This one is less surprising. Hey what’s up CantoMando squad. Today, we’re gonna react to some crazy makeup transformations. It’s called Your Karma Has Arrived. So creative. That’s creative. And let’s see how it goes, Alright? Let’s go. Wait. This one is less surprising. What do you mean? This one is less surprising. Holy shoot! Wait, yo… That one was nice. That one was so nice. Wait…I’ve seen this girl before. Is this Angelababy? This is not Angelababy. This is…every girl… This is Angelababy! …every girl on Tantan. She looks like a legit– The first girl is a fraud. She looks like a legit movie star now. She actually looks like a movie star. She looks like a movie star. Oh my god. There’s no way…you can’t turn this– Everything happens for a reason and your karma is me. No…that’s not possible. Look at her! It’s not the same person, dude. She actually became a movie star. No… She actually became a movie star. I’m like… It’s two people. It has to be two people. No it’s her, it’s her. But I’m like… It can’t be. Look at her eyes. Her nose is a lot thinner, her eyes are different, her face shape is different. No…it’s not possible, it’s not possible. I’m actually in love with girl 2. No way. Okay, I see this one. I thought she was gonna turn slimmer, like… Karma. He got the cat? The cat’s like “what the **** is happening?” Wait, look at the cat’s face. Look. Look at the cat’s face. The cat’s like “yo, what’s happening, dude?” The cat’s like “Whoa, what is this? What is this?”, right? He reversed! Holy s***, that was trippy. I think she’s really pretty. Yeah, she is, she is. It’s a guy! Wait, really? No no no, it’s a guy– It’s a girl. I see it. No, this one is pretty big though. Nah, she looks exactly the same! No? She looks exactly the same. Dude! The second one is the biggest transformation I’ve seen in my life. No– Come– It looks exactly the same. It’s the same. Are you– I mean she got…makeup, you know. All she did was use the eyebrow brush, right? She did a little eyeliner, she did a little nose contouring, she’s the same girl. Bro, her nose moved up 3 points from here! It moved all the way up here. Yeah, she used the nose extender. What’s a nose extender? Nose extender stick. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Damn. Look, they’re deliberately trying to make themselves look worse. Oh this one’s…I see this. This looks like a girl I know in real life. Yeah, she looks like a girl I know in real life. This is a vampire. Oh, that’s kind of scary. It’s kinda cool though. Oh, this is a big one. She used the hair to cover it. She used the hair cheat, right? To cover her face. Is she an alien? Oh my goodness. It’s kinda cool. Let me ask you guys a question, okay? What? Would you guys date a girl like this? Everything about her is perfect, but then every time she goes out, it has to be like this. Yeah, it’s cool. You would do it? She looks like Cleopatra, like some kind of like ancient Egyptian princess. It’s cool, but I’m telling you that she has to spend 3 hours on it. So every time before you go out, 3 hours– Anything over 15 minutes is a no… It’s a no? 15 minutes? You crazy? Dude, the average girl takes about an hour for makeup every day. Makeup? That’s cool. Okay, I can…respect the look. The problem is that… I feel like I’d have to be all out there to match her. Oh really? To match her vibe. Her vibe’s wild. Look at the filter she’s using. Like, look, her collarbones look like a freaking… No, that’s part of the makeup! It’s part of her makeup, there’s no filter. Wait, are you serious? Yeah. You think Tiktok has that Cleopatra filter? Yeah, no dude. This is all painted on. This guy is like a wannabe Kris Wu. He’s G-Dragon-like. Swag. So many things get lost in Translation, right? He just put his firefighting uniform on. Is this your type of guy? Wait no…this is not my type of guy, okay? The one before? No? There’s another one before, right? I thought you’d be more into firefighters. He’s more into nurses. Okay, I see. He vapes. So he put some smoke in his mouth? He’s cool. Edward, don’t you know when you vape… Don’t you know when you vape, you’re ten times cooler? No, you’re not! Guys, don’t listen to them. When you vape, you’re not any cooler at all. When you vape, you’re ten times cooler. That’s the…that’s the vape law. That’s a generation thing, bro. Juuls for life, man. Juul for life. Guys, don’t listen to them. I’m the good influence. Tricks. That’s the tricks. Tornado. You spit, right? With a ball. The rings. Alright, let’s go to the next one. No, I see these. These I actually see. Is that what’s called an e-girl? It’s for e-boy. It’s a man. It’s a man? It’s a man. I thought it was a man. Thank you guys for watching today’s video. Also big thanks to all of our pengyous on Patreon out there for supporting us. If you guys are interested in helping us out, please please check out our Patreon page, we’ll link it in the description box below. Every little bit helps, and it helps us all to make videos like this and a lot more for you guys. So check it out, we really appreciate it, and we love you guys. And like always, remember to smash that like button, and comment down below whether or not the number 2 girl was a catfish. Catfish. She was a catfish or not? She’s a mao yu. She’s not a catfish. I don’t know. And remember to hit the subscribe button, and notification bell, otherwise you’ll miss our next video where I will catfish everyone. this is the most honourable consquence I’ve ever heard. Alright, until next time, goodbye.


