4 Packing Makeup Tips for Travel (In a Carryon Suitcase)

with these 4 packing tips for makeup
I will share how I pack and store my makeup for airline travel I’m going to
share four tips that will help you maximize space in your carry-on suitcase
with your makeup I will show you the makeup that I use and why I choose to
pack that kind of makeup I will briefly talk about some makeup brush tips as
well if you travel for work you are going to love my makeup brush hack and
some of you are probably already doing this stick around to the end see the
three makeup hacks that I have when I travel I usually end up taking a minimal
amount of makeup and brushes but I think my methods are going to help you when
you are packing your travel bag or your toiletry kit like I have I did a video
talking about a toiletry kit the only problem with a toiletry kit is that it
takes up almost my entire carry-on suitcase so I would only use this for
like a two-day travel trip travel trip say that three times fast for packing
tip number one we’re going to consider Marie Kondo’s philosophy of being
intentional in the items that we choose what makeup will you wear when you
travel are you going to need it during the day are you going to need it at
night are you going to need to dress it up or be in a dark restaurant where you
want to really use some accent colors for this makeup packing video I feel
like I need to put out a disclaimer that we are all beautiful in God’s sight
makeup does not make us more beautiful on the inside it is a way of expressing
our creativity and expressing our personality think on that and then
follow these next two three steps great organizers will tell you that your items
need to be stored in a home base like at the end of the day so step number 2 is
your makeup items need to be packed in a home base and for me that is using
makeup pouches now I have these freebies that I’ve gotten some of them
I have bought on my own just little packages or pouches of different sizes
is this not the cutest little pouch I got it in Target a long time ago for
like five bucks you can just find cheap little pouches anywhere Marie Kondo has
a three pouch organization system for $180 but I am choosing a less
expensive set if you like to buy something for a vacation I highly
recommend buying little cheap pouches from TJ Maxx or even your grocery store
our h-e-b has some adorable makeup pouches that you can use for travel
packing methods with pouches you can store different size makeups in those
different sized containers or pouches your travel bag pouches also can fit in
the pockets of open space in a suitcase like between your clothes are stuffed in
this little open section right here because of their sizes I used to use a
really big bright pink makeup pouch that said sparkle but it was almost as big as
my toiletry kit so I got smart and started breaking it down into smaller
pouches still organizing them to a certain degree but it doesn’t have to be
organized it just means that your containers or your pouches are going to
hold the different size makeups and amounts that you have when you travel
the number 3 packing makeup tip is to build like a pyramid or for you moms out
there to make a Minecraft step section down to a pool in your beautiful city on
minecraft so what I’m basically doing I’m building a pyramid I’m going to use
the flat pallets that I have as edges in my long bag okay I use these two ones a
travel one and one is just a bunch of matte eyeshadows for those of you who
are curious and I won’t take these every time I travel but if there are some
accent colors that I want or a lot of different mats and if I have the space
in my suitcase I am going to take those two travel
palettes and they are flat and they are long much like the size of my pouch
so basically I am going to pack my makeup in a pyramid shape when I am
storing them in one pouch those will fit in a large pouch if I am packing in a
minimalistic way I’m going to have my blush neutral eye shadows and this
covergirl flat palette with the bright blue because I line well I put on top of
my eyeliner a little dark dark bright blue and then if I really need an accent
like I did today I’ll put it in the corner of my eye and you can kind of
tell I don’t know and then I usually do end up bringing a bronzer I have
overpacked going to a beach location so many times that I now know that I’m not
going to wear a whole lot of makeup at a beach so I will take like tinted
moisturizer I’ll take my neutrals and my blush my one accent color and then maybe
a bronzer eyeliner those fit easily in little pouches now that Marie Kondo is
getting us to look at our travel contents and organizational way we can
do what she does her tips and my youtube videos are going to help spark joy when
you get to your final destination and you know where everything is everything
is protected everything is together you can take it out put it in a home base in
the hotel room or wherever your destination is I do know that makeup
nor things are the source of my joy but they
can spark joy in us as long as we know that’s not the source of our joy right
packing tip number 4 is to follow the 3-1-1 rule from TSA to get through
security if you have any liquid makeup foundation eye primer face primer
anything like that cleanser moisturizer all of your liquid skincare items that
are going through the security scanner because they’re going to go underneath
the seat in front of you or those that makeup is going to go above your head
and the little overhead bins above the airplane seat those have to all be in
