6 LIFE Saving EYELINER Hacks You Must Try | #Beauty #Makeup #Anaysa

what are you doing? its too sunny outside and where are you going?? My comedy video coming up soon with Shruti look there preparations are going on and what are you doing Meanwhile you make us learn Eyeliner I did so many videos on it like for small eyes, big eyes, apply like this or that…. there’s a lot to learn things tell us some new hacks which you’ve learnt recently also let us know how to apply this glitter eyeliner yeah so many new hacks to tell and I want 1,00,000 LIKES from you My Eyeliner has got finished at the last moment still find the way to apply it… how?? make angular brush with water and just pick black eyeshadow try to use angular brush to get sharp wing or have to apply towards only centre of your eyelids as it often get ruins in reaching towards inner corner it will look perfect if you apply it only to the centre of your eyelids Mascara get dried in summers so apply eyeliner on mascara bond and then apply to your eyelids then apply it to your Eyes have you ever thought that you can use Eyeliner as Mascara I need small wing Is this happens with you too? You can make two types of wing using a trick so first create this small wing for which you need to cut a paper tape and place it at the outer corner of your eyes and fill this blank space with Eyeliner and slightly take it towards the inner corner of your eyes apply concealer & compact powder before applying eyeliner and here we got this small wing now lets create a long wing fix cello tape slightly outwards like this so as to get long wing Avoid its contact with your eye lashes oho.. little messed up after removing tape correct it with the help of this spoolie a little touch up and our long wing is ready Kajal often get broken in summers so keep it in fridge for 10 minutes now apply Kajal this eye is looking small due to lack of depth and this one is big so apply white liner to your brow bone and blend it with beauty blender or with a brush likewise do the same on other eye we have got three benefits of using this white liner this gives depth to our eyes no need to apply highlighter and this also makes your Eyeshadow to look vibrant I always carry a glitter in my bag just remove the excess product from glitter bond and apply it just above the eyeliner and you’ll be ready for night party within minutes so how did you like these Hacks

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