3 Edgy Eyeliner Looks You Need To Try || Glamrs Makeup Tutorial

Eyeliner! A single product that can be used in so many different ways and you don’t need any pro skills to experiment with them. A little bit of colour can instantly sex up your look, and make you feel like a total badass! Hi, I’m Saachi and welcome back to Beauty Guide with Myntra. Now whether you’re into super bold looks or the mysterious cat eye, I have put together three super exciting eyeliner looks that will completely blow your mind! Gel eyeliners might seem terrifying at first, because they come with a separate brush to apply them with. But trust me, it’s totally worth the effort especially if you love experimenting with different versions of the cat eye. They are pretty easy to use, long lasting and great for people that are fairly new to applying a liner. Using a coloured eyeliner start from the inner corner of your lash line moving outward and create a wing in the downward direction. Now use a black gel liner over the already existing coloured liner and create a wing in the upward direction. The colour of an eyeliner can instantly brighten and bring out the natural colour of your eyes with minimal effort, which is always great. Add some mascara to finish off the look. You get gel liners in an amazing range of colours, starting from subtle pinks to bright purples, so experiment and be the centre of attention at every function you attend. Let me be the first one to say this liquid liners can be scary as hell. But master their use and they are perfect for creating lines that swoop or flick, and just ooze drama. If you need precision, this is the liner of choice. Start by lining your lash line from the inner corner, towards the outside to create a classic wing. Then start by lining your lower lash line from the centre of your eye, to create a diagonal line going downwards. Then connect the two by drawing a line from the outer corner of the eyes on the lower lashline to the diagonal line created. This edgy yet subtle makeup look instantly lifts up your makeup game whether it’s lunch, dinner or a girls night out in no time! When your liner is more like a pen it’s not hard to get creative. Felt tip liners are great for beginners or people with wobbly hands as they give you all kind of lines thick, thin, or winged, with absolute ease. Start by dabbing on some eyeshadow onto your lids just below the crease line. Draw a winged liner from the inner corner of the upper lash line. Create a socket by drawing a line from the tip of your wing towards the crease. Now draw a line below your lower lash line starting from the inner corner and following the shape of your eyes. Once you reach the outer corner make sure to wing it upwards. Get ready to master this look and have heads turning at every celebration or music festival you grace with your presence! Now that you have mastered and know how to pull off these eye catching looks, you’ll never have a boring makeup day ever again! All these amazing products can be found on Myntra so head on across and pick out what you need. I hope you found this video helpful. Tune in on for the next episode in this series Beauty Guide with Myntra. I’m Saachi, and until next time stay tuned and stay Glamrs.

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