one quart size bag and the containers of each of those liquid makeups whatever
liquids you have in here perfume the containers
cannot be larger than 3.4 ounces and then the amounts inside the three point
four have to be 3.4r ounces or less like you can’t take a huge
bottle of shampoo with just a little bit of shampoo in there that the container
has to be 3.4 ounces now this bag is so totally cute I got it from Sephora
through Amazon and it is you know longer available but the reason I like this is
it’s a silicone material so I don’t know what what it is about it it stretches I
feel like I can fit more in here and then I can those stiff plastic square
ones that you see on Amazon or in the grocery store or at t.j.maxx I feel like
a bag like a rectangular bag that zips will fit more and I did find one on
Amazon that is this um almost clear fabric and it is or look and it is the
silicone fabric just a little note for beginners I have a lot of beginners who
are subscribing thank you you’re gonna be so proud of yourself beginner flyers
who are subscribing to me or watching my videos the bag does need your liquids
bag that goes through security and it’s pulled out in the grave in that bag does
need to be clear ish or mostly clear because if TSA needs to look at it they
can look at it quickly instead of pulling you out a lot out of the line
and then delaying you as well as all the people behind you so that’s part of the
reason why the bag needs to be clear or mostly clear now Ziploc also has a stand
and fill plastic bag much like their sandwich bags and that
I’ve used before because my mother-in-law had them but I didn’t want
to buy a whole box so I just have this one that I use over and over again I
also like this mostly clear type bag because what I have inside does not
scream out to other passengers oh she’s using Donna Karen white linen perfume I
just don’t want it to be screaming from my bag I do recommend these type of
containers for carrying really really thick lotions or cleansers that kind of
thing I have Vaseline in one and I’ve used cleanser in the other and it does
hold quite bitte but they do save up a lot of space
like this is my cleanser container and it’s 4.5 ounces but I can put enough for
an eight-day trip in here and wash my face every day with it if it’s thick it
will not leak from that kind of container moisturizer my moisturizer is
pretty wet and liquidy so I it has leaked before in that little disk
container and I’ll link them below on Amazon for you in the description box my
husband and I have pre checked but we have not gotten our 14-year old his own
pre-check so there are times when I have to go through the regular security line
and pull out my bag of liquids even though I have pre check I always put my
liquids now in a liquids bag just in case pre check is down or something like
that I do travel with a minimal amount of brushes I don’t take all of my
brushes I have all these brushes in another big container fishbowl sized
container of brushes that I use at home but I’m not gonna use those while I
travel my hard-working mom made me this little fold up makeup brush container
and I do pack my eyeshadow brushes in here A makeup brush hack for when you
stay in a hotel room is to use the coffee cups that come in the hotel room
the paper ones if you’re on a cruise ship you can use a glass mug from the
ship restaurant or that is already in your room let me know in the comment
section below if you have a battle in your mind over how much makeup to
actually pack and let me know if you’ve ever over packed or if you’re just a
minimal make-up packer on your vacation by the way my name is Laurie and I want
to say thank you for watching my videos I do not want to waste your time so I
appreciate your time in spending it with me and thank you for those of you who
stuck around to the end to hear the 3 makeup hacks I shared this one in my
life hacks video about how to store a beauty blender know I used this today so
it is wet and when you get a Beauty Blender wet it enlarges like this and it
won’t dry out until the next day but a fantastic makeup hack for the beauty
blender is to store it in a plastic Easter egg it
fits perfectly in here when it is dry I just last week got a Beautyblender
sponge cleaner and it is a bar of soap that is charcoal infused and I think the
whole problem with the beauty blender is they need to give us storage containers
for these items like I heard this from a youtuber this makeup pack from a
youtuber I don’t know who it was I heard it a long time ago but there’s no way to
store this wet waxy soapy charcoal sponge cleaner now so if you have a hack
for how to store that let me know another makeup hack is to store your
liquid containers horizontally in your liquids bag I know that makeup palettes
can get jostled around so another makeup hack for this is to use one of those
white circular cotton pads against the actual color and the lid and then close
it as much as you can it is thin enough that most of the compacts that you have
will be able to actually close when you put the little cotton pad in there for
protection anyway thank you again for watching my packing tips for makeup
travel video leave me a comment below and let me know if you feel more
intentional or more organized with these four tips

97 thoughts on “4 Packing Makeup Tips for Travel (In a Carryon Suitcase)

  1. I love the Sephora beauty on the fly bag for my liquids because it is a little stretchy but still sturdy, they still sell the bag on the Sephora website, just with a different decal on it.