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  2. Girls, you are not catfishers if you know how to use make up products. Don’t allow THIS TYPES of fuckboys shatter your self confidence

  3. They put on make up to make them look less pretty for the 'before', and then put make up on to make them more pretty for the 'after'.

  4. Guys, you gotta see this one too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMuSk0Dh-AI
    The power of makeup is insane. I am seriously having trust issues…

  5. Damn, all I use when I go out is concealer and charcoal eyeliner. It's like five minutes :/
    However, I'm pretty sure average is around 30 min, depending on where the girl is going

  6. They have no shame reacting to girls with extra pounds and saying oh “This is a big one” she using the hair as a head shield to cover her fat” 👎🏽👎🏽

  7. 5:29 his face says no but his eyes can't lie. I found it so cute when he pause to think either saying no or yes to that fireman😉

  8. Did u know it only take 3 days of vaping to get popcorn lung and there has already been reported deaths from vaping/ Juul-ing.

  9. They’re so differently not just because of make up but also because of crazy filter. The filters literally change you into a whole new person. I tried of those apps and it was craaazy.

  10. 3:36 “Oh here’s the big one” I mean srsly? That part was the most discriminating of all. There are some more parts like that within the video, which is really irritating and annoying. You guys discriminate to those who are abit more unique than others. You set standards, and that’s not okay. Srsly, grow old, be actual men. disappointed

  11. Can't relate to those girls with really good make up skill, I even let some acnes on my face, not trying to remove or whatsoever, they will disappear eventually 😅😂

  12. Makeup can do everything😂😂
    Right? If u disagree just comment below👇 and if u agree just make this Blue👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

  13. Everything over 15 mins is a no?
    Good thing I only take 15 mins to get ready 😂 I just put on eyeliner and mascara and that's it
    I wouldn't be able to stand doing make up for an hour. I have better things to do than that xp

  14. 在视频放微信和支付宝的收款二维码吧,连台湾的youtuber都这样做了,你们会收到很多援助的

  15. This is so fake, before it was the power of makeup and cool face expressions, now is changing face completely with an app… it thins neck, nose, face shape, eyes get bigger, diff color, like seriously what happened to the makeup magic with your own face?

  16. 3:30 I’m pretty sure every Asians have seen this vampire movie in their childhood. (I’m Asian as well, so don’t go bashing at me)

  17. what you think yourself? "do you want a girl like this" what you mean, cheap sh**t? After this video no girl will fall for this two idiots. This pink haired guy is nice becouse at least he understands that vape is not cool and their view can influence ppl

  18. Just filter or makeup as Chinese I must say it's mainly because filter. Normally when when we need take selfies. We just use beauty cam thats enough no need makeup sometimes

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