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– Sometimes, luxury is unexpected. (upbeat jingle) Hello and welcome back or welcome. I am Jill Maurer, and I have been tagged in the Unexpected Luxuries tag, also known as the Five
Non-Luxury Items I Love tag. I think this is such a fun tag. A lot of times, we think
things have to be expensive or very exclusive to be luxurious. I was tagged in this
video by Luxury Lover. Hi Irene, thank you so
much for tagging me. This tag was started by Kadelle. Thank you so much, Kadelle. I think this is a
wonderful, wonderful tag. I’ll provide links below
to Luxury Lover’s tag, and also Kadelle’s tag so that you can take a look at those. In thinking about this and my five items, I excluded any kind of service. And you know some of the things I love, I love getting my nails done. I think it is absolute luxury when anybody else makes
a homemade meal for me at any time, that is luxury all the way. So I’m excluding things like that and I’m also excluding
anything that was in my Top 10 Amazon video, because for me, those things are luxuries. They were things like having it just a really quality umbrella. It doesn’t have to be expensive. I don’t need it to have
a fancy name on it. It’s much more important
to me that it holds up in a rainy wind storm. That kind of thing, having a small flashlight
that’s very bright. I’ll link that Amazon video below too if you’re interested in that. The other thing that I’m
excluding are kitchen items. I’m an avid cook. When I did my Amazon video, you requested that I do
one for just the kitchen and I’ll be doing that, so I’m not going to include those here. When I went to gather the items, I was surprised to find that everything I had, four out of the five, were beauty-related. They’re not makeup, it’s not like that. They’re not products in that way, but they are beauty-related, and that was a surprise to me. And the fifth that I
have recently discovered, I absolutely consider it to be luxury. I’m taking great delight in it, and it’s absolutely free. These are in no particular order, other than I’ll do the beauty items first and then I will do the
non-related beauty item last. First up, this towel. It’s this little towel by Aquis or Aquis, it’s A-Q-U-I-S, and it’s just a plain little
gray towel, unassuming. I got this on Sephora and what I do with this is when I get out of the shower, I wrap my hair up in this and it starts to dry it much more quickly. And at first I thought, eh, you know, I don’t know if this is such a big deal. It got great reviews on Sephora, which is why I got it. I have grown to where I just love this. What happens is immediately, I’m not as cold, because my hair is wrapped up in a towel, and then, you know, I
dry off and whatever. But what’s great about it is
my hair dries so much faster. I can put it up in there and then just, you know, do whatever I’m gonna do,
get dressed and all of that. When I go to blow dry my
hair, it is almost dry. So it’s perfect. Now I don’t have hair
that’s particularly thick and particularly hard to dry. According to Sephora, the people who do, who have very thick hair that takes a long time to dry, this takes a lot of time
off of their drying time. For me, anytime that
I can avoid some heat, anytime I can avoid that in any part of my routine, it’s great. And sometimes I don’t blow dry my hair. Sometimes I just put this up and let it get it really close to dry and then just let it go and that’s that. So that’s number one. And where I can find links, I will provide those below for you. Also related to hair is my hot rollers. These are not expensive hot rollers. These are maybe 30 dollars, but I love having hot rollers. And I know they’re a luxury to me when I don’t have them. (laughs) So, when I travel, I really
wanna take this thing with me and I like the jumbo rollers. I’ve had different brands. I usually like this Conair. I’ve actually tried a higher priced luxury brand of hot rollers. I have them, I don’t use them. These work very well for me. They’re the jumbo
rollers and there are 12. It just turns out to be
a perfect set for me. I’ve really tried to find
smaller sets that work well, but this is the one that works best. Hot rollers are number two. Number three is this unassuming
little soap dispenser. I find this to be so luxurious. This sits in my bathroom
on the countertop, and what’s in here is this witch hazel. So it’s a normal soap dish. It’s a regular soap dish, but when I put the witch hazel in it, and to me, it’s a lot more luxurious than needing to get this bottle out, open it up, squeeze the
plastic onto my cotton round. Here this just sits here. I have a little dispenser for
my cotton rounds next to it and I put it under
there, just squirt on it and I’m good to go. I just enjoy doing that. It’s just one of life’s little luxuries. Number four, you may
consider to be a luxury item and if you do, you’d be right. It is more expensive than
other products of it’s type, and it’s this simple human mirror. I love this thing. You don’t have to plug it in. About every couple of
weeks, I have to charge it. This right here will start, it’ll get red when I need to charge it. It just sits on my vanity like this, so it has a very clean look. I often put everything away, but this is one thing I feel
like I can leave sitting out and it doesn’t even have to have a plug. And then when I go to use it, I just look at it and the light comes on. This is a censor up here and it just comes on and then it will automatically go off. I got this I think at
Bed, Bath and Beyond, but I’m sure that you can get them in a lot of different places. I happen to love it. Number five, the one I told
you was different and is free, and it is the library. Not exactly the library, of course I had discovered
the library long ago. It is a luxurious thing in and of itself just to have all of those books that you can go and check
out for free at any time, but what I’ve discovered more recently is that my library has an app where I can actually borrow digital books, recorded books, what we
used to call books on tape, and listen to them for free. If it’s a very, very popular book, I do have to get on a
waiting list and wait for it, but I can get on the waiting
list right on my phone and when it is available, it just pops right up on my phone and I can listen to it. I have been really loving this. It is an absolutely free service. I don’t know if every
library has this service, but mine does. It is fantastic. I have been listening
to so many more books, especially since I have
been doing this challenge where I’m doing a video every
day for the year of 2019, it has taken a lot of my time and a lot of my reading
time has gone away. But I’ve been able to keep up with books while I’m doing laundry, cooking,
chores, things like that, with this library app. So that is number five. I hope you enjoyed this tag. I do want to tag several people. I know a lot of you out there have done this tag already. So if you’ve already done it, obviously I’m not tagging you. But here are the people that
I think have not done the tag that I would like to tag. Autumn Beckman, Oxana LV, LeeLee LV, Madam M.M Styleicon, Smscrapper, and I know, Sharon, you don’t
normally do videos like this, but if you want to, go for it. Sabrina Shekofteh, Emily Pound, Myfavorite things, Coffeewithnadia, KWShops, chicprofessor and Joshie Michael. I don’t think you’ve done the video. That’s the list I don’t think
has already done the tag that I would like to see do the tag. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please like and share and most importantly, please subscribe. I would love to see you again. Until next time. (upbeat jingle)

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