  2. I am a habitual over packer in the worst way. I am about to go on a cruise out of San Juan and will be gone for 10 days. I have another 3 more weeks to go before I leave. I am doing my best to reduce my packing by at least half. Wish me luck!!!

  3. Laurie…you always have the best travel tips!! I guess you could use the small plastic Easter egg for the dry makeup sponge and then get a larger plastic Easter egg for when it is wet…or would the sponge grow bacteria when it is wet inside the plastic egg??

  4. Great tips! I am a minimal make up packer too. Maybe I am getting to be less vain with age (I think I am), but I found when I used to travel with more make up I never used it anyway. I really don’t want to bother with it when I have somewhere fun to be.

  5. Bar type cleanser hack: If you ever have cream products like body cream jars with twist lids made of plastic like the ones from The Body Shop you can clean out those jars and take out the cardboard inside of the lid to use it for your wet bar cleansers. Just make sure to let the soap dry alil bit before you screw on the lid. It's also more convenient for travel cause it won't leak even if the soap hasn't dried completely yet.

  6. Great video as always Laurie!! 🙂 I know the makeup company Glossier, they ship your products in a pink bubble wrap plastic bag and last i knew it was TSA approved. I havent traveled yet to try it out but thought Id share that. Does foundation have to be in the liquid bag too?

  7. At Ulta you can buy beauty blender storage containers, they are orange and the exact size of a blender wet or dry. I always way over pack between toiletries, lotions, potions and make up. And then there are hair tools. I usually have to check my luggage. I just get so overwhelmed with packing. Thanks for the tips.

  8. Thank you so much!! For all of the information!! I am a (somewhat) reformed makeup over packer. I have gotten soooo much better since our first trip to Europe several years ago. I recently became inspired when a friend posted her makeup in her cruise stateroom and will definitely do better next time.

  9. Yes, I have way over packed with clothes; shoes, jewelry & makeup! We don’t travel a lot but when we do, I want to be smart. And the world will not end if you wear an outfit more than once! Thank you for you tips.

  10. Yes, they still have the bag at Sephora with a different front. I ordered one a few months ago and they are $5.00. I am watching alot of your videos because I am going to Florida at the end of February and I haven't flown in 20 years. Very, very nervous about it. I am grateful for all your advice.

  11. The best place to find makeup pouches is a thrift store.  When women purchase makeup kits from Clinique or Estee Lauder, they get pouches.  Eventually, so many are accumulated, they donate them, without ever using them or getting them dirty.  I've found some of the cutest and prettiest pouches at Goodwill for $2 or less.

  12. My Walgreens always has cute makeup or toiletries pouches, including some really nice clear ones. I love the clear ones, not for TSA use, but so I can see what’s in them. I also use the hotel cup or glass for my brushes, pencils, mascara, and toothbrush?

  13. I found the Sephora bag on Amazon with a cute little travel theme.

  14. My husband and I are starting to travel on passes (something I haven’t done since college when I was still on my dad’s) and lets just say that was a loooong time ago 😂 I am so enjoying watching your videos, Laurie!! They are VERY informative, and fun!! My carry on travel hack is that I subscribe to IPSY for multiple reasons, but mostly because it is an inexpensive way ($10/month) and you can save the adorable makeup bags and then there are the mini products which are wonderful for travel. Have a Blessed Day!! Xoxo

  15. Great video, you can purchase the tins from Lush to storage the beauty blender cleanser, or you can recycle an Altiod mint tin. Beauty Blender now has a storage container, somewhat bulky. Sephora and Nordstrom had a bundle package at the Holidays. Great gift for the holidays, but purchase during the Sephora VIP discount s sales to save a little money.

  16. I have watched and enjoyed your videos for a while now. I just subscribed due to your comments on the source of our joy and our God given beauty. People need to hear that. Thank you!

