[360 VR] [ENG SUB] 180527 I am NINE PERCENT’s makeup artist: Innisfree’s heart fluttering 360 VR

This video is subbed by Nine Percent Subs
Translated by: @ultsyanjun
Proofread by: @yxnjuns | Timed by: @namja1to4
Please freely move your phone screen around to
experience 360 degrees of heart-thumping moments! Hi~~ jiejie! CXK: Jiejie, you’re here CXK: We’ve been waiting for you for a long time CXK: Let’s go J: Hello, jiejie! J: Okay, now let’s ask classmate You Zhangjing- YZJ: Yes J: After debuting in Nine Percent, how do you
feel about being at Innisfree for the first time? YZJ: I think being able to film a commercial
for Innisfree is a really joyful thing, right? CLN: Happy! YZJ: Also, let me tell you,
you really don’t know how to hold this thing YZJ: Because… YZJ: My face will look very big like this! J: So are you very happy right now? YZJ: Very happy J: Now, let’s ask Nongnong J: How do you feel right now? CLN: I’m super excited, I was so excited
I couldn’t sleep well last night CLN: So my skin today should be… alright, right? CLN: Jiejie, what do you think? J: Let’s move on to the next person J: Xiao Gui, right? XG: Yeah, what’s up jiejie J: Everyone uses regular speech, let’s not do that J: Let’s do a freestyle XG: No problem! J: Let’s freestyle our mood now XG: Yo yo yo check it XG: Lil’ Ghost XG: ♫ This is an advertisement you’ve never seen before ♫ A new world! XG: ♫ An advertisement that
has never been filmed before ♫ A new world! XG: ♫ Water content in the little green bottle XG: ♫ A new world, woo, yo yo~ CLN: ♫ This is MC Nongnong CLN: ♫ Today, I’ll show you what a new world is CLN: ♫ Ei Ei! CLN: New world! J: Let’s go~ LYJ: Jiejie, you know that my
most charming point are my eyes, right? J: Jiejie J: You know my most
charming point is my mouth, right? CLN: Eww CXK: Jiejie, don’t mind them CXK: My skin is in your hands today CXK: What is this? CLN: This is the product that we’ll be endorsing today CLN: Jeju Green Tea Seed Serum,
a whole new “little green bottle” CLN: Right, jiejie? CXK: So this is the “little green bottle” CXK: A new world of moisturizing CLN: Very moisturizing! CXK: Am I right? YZJ: Hey, this- CLN: That’s too much! YZJ: You just need to apply a little on your face ZZT: Wow, it really is very moisturizing! ZZT: It feels like you can squeeze water out ZZT: Oh, it really is very moisturizing ZZT: I’m not kidding YZJ: That’s why you shouldn’t apply so much CLN & ZZT: Give me some FCC: I applied this for the good
of your skin, otherwise it will be very dry XG: Your skin is just dry FCC: I won’t put it on you, I’ll put it on you CXK: Jiejie, do you want to apply some too? ZZT: Don’t touch him, he said he put some on already XG: What are you doing?
– FCC: I’m putting some more on XG: Are you washing my face?
– Staff: Filming is starting! Okay, let’s go quickly Staff: Okay, we’ll take a 5 minute break,
you can go touch up CLN: Line up! Line up! FCC: Jie, I’ll apply some for you too XG: Huh? XG: Move, what are you doing? XG: Jie, me too WZY: Hey bro, me too Staff: Come over to look at the pictures CLN: Jiejie, let’s look at them together CLN: Let’s go J: Wow, Justin is so handsome! Woahhhh!!! J: Too handsome! YZJ: Too handsome! J: Hey, wait! J: I can imitate Kunkun, see LYJ: The hand, the hand YZJ: Hey look! His skin- his skin
looks like there’s water coming out of it CLN: That’s true, too moisturized! CXK: Truthfully, we really have
to thank jiejie for helping us You’ve worked hard, thank you XG: What is this? XG: Did jiejie prepare this for us? Woah!
– YZJ: Great, we can eat this later ZZT: What should we give jiejie? CXK: Jiejie, you’ve worked hard today CXK: So we’ve prepared a gift for you CXK: 3, 2, 1 Thank you, jiejie!

97 thoughts on “[360 VR] [ENG SUB] 180527 I am NINE PERCENT’s makeup artist: Innisfree’s heart fluttering 360 VR

  1. I had to watch pause rotate watch pause rotate and on and on and on for the entire video 😂
    I wanna see them smile like this all the time 😭😭

    Thank you for the subs! <3

  2. Wow….seems like they all grew close…
    Love their interactions ❤️❤️❤️
    Everyone is so happy….
    Thank you for the 360° 😊😊😊
    Thank you for the subs.. 😍😍😍👏👏✌️

  3. I'm getting dizzy from rotating but I loved it THIS IS THE KIND OF CONTENT I WANT IT THANKS INNISFREE and thank you for subbing <3

    But i watched the whole thing anyway for the boys 😂
    But what i did find cute was them playing around and teasing each other :')
    They all seem super close now so whoo! Cant wait for the reality show!

  5. Lmao innisfree is the most extra skincare company. First they did this with wanna one, now they're doing it with nine percent. It's the cringiest thing in the world but… I'm not gonna lie it's cute hskksjsjjhsjs thanks for uploading!

  6. Thank you for the subs 😭 u guys r saving our poor fans life ❤

    Btw I already watched this video hell no of times still I feel like I didn't watch it completely, I had to play it every time to watch each & every member reaction 😆

  7. Not gonna lie I wasn’t always looking at them. At one point I was looking at the photographer and when I turned around Cheng Cheng scared me. PERSONAL SPACE BRO!

  8. 1:59 Zhangjing disciplining Justin in the background, "What's wrong with you? Doing this (aka flirting shamelessly🤣) at such a young age."

  9. The amount of times I hit the pause button due to extreme cringiness. My hands and toes are curling like iron rod

  10. My heart already mealting OMG, the part when kun kun saw me like i’m his gf and hold my hand😭😭💖💖💖

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  12. Lol. If you wanna watch this, do it in a private area such as your own room. If not people are going look at you like you are crazy as you turn around all over the place. Haha. Speaking from personal experience.

  13. This is too cringey but still adorable!!! <3
    I love seeing Xukun's face like this….no too much makeup. He looks more handsome this way imo. 🙂

  14. Everytime they stared up at the camera and asked, "Right, jiejie?" I answered yes with such enthusiasm my friends stared at me despite the cringey-ness… sigh I stan them all and their cuteness.

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  16. If you get nine percent in your ads that product probably made tons of money for the company because everyone who loves nine percent will buy it like me ,even if they need it or not

  17. Xukun: you worked hard today
    Me laying in bed wearing pj, watching the whole video 6372929373628 Times ti ser everyone : HELL YEAH I DID


  19. Thank you Innisfree for this superb content material. Now I can go on a date with my nine boys.

    Also thanks for the eng sub, you are awesome!

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