$75 LIQUID LINER + $70 MASCARA!! Testing NEW Christian Louboutin Beauty Products

What’s up everybody.
Welcome back to my channel. Today I’m naked and I’m just
trying to live my life. So, I have something really special today. One of my favorite fashion
brands who have now, of course, entered the beauty
world a few years ago, Christian Louboutin Beauty has put out
some brand new products for the eyes. So if you’re wondering, “Jeffree, where’s
your eyelashes? Where’s your mascara? ? Where’s your eyeliner?” I’m about to try
on some products that involve all of that. So I just kind of did my makeup very minimal, enough where I can try on everything but
still not look like you know, a dead mole rat. So, I’m really excited because Louboutin
is… oh god, they make the dopest shit. So just to recap in case you’re like,
“What the fuck is that brand?” If you’ve ever seen someone wear
“red bottoms,” this is the brand. Now, look at this loafer. If you’re not
obsessed with this shoe like I am, log off. But no, on a real level guys,
this speaks to my soul. Fashion is like, you know,
they’re like all pieces of art to me. So, Christian Louboutin puts out
shoes, high heels, loafers, sneakers, and they also put out amazing bags. I mean look at that pink color,
are you kidding me? That might be the color
of the inside of my vagina. But anyway, today we’re going
to get back to makeup, of course. We are going to be reviewing and testing
out a $75 eyeliner and a $70 mascara. Yes! A brand that’s ballzy enough to
price point their makeup that high. But, uh, I mean you’re paying for the name of course.
You’re paying for the stunning packaging. But, does the formula work?
We’re, of course, about to try it out. So this is one of the cute little
PR packages that it comes in. Now I also got some on my own because there
are more shades than just what came here today. So, this is the packaging
for the eyeliner. Oh my god! We’re just gonna take it out of the box
because I am shookith down to my soul. Look at this, it looks like
a dangerous weapon. Now, everything that I showed
you already has spikes on it. Their brand is very deadly. It looks
very dangerous. I mean this is everything. Now, if you’d seen their nail polishes
on Sephora or all over the internet, you’d know the nail polish wand
had this crazy spike as well. And then of course, their lipsticks look,
like amazing jewels out of a you know a queen
or a king’s entire life. And I just think that the packaging itself,
it’s beautiful. Now, the mascara, oh my god. Okay, so I picked this up the other day
and I was like, “This box is like heavy.” This mess scares you guys, first of all probably
the prettiest mascara I’ve ever seen in my life. It is heavy! I’m talking heavy like this
is like… I don’t know if this is like real metal or what kind of material
it is but, it is like, “Da-da-damn!” This one feels a little lighter than this one.
This is like a weight, like a paper weight. And this one is kind of like, more normal. Um, so today we are going to be
testing out both of these on my eyes. Now, I only have one shade of mascara,
of course in the black. But I also have two other colors;
so this is actually, literally, red. Because you know, the iconic, of course,
red from all of their shoes got turned into a liner. So, red liquid liner, which really, not
quite a lot of brands done that before. . So, I’m excited to test out this guy.
And then there’s also two more shades, which are dark navy blue and pitch black.
Which I cannot wait to try these on my eyes. So, if you guys want to see me test out the new
Christian Louboutin makeup, then keep on watching. So this guy, which oh my god,
I almost poked out my eye. his is the vinyle luminous ink liner.
So this does retail for $75. Good lord, Jesus take the wheel!
This brand is very prestigious and you know, you are of course going to be
paying for the name. Like a lot of products I’ve reviewed before. But, I am going to give you folks
a little tid bit about this product. Obviously I’ve never used it before. So, this product
says that it was inspired by patent leather, a brilliant leather iconic to
the house of Christian Louboutin. This finish is now introduced
by the designer for the eyes. Okay, so basically this is; now, you know
I like to read the website because all the claims are important because if it doesn’t work
or if it does that is what is going to tell us. Okay, well this is what it’s supposed to do,
here is what it’s doing or not doing. So, this product is highly pigmented ink with a glossy
sheen for the eyes that are lined with intensity. So, you know a lot of times when liners
dry they are matte black or they are matte. This one is of course allegedly
going to have a glossy finish. It’s soft and flexible texture ensures
that the formula applies with integrity. Oh! I’ve never heard a brand say, “Integrity,”
before in their description; I like that. Faceted like a precious stone and slender like a dagger
with clean lines paying homage to calligraphy. Okay, I love, I mean, I’m a packaging whore. If you’ve been watching my channel for a while
you know this bitch loves some good packaging. It also says, it’s innovative flocked applicator
delivers the finest colour payoff and ultimate precision without needing to be reloaded,
allowing for both fine lining and bold tracing All-day wear. Smudge-proof. Smear-proof.