  17. When I travel i will buy makeup remover wipes…. open them up to allow them to dry…. once they are dry… i take them out of their wrapper..cut them in half….. put them is a sandwich bag for packing… Them when i need to take off my makeup ….I just dappen the half piece in water …. and away you go…. you save money and space

  18. How about 8 day trip packed in carry on back pack? Do not want one of those pull cases, have heard too many 'broke in middle of trip' stories. Minimal is key.

  19. I'm so glad I've subscribed.
    Could you give us some tips on long coach travel for comfort. I have a brain tumor and can't fly. I'm travelling from england to spain ( over 24 hours travel). Any ideas on a some essentials tips to have a great time. Thank you

  20. I struggle with overpacking so your hacks are helpful Laurie thank you. The shade of pink in your sweater looks great on you btw.

  21. I’ve been flying many years with only carryon. I’m still just using quart size ziplocks. Maybe I need to try the silicon ones but ziplock always has done the job. Also was that Trish McElvoy in that compact case. I love that to pick two shadows, one blush and either powder foundation or translucent powder. It is getting harder and harder to find for me. I have had to purchase online and I don’t like buying color from a picture. I can make it using only that compact. I feel like this is enough for me on a trip. Do you have a retail source? Really enjoy your videos ❤️

  22. As always, great job. We do travel to places that are only a day or day and half away. I bring very little makeup. Eye brow pencil. Chapstick for my lips because I don't drink as much as I do when home. If we go to Michigan, its just sunscreen and Chapstick. The cruise we have planned for later in 2019. All my makeup is going. But in the checked bag. Carry on is sunscreen, eye pencil and chapstick.

  23. I put every liquid (shampoo, sunlotion eg) in a ziploc bag, even if I pack them in a pouch in my suitcase. If you have ever opened your bag in the hotel and your lotionbottle „exploded“ you know what I mean🙈🙃
    And another tip: at the end of the holidays I write down what I have really used, and with this list I pack for the next trip.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us😘👍

  24. I pack minimal, what that means is, one nude lippy, a red one, a pink one and a coral. Lol! My hack is that I pack my makeup on a bag that I have. If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t go.

  25. Love your tips! One other that I use for more liquids creams are contact lens cases. They are made not to leak. Depending on how long I am going to be away – may mean more than one lens case per product but they take up very little room. One lens case holds enough moisturizer for a week. That may vary based on the type of moisturizer and your skin type.

  26. Another hack I use sometimes is to purchase a small bottle of cover up makeup and dilute it with face cream or sunscreen…and useful for Nader eyes and any blemishes as is.

  27. When I traveled back and forth to Germany a lot I only wore concealer, powder, liner and mascara. When I took my oldest to Salt Lake City twice for 2 weeks at a time for surgery I only took moisturizer and serum. I love your hacks!

  28. Hello my name is Yvette and I just subscribed to your channel. It was something about you that me subscribe so I’ve watched a couple of your videos so far and I like what I see😊. God bless.

  29. Laurie, another great video! We are going on a cruise in March. I have no problem packing my clothes in a carryon, but as I get older I have lots more 'lotions and potions'!!! That is what I struggle with packing…..the joys of aging. 😉 Enjoyed you, as always!!

  30. Hi Laurie! Have you made any videos on how to keep busy on a long flight? I don't sleep on planes and my tablet doesn't always work. I do word searches, etc.. any suggestions? I am taking an 8 hour flight soon and need some Traveltipsbylaurie to stave off boredom. Go Laurie!Go Laurie!Go Laurie!🙌🙌🙏

  31. I’m minimal- Due to health & fatigue dh & I prefer carry on only but we go on 10 day to 3 week cruises. I tire very easily so even our carryons need to stay light.

    I love my makeup but I have a pared down makeup kit & skin care routine for travel.

    Mac & Clinique have really good sample jars that clean up with rubbing alcohol and now hold small amounts of liquids or gel stuff with out leaks. Eye creams, cleanser etc.

    I use a trick from Wayne Goss instead of hauling foundation now. Mac Pro Long Wear concealer comes in a tiny travel friendly pump.

    I put my moisturizer & sunscreen on as usual but before it dries I dab a pump of that stuff on my worst redness and sun damage (I am 62- there’s stuff to cover) but then I blend it out. All over my face. It forms a BB to CC coverage.

    It sheers out to almost nothing & works as well or better than foundation but takes almost no room in the TSA liquid allowance.

