2018 Makeup Trends feat. @infinitely_cindy | ipsy Open Studios Presents (Official Vertical Video)

Look at this! This is so
attention-grabbing. This is gonna be the trend for 2018. Hi everyone! My name is
Cindy Thai, otherwise known as @infinitely_Cindy on YouTube. I’m also an ipsy
Open Studios creator. My passion for makeup comes from the makeup and
beauty industry. They’re constantly putting out new products. There’s always
something new, something to get excited about. Today I’m going to be talking
about my personal predictions for the makeup and beauty trends of 2018. So,
let’s be real! We all love our champagne highlighter, but 2018, gold highlighter is
taking over. This is the Fenty Beauty Kilawatt highlighter in ‘Trophy Wife.’ It’s so pigmented and so unique. We’re so used to seeing rose gold
or light golds. This is a true yellow tone gold. It’s so beautiful on the skin
because it makes your skin look radiant, tan and it really does highlight well. It
really draws the eyes to those spots with this beautiful gold color. Start
slowly, build it up with your highlight brush. I love highlighting my
cupid’s bow and I think that’s the perfect place to just add a pop of color,
your cupid’s bow and your inner corner. Those two are super easy to highlight
and really showcase that gold highlight. My second pick of makeup or beauty trend
is going to be the return of glossy lips! It’s a hot trend, especially since Fenty
Beauty came out with Gloss Bomb and Fenty Glow. It’s a universal lip gloss
that just showcases a natural nude glossy lip. A lot of other brands have
put out glossy, whether it’s natural lip glosses or clear lip gloss products
throughout the couple months. So 2018, just might be the year that glossy lips
finally take over. Look at this this is so attention-grabbing! This is
gonna be the trend for 2018. Alright, now my third pick for 2018: beauty
supplements! Now everyone knows 2017 was the year of skincare. So many brands that
normally don’t do skin care put out skin care products. My personal
favorite of 2017 were those bubbling detoxifying sheet masks.
Oh my gosh! I love those, but I think 2018 is going to give a new aspect to
skincare and that’s going to be in the form of taking care of your skin, not
with topical products but starting with from within. So like here we have a
biotin soft chocolate chew. Biotin is really really good for your nails and
for your hair. There’s other ones like this beauty one that has collagen and
other vitamins that are supposed to be good for your skin. I saw these, they’re
drink mixes that you mix with water or lemonade or whatever you want. It’s
collagen and it’s supposed to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and increase
hydration. I think these are going to make a big splash in the mass market for
2018. It’s so easy, now that a lot of
people are hooked on skincare taking care of this skin this industry can
simply pivot and be like “Oh hey! Good skin starts from within!” That means
taking care of your body and using our supplements. You’re definitely gonna see
a lot of this in 2018. My fourth pick is going to be chunky glitter. Now 2017 was
super big on fine glitter and also a lot of festival makeup. Everyone loves
glitter, but you don’t really know how to wear it. Recently because of festival
makeup everyone’s been seeing, “oh I can add some glitter here, right under my eye
or in my inner corner.” However, it is I can add a little glitter into my life.
Like chunky glitter, not fine tiny little bits of glitter eye shadow, but actual glitter. I think it’s gonna be a hit! Okay and then for the fifth trend, it’s
going to be one that’s extremely personal to me. That’s just using one
matte eyeshadow color all over your lid and creating a nice eye shadow
shape from it. 2017 was the year of cut crease, halo eyes and all these
really skill intensive eyeshadow looks but I think in 2018 people are gonna
simplify their makeup down. Again, glossy lips, super-easy simple highlight and
simple matte all-over lid color. It’s a really beautiful look. It’s artsy,
simple and not skill intensive. Honestly, anyone can do it. I think
a lot of people will do it in 2018. For the sixth trend, it goes
along with that matte lid color and that’s just using a bright iridescent
inner corner highlight. It’s really fun to get to play with fun colors. This
is such a mermaid pink iridescent gold color that I would probably not put all
over my lid, but in my inner corner. I definitely
would do that and it’s such an easy way to incorporate a pop of color. It’s
not intimidating! All you’re doing is putting in the inner corner; that’s
why I think this will be a really easy to do be a beautiful trend for 2018.
Those are my 2018 makeup and beauty trend picks! If you think I missed
anything or if you agree with any of my trend predictions comment down below and
let me know! If you want to see more of my videos, check me out at @infinitely_Cindy on YouTube. Thank you all so much for watching and I hope you all have an amazing 2018! Bye!

15 thoughts on “2018 Makeup Trends feat. @infinitely_cindy | ipsy Open Studios Presents (Official Vertical Video)

  1. Supplements are junk. Never fall for them unless you have a deficiency. Just because they say they "may" do something doesn't mean they do.

  2. I love all of your predictions but so far I haven’t seen ANYONE do ANY of these….🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ I think contour is gonna make a come back in 2018 and DEFINITELY the glossy lip you’re right about that…. I think the fierce thick gel/liquid/felt tip winged liner is gonna be out in 2018 and the SHADOW LINER is gonna be HUGE cuz I’ve seen so so so so so so much if it ALREADY it’s easy it’s foolproof and it’s beautiful and definitely amps up any look softer edges in 2018 my friends!!! I’m still seeing cut creases and bold looks but I think as the year progresses the looks will get softer yet still fierce and edgy!!!! I enjoyed this video very much!!! Thanks for sharing 😁

  3. Oh my God are your predictions are things that I already do and have been doing since I was like 12 so I'm maybe I'm ahead of the game

  4. I love all of these, but except for the gold highlight and glitter, those are my everyday looks. Have a liquid collagen supplement, tinted balm, quick neutral lid with mascara, blush and poof – I'm out the door!

  5. Agreed to all of these predictions : glowing skin, glossy lips, and monochromatic eye looks with bold brows are all on the rise.💗💜💗 Do what makes you happy.💕

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