Humidity resistant. God damn! I feel like I’m at the doctor right now. Like I mentioned before,
there are three shades. And that’s it. So also, in case people want
to know about the, like ounces and stuff. This has 0.135 fluid ounces,
which is 4 milliliters. Um, alright, I think it’s time
to test this mother fucker out! Now, of course the hand has
a different texture than the eye, so I’m going to just quickly swatch
the colors on my hand for you all to see. First color I’m just dying to go in. I just love
black liner. So, this color is called, Coal. Great. So, it looks something like this. And of
course, this unscrews and there she is, work. Alright so, the applicator I’m just gonna show this
to you right here and it’s very slender and fine. So, I’m just gonna take this on the back
of my hand and let’s do one little swipe. Holy shit that is… oh wow that is dark black!
Um, okay, work! I’m just gonna kind of trace the lines here. That is a very nice pay off. Okay, cool,
amazing. Let’s swatch the navy blue one. Now this one is called, Lady Twist. That’s a cute
name and I don’t really know what color this is. Oh! It is literally like navy in here. Okay, cool.
So, let’s give this one a little swatch. Oh wow! The color is cool. It looks to be
a little more streaky than the black one. It says you’re really not supposed to dunk
back in, but I might do that anyway. But the color’s cool; it’s almost like a… I thought it was going
to be more like navy but it’s more like a hot teal type of color. And now, you know, I’ve been dying to try
this red. This is the rouge Louboutin liner and let’s see what she looks like. Oh, wow!
Alright, and let’s give her a swatch. Oh, wow! That is hot red! The red one looks to be, I don’t know,
we’re obviously going to try it on the eyes. I don’t want something is really streaky or kind of
streaky yet, but on the hand it does look a little more, I guess less opaque than the other two,
but we’re going to let this dry for a second. Alright, so it’s been about five minutes, and this I think dried
completely. I’m just going to press it hard with my fingers, nothing really. Let me go down, literally nothing.
Like we’re talking, what’s up hand, how you doing girl? Wow, okay. I mean it said smudge-proof and
smear-proof and that is definitely accurate. This sh*t is fucking dry. Now, it’s only
fair to test it out on my eyes. So, I’m going to grab the black one. Shade called
Coal. And I’m just going to grab a mirror here. Yes. I’m just going to go directly in here.
Alright, here we go. I mean that is some black liner y’all. Okay, now it says that you’re really
not supposed to dunk again. I think it just… but I’m going to go
in one more time in here. Quick little side note, is that the actual brush, I just wish it was almost more like thicker at the base
and then it like came to more of a point. It’s not like letting me put eyeliner on
as best to what I’m normally use to. But let me, ah, finish and
then I’ll tell you the rest. Alright, the liner is dry. Now let me
just give you some quick thoughts. Or, I think I actually want to try out
the red one first to see but, it’s one of those formulas where you can
kind of feel it on your eye, if that makes sense. Like it’s not so lightweight where it’s like non-existent.
It’s definitely like has a more heavy feel. You can kind of feel it on;
not like that’s a bad thing. I can just tell from one eye that this is
a little more heavy I guess if you will. Now, the brush I think is maybe
my only complaint about applying it. I think it could have went on a little more
smoothly. It’s just kind of like a little more; I don’t know I had to kind of finesse it a little bit. But when they say smudge-proof, like this shit
is not coming off which is amazing. So, I’m going to actually try the red liner on the other eye.
So, I’m about to look a little funky if you will. Let’s give this one a whirl. Alright, now I’m going to be doing
one more dunk in here. Alright you guys, the red is dry and on my eye.
I kind of love this two-toned liner effect going on here. So, this one had the same kind of brush moment
where I wasn’t like obsessed with the brush. But the product went on, I think even
a little better than it looked on my hand. Obvious my eye, you know the skin on my
eyelid is a little more nice than the hand. But, I love this shade. It definitely was not
streaky. I think the color pay off was good. I’ve never really worn hot red eyeliner before.
I’m kind of in to it to be really honest. Wow! Okay. I’m pleasantly shocked at red liner.
I did not know what to expect at all and I am pleasantly surprised. So, cool. OK, I’m gonna see how this wears after
we try the mascara. So, let’s move on. Next product I’m going to be trying
out is their mascara. So, this is called the Lash Amplifying Lacquer mascara. Now, there’s also a bunch of crazy French words; you guys know I always botch them,
I’m not even going to try. I’m not going to try to say that because
y’all gonna slap me across my mouth. So, basically this says, the product description.
It’s supposed to deliver a dramatic volume, enhancing the definition, length,
lift and curl of the lashes. Provides highly concentrated
pigments for fierce color that sets with a luminous finish
for impactful color that last all day. So basically, I can suck a dick with this and mymascara
won’t run down my face. Thank you, Jesus. Alright, it also says, it’s designed with a brush uniquely comprised of both vertical and horizontal bristles to ensure smooth and precise application.
Okay, well, we’re gonna test that out in a second. The bristles at the tip, of course, at the tip of the brush
lift and shape even the smallest of lashes. This packaging is intricately ribbed brass
which is reminiscent of Art Deco architecture. I mean, you already know
I’m obsessed with this packaging. It’s fold silhouette is topped with a delicate
black shiny crown dressed in spikes and is encased in a jewelry-like box.