    You can dab a few dots of a creamy neutral lipstick into the damp skin and tap & blend for a cream blush. A favourite for this is Modesty by Mac or Intense Nude by Estée Lauder or Oui by Sephora or Pillow Talk by Charlotte Tilbury or Clinique Blush Pop #23 – all similar shades. I always have at least one of those with me no matter what other lipsticks I pack.

    I also love using a good powder foundation in the tropics but because I need concealer anyway this gives me options on a day I want a liquid foundation & a fresh dewy no makeup look.

    I have a few eyeshadows from Mac I use with any palette. Charcoal Brown is my eyeliner and eyebrow in one but I can use it sheered out as a lid or crease shade. Powder foundation on top of concealer is great to use as an allover lid shade to cancel redness or veins. It makes an ideal base to sheer the Charcoal Brown shade out to nothing.

    I do use an eyelid primer after the concealer and before the powder foundation because my eyelids get easily irritated by tropical heat & humidity. Everything doesn’t bunch up, crease or melt either. It’s a tiny tube of Milani & takes almost no room in the TSA liquid allowance bag but for me it’s worth the space.

    Other shades I like in my Mac diy palette are Naked Lunch for shimmer, Blanc Type to lighten dark inner corners, Kid for the crease if I want a change from Charcoal Brown. 4 refill pans. My personal travel palette. But I can get by with a single pot of Charcoal Brown if needed. I keep it in my 4 pan palette but also in a full size single if I don’t want to bother with the quad.

    I also pack mascara & powder blush as well as bronzer.

    I have a mini Tarte blush called Paaarty from a Sephora birthday gift that is even slimmer than the usual Tarte blush which are the easiest lightest slimmest containers anyways. I saw it in a Sephora 2 pack in the Tarte display again recently with lip paint. But if I run out the full size version is almost as light.

    Body Shop has a light slim bronzer in several shades that I love partly because I got a shade that works for me but also the light slim case!

    For brushes: a mini ecotools kabuki for powder foundation, ELF blush brush for blush, a fluffy one from Sephora for bronzer, an eyeliner brush from Clinique for liner and brows, and a couple of Real Techniques for eyes – the crease duo. Almost forgot Real Techniques Setting Brush. That I use with the powder foundation on my eyes after primer and for extra in my t zone or around the nose. Targeted powder work!

    I usually carry a travel size Mac Fix Plus finishing spray in the TSA liquid allowance. It’s great for taking out a powdery matte look with powder foundation or eyeshadow etc. I like the satin glow it leaves & I use it for a spritz of moisture when I feel too dry & parched from flying etc.

    That’s my basics in a nutshell.

  32. I am loving your videos. All these tips are so helpful and will be used on my next journey. You are indeed a God-send… ❤️

  33. love your videos but one idea… when carrying lotion or liquid type stuff in screw cap jars or small bottles that may leak — put a small square of plastic wrap like saran over the opening and then screw the cap on. No more leaking! At least it works for me!

  34. I’m going to see my best friend in Texas and I want to bring a lot of makeup. We will be doing makeup everyday. It’s what we do lol can I bring eye shadow palettes in my carry on? I’m so scared they will break

  35. Hi! I found your YouTube page and it’s exactly what I needed! I have mine and three boys FIRST flight and first trip to WDW in May. I live in CA and flying out of LAX on United. I have what I believe standard economy, from what the agent told me we could each bring a personal and carry on bag. However I’m having so much anxiety about the packing and the flight! Especially for my boys. 12,9 and 7. Do you have any recommendations on backpacks that are approved as a personal item? The measurements for United are really tight, I’m having a hard time finding exact measurements. Also as a girl I am concerned about my makeup. The only liquids I have are my face wash and conceloans setting spray. Do I pack those liquids with my powder makeup as well? And medications, I have to take medication for certain issues and I didn’t know if those had to be packed separately or with the liquids. Also do I pack my liquids and medicine in my personal bag? I want those things with me obviously. Oh and can you pack a hair straightener? It’s the brand CHI. I’m sorry I know so many questions! I just want to minimize what we are taking because I have a fear of checking a bag and it getting lost. Can the boys just each carry a back pack with their clothes rolled in it, so we at least have all of our stuff with us? Thank you!

