4 Tips Eyeliner agar Tahan Lama

As you can see, I look so cool wearing sunglasses but when I take it off… 🙁 my panda eyes and the spilled eyeliner looks so obvious I hate it so much Is there a way to preserve the eyeliner all day long? Hi everyone! I’m Stella Lee and welcome to my channel For you guys old and new subscribers I welcome you, I hope you guys enjoy my channel Now I want to share 4 basic tips for you guys who encounter this problem This problem is faced by all women Yes, the problem is your spilling eyeliner. You can do these tips at one by one or you can also do it at once and if you people already mastered these tips you don’t have to cover your spilling eyeliner with sunglasses anymore. Let’s begin! The first tip: You have to use eye primer. Eye primer/eye base is used to lengthen the duration of any eye makeup By using eye base, I guarantee your eye makeup will less likely to spill all over all day long. The second tip: don’t forget to apply black eyeshadow after you have applied your liquid eyeliner Eyeliner is basically liquid, so if it is exposed to heat, it will surely melt. To overcome this problem, you have to apply makeup (in the form of powder) to make it last long. The third tip: don’t forget to apply translucent powder or transparent powder on the area around the eye. One of the defining factor of spilling eyeliner is oil on the area around your eye. That’s why, you have to use oil-resistant powder on that area The last tip: if any of the previous tip fails, it means that your eyeliner is the problem. You have to use a waterproof eyeliner In this tutorial I’m using Marc Jacobs Magic Marc’er but I also recommend 2 other eyeliners Urban Decay Perversion eyeliner and Makeup Forever Aqua Liner. Super good! Recommended! Now, I don’t have to cover up my eyes Be confident with your longlasting eyeliner after following these tips Thank you guys for watching don’t forget to subscribe Like, comment and share to your friends! Share,share,share to your friends for a better eyeliner life So, see you guys on the next video Thank you so much for watching! Bye bye!

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