7 TIME Saving WEDDING Makeup & Hair HACKS | #GRWM #Haircare #Tips #Anaysa #ShrutiArjunAnand

get up.. only 15 hours left for that wedding party so get up fast and start getting ready now only 8 hours are left so start getting ready now I want you to got ready when I am home ok!! I am busy right now you take hours to get ready why didn’t you deny it earlier if you don’t want to go I’ll be ready only in 15 minutes If you do so then I’ll go out with you as such for the wedding Darling!! come fast I’ve a stock of Hacks get this video to 50,000 LIKES so hit LIKE fast now lets watch how to get ready in 15 minutes I’ve already done a hack I had applied oil in my hair last night due to this my hair become manageable & shiny now next is budget friendly now crunch your hair like that we apply serum taking few drops of the same oil and this will as a heat protectant too getting double benefit with the same bottle my hair already remains soft and silky so need to divide only four sections I am gonna to make them straight from upward & make curls downwards with the help of a flat iron As I’ve used Parachute Advanced Aloe vera oil in which aloe vera is also present along with coconut oil as both are natural ingredients which make my hair soft, Shiny and manageable applying primer oho… just come out… getting late for the party applying Primer is so important Primer makes your makeup long lasting so whenever you are in hurry must follow at least one hack don’t use full coverage foundation as this takes so much time to blend it well it will better if you’ve time to get ready otherwise use medium to low coverage foundation it get blends so well with your skin now wanna tell a Concealer’s hack while applying Concealer to your under eyes apply the left over to around the lips this makes your lipstick to look vibrant sometimes it got happened our lipstick get messed up while eating so that its doesn’t get messed up surely we’ll dance in Wedding Parties or it may not be so due to dancing sweat faded away your makeup so set your makeup with a face powder now contouring is also important which you can do with any dark powder which gives a picture perfect look you what mistake we generally make while in hurry like apply too much blush by mistake & it take so much time to fix it so first apply blush on your hand then on your cheeks and then blend with a beauty blender stretch your eyes this way to use eyebrow pencil this makes easy to apply it fast as we don’t have that much of time to apply eyeshadow here & there so take any liquid eyeshadow or any matte liquid lipstick apply it and blend it upwards your eye makeup will remain long lasting till the whole wedding ceremonies for party look use a glitter eyeliner apply it on your inner corner and blend it well done with our eye makeup in just one minute our hacks are so awesome use Kajal Pencil to give your eyes a bold look now you think why I apply Kajal pencil first actually thats the hack use Kajal pencil first to apply thick or thin kajal and extend it towards upward this makes too easy to create wing if we apply Kajal first not only this this will help you to keep it equal on both the eyes your Mascara too often messed up with your eyeshadow while you blink so this hack is just for you take any tube to support your eye like this stretch your eyes like this & then apply mascara this hack we’ve already shared with you do comment me in which video you had watched this hack want that no filter flawless look in your pictures So apply setting spray as our eye makeup is of light colour so apply bold coloured lipstick I love this lip colour if you too like it let me know in the comment section you don’t have pity towards me what do you keep doing with me you know wherever my in laws are there might be in shock seeing me like this you know girls proposals come to me now SHARE this video with others hmm.. so that even few of them wanted to get marry by mistake they too will refuse seeing this its not like that Anku do comment have this ever might be happen?? so we’ll see you in our next video till then do SUBSCRIBE otherwise how you’ll get the notification about my new videos

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