  36. Unless I am going to a fancy event, I do not take any makeup on trips. When I’m on holiday, so is my face! It is very freeing😀

  37. Nice to meet you Laurie, I'm from Glasgow, Scotland and mostly travel to Europe. Thanks for another great tips video. I wear very little makeup on the plane, just a light BB and some mascara with a touch of bronzer/blusher. Our flights always arrives late at night, so I don't need to worry about touching it up etc, but i do use one of those little misters and some lip balm while on the plane.

  38. Thank you Laurie for all your travel tips. We are traveling to Italy for the first time with only a carry on for 19 days. This is a huge challenge for me, but I'm up for the challenge. I have learned a lot from your tips.

  39. Why do Americans call make up or cosmetic bags a pouch, in good old Ireland we say cosmetic, or washbag, and you say pouch

  40. Mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, make-up remover, face soap in a small pouch is all I need. This hides away in a small pouch inside my bag. Your vids are always inspiring and motivating.

  41. Great video!
    Have you tried using one of your GoTubbs to store your beauty blender charcoal cleansing bar? It looks like it might fit perfectly.

  42. Store the soap in an old cushion foundation container. It fits nicely inside where the sponge used to. Hope this helps

  43. Hi Laurie! About 6 months ago I started a subscription to Ipsy. I love the make up and I get samples of just about everything, more than enough for a week or two. I also now have about 7 cute make up bags , can't decide which to take. All my make up takes up practically no room. I even have dry shampoo and hairspray.

  44. Hey Laurie! I would like to decant my foundation into a smaller container but it is quite liquidy so I’m concerned it will leak in one of those small tubs. Do you have a suggestion?

  45. 1) you look amazing in bright pink
    2) thanks for reminding me to keep it basic. Going on Baltic cruise and need to keep it basic.

  46. Do you have to pack liquids totally separate from everything else ?? Xx and do all the liquids have to be in clear containers xx

  47. So after I’m done putting all of my ‘ liquid ‘ items in a plastic bag, I’m allowed put them back into my Makeup bag?

  48. Hi. Your videos have been so helpful. Taking my first trip this month to New York. I am flying Delta and only taking a carry on for 4 days. No checked bag. I read you can take makeup wipes and baby wipes in your carry on. Should these go in the clear bag for liquids? Thanks.

  49. I have a question? I am not a makeup girl but a hair product girl. How do you pack hair spray? I am flying in December and haven't flown in awhile. I just discovered your channel and your tips are really helpful.

  50. Thank you for your videos. You might want to talk with your Mary Kay consultant about samples that will take up less space and make room for something special you pick up on your travels since you toss the samples.

  51. Your videos helped me so much last week on our trip. Thank you, thank you! You made me a more confident and organized traveler.

  52. I usually put my makeup lotions/potions in contact lens cases. And my makeup remover I get some cotton pads and soak them in that and put it in a ziploc bag. A big handy thing for me is to also have a label maker and label each contact lens container with what's in the container. It seems like I always over pack as I can go over a week and still have a lot left overs (I try using them all up when I get home so I can then refill these little containers before my next trip) – but some of my lotions/potions I don't trust trying to find a replacement while I'm traveling – first too expensive and secondly, I don't want to experiment on beauty while I'm trying to live my best life.

    Personally, I can't stand Marie Kondo…

  53. Thin sheets of packing foam can be cut to size and placed inside the makeup compact. And you're recycling the packing material! I usually bring makeup on vacation and never wear any of it unless our daughter is with us. She likes me to look good in family photos lol!

  54. Hi Laurie! I found a mini flat iron to use as we travel. I could not find an inexpensive mini case for it. So, I went to $tree and got a pot holder and glued it to the shape I need to use as a cover for my mini flat iron! Easy and effective!

  55. "….we are all beautiful in God's sight, makeup does not make us more beautiful on the inside.…"  hits the Subscribe button and the thumbs up

  56. I’m going on my first European trip March of 2020, and I’ve watched and learned from so many of your videos. I love watching you because you are real, about everything. I am older, so not a fan of those who throw out the names of expensive products, or those with “know-it-all” attitudes or personalities. As we age “things” impress us less. You are great and I will anxiously await your next video of tips.

  57. Flanabags has some really cute silicone-like quart sized bags with a little handle/zipper in different patterns—love it for air travel!

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