38 this acne cleanser also comes with in different colors, mine is green which has aloe because i get redness. and they also have an orange one that i forgot what it is for, also they’re only like $8 at my local cvs

    i hope this helped!! 💙💙

  5. For moisturizers I use the glow recipes watermelon night mask and the Clinique turnaround overnight moisturizer. Does anyone know if it is okay to use both? Cause I do but idk if that is too much or not.

  6. A facial lady told me if you use the same face wash all the time your face gets used to it and won’t properly work anymore so she said keep switching the same 2 products back and forth I don’t think it helps, what do you guys think? Is it true that I should keep switching the same 2 products every week?

  7. What can I use for my acne? I do have oral antibiotics that help but after long use it can cause health issues.

    Salicylic acid makes my acne worse but I’ve noticed that using witch hazel after my vanicream gentle face wash helps. Eucalyptus makes me nauseous when too strong and tea tree oil does such with my mom. I did find a vi tae cleanser that was amazing for both my acne and pores but it’s not in production anymore. Moisturizers are difficult for me as well because most have an ingredient that reacts with my skin to make a strange smell that after awhile makes me nauseous. I think it’s a protein but the only thing that I haven’t had the issue with is Vanicream (even tried cera ve!)

    Any recommendations? It’s so difficult to find things that help. Alba botanicals’ Hawaiian volcanic ash detox shower wash helped a ton too (face definitely) but again I can’t get more. (I don’t use makeup)

  8. I’m a very skeptical person when it comes to products and their influences on my skin and body, so it’s always a challenge for me to find and experiment with different skin care items. My budget doesn’t help either lmao but you two are my saving grace! You both are well informed and always answer every single one of my questions it blows my mind, not to mention you give affordable product recommendations which a girl really appreciates! Thank you so much and you know my thumb is hitting that subscribe button next 😉

  9. I got this salicylic acid cleanser from kiehls and it actually gave me small bumps on my forehead and started to go to my cheek so I stopped using it immediately. I’m trying to return it but they won’t let me 😭WHEN THEY SAY THEY HAVE A 28 DAY GUARANTEE

  10. Vanity planet is still doing the discount code they are giving! It is normally $129 but I got it for $48 thats the total after shipping. My shipping was $5.99! even a year later the code works so I feel like that is a great deal! Thank you so much girls!

  11. I've learned that sugar makes me break out bad, but I use a scrub and a face wash in the mornings. But it's not helping 100%
    Any recommendations comment section??

  12. My second to last step is a mask my mom gave me, it’s a rose mask that hydrates and brightens the skin. I love it because it smells and feels great

  13. Love that you started with over-cleansing, it starts with knowing your skin type 🙂 Really lovely video, you girls rock!

  14. Been watching your videos from last two nights , your videos are very informative and passing on education as to why to use a certain product rather than I love this product the packaging and all the drama, Please buy. Thank you for all the information you two passed on 🙂 Xx

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