36 thoughts on “5 Minute Everyday Makeup Tutorial Video by Robert Jones

  1. I don't use foundation or concealer… My skin is clear, I'm not going to risk getting spots from it XD plus the whole I'm not going to wear make up today look where your face has become 10 shades lighter than your body from lack of sun just looks stupid. XD

  2. I feel like opting eyehadow is a lil bit hard, Ĩ opt it w/ the brushes from below
    →→→ https://mobile.twitter.com/_lecari/status/862138046648434688
    I am pretty satisfied w/ the brush and blush at once. It is soft and blend the make-up perfectly

  3. They need to use a regular person the models not going to be the typical face.

    Shes going to look beautiful no matter what.

  4. Nice and simple methods. Thankyou. Seeing so many on you tube never found anything this simple. With a few products such a fast look. I could never attain ever. New subscriber. Greetings from goa.thanks again.

  5. Realistic model for the first time. I am glad they did not do make up on already made up skin how all those big make artists show filtered face with perfect contouring and glowing skin and fake to do make up on those models. This model is gorgeous she deserves to be a victoria secret model

  6. She is absolutely a natural gorgeous beauty. The makeup only enhances her beauty & perfect eyes even more so. She has the most perfect brown eyes too!!

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