All-day wear. Flake-proof, smear-proof and again humidity resistant. Now this was made in Italy,
but assembled in America. This product has no silicone,
is fragrance free and without TEA. TEA, I don’t even know what that is.
Well, we’ll look at it later. Now this comes in two colors;
one is like a burgundy and then of course we have the jet
black color. So, let’s give it a whirl. Alright so, let’s open her up and, oh wow!
Okay, so it has a big applicator. Alright so, I’m going to, I’ll try
the one with the black liner first. And of course my lashes have no primer on them,
they are just bare, from me waking up. So, let’s try it on. Alright, I think I’m gonna let that
dry before I do the bottom lashes. So, let’s see the difference between the eyes.
Alright, so the mascara is on, of course, only on this eye. So, I’m gonna give you guys a little head turn
to see if you guys can notice the difference. Of course, this side is blank and naked.
And then this side has the mascara. Alright, now let’s do the bottom lashes
before I give any options or thoughts. Okay, so this is gonna sound probably
a little strange to you guys, but I actually like how the brush applied the bottom
mascara really versus the top. I think that the top mascara looks cute. It is very black,
which I love. You know some mascaras, it’s almost like on the gray side where you’re like,
“This could be a little more black.” It’s definitely there; the pigment is strong,
it coated my lashes great. I just feel the top lashes could be
maybe a little more separated. But the bottom ones I’m kind of like living for.
It looks very like, I don’t know, high fashion. I love how it’s like very thick. I mean,
the pigment is there, it’s amazing. But, um, I don’t’ know. Let me do this eye.
Well let me show you guys, first of all, the difference. I mean this eye compared to this. Obviously,
you guys can definitely see the difference down here. Up top, not like obsessed with it, but I’m living
for this moment. Very, like 60s Twiggy. Alright, I just applied the mascara to the red liner
side and I mean it’s been about 10 minutes. I took a little break; walked around the house for
a second and I think I’m ready to give my final thoughts. Alright guys, this may not surprise anyone here but, I don’t think that I can really justify the price
point for the results that I got today. I mean here’s the battle
with review luxury items. You all know you are paying for this brass
metal, huge, stunning beautiful packaging. I don’t know what people think high
price points are going to bring them; I mean mascara is mascara. Of course there are
different wands. Did I necessarily love this wand? I mean it was cute; it wasn’t horrendous. Definitely love the bottom lashes way
more than the top. I think the top, it did what a normal mascara, maybe even
from the drug store would do. It’s kind of basic, there’s nothing
mind blowing about it. I think the packaging, how it looks,
is mind blowing. It feels like a, like a brick and it’s amazing.
I love the feeling of it. I love looking at it. I think if you love to put things on your
vanity and you like collecting things; this is a really cute collection for you. But I don’t think that the mascara is worth $70. Overall, because you’re
really just getting mascara. I think you know something like even Benefit
roller lash mascara even might be a little better. I kind of like that wand better, for me personally. I don’t think my lashes look any more amazing
or crazy than they normally do, if that makes sense. Moving on to the liner. Now I do love this packaging obviously,
it is deadly. I’m like, “Oh, hi Dexter.” But, all jokes aside; I love how this looks.
Obviously it’s stunning. If this was sitting by my vanity,
it’s obviously gonna get a lot of attention. Now the formula, now that it’s
been more than five minutes; it doesn’t really have that heavy affect maybe
because it’s both, because you know, it’s on both eyes. I’m not really noticing it. The black liner
was very pigmented as well as the red. The red was like a tiny bit more streaky but,
you guys see full coverage on my eye. I mean I can’t really complain about that. I just don’t think that the formula
was like mind blowing where you know I couldn’t pick up a MAC
liner or something else or a Tarte liner and kind of get the same affect. Do you know
what I mean. I just didn’t love the tip. You know, but I really didn’t love the tip. I felt like
it should have been a little more pointed I guess. It just kind of like dragged a little.
It almost made it a little bumpy, or a little streaky where I’m definitely.
I’m just like OCD right now. I just want to go up and clean it
with a brush, so bad. But, I wanted you guys to see the real results.
It’s not like a crazy negative for me. I didn’t hate this at all. I also didn’t love it.
I keep saying it, I’m obsessed with packaging. That’s just who I am. But I really can’t
justify $70 and $75 price points for you guys out there because I didn’t get my,
you know, my mind blown away with the results. All in all you guys. I think is this going
to get a Jeffree star of approval? Sadly, I don’t think so. Now that is not where
it’s like in previous videos where I’m like, “Oh my god the formula flopped.”
I just think for the price point it’s like, “Damn, bitch like chill out.” But hey,
that’s the brand you’re paying for right. Now, I’m gonna go on a date with Nathan
and by the time that you guys are watching this I’ll be on Richard Branson’s Necker Island
with Benefit cosmetics; with Manny and Nathan and
Laura Lee and everyone else. So, I’m probably getting a sunburn right now.
But, um, thank you guys as always, for watching and I’ll
see you in the next one. Bye guys.

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