2 Fast & Effective Beauty Tips for Hair & Makeup Dome Brush

Hi, Sharon Danley here with another Two Minute Tips. This week’s its about two tips in two minutes. First tip – want to wear your hair curled but you you haven’t got time for a
variety of different reasons and you need to get on a boat your day well
here’s a fast and easy tip with just a sponge roller and a scrunchie so I’m
going to take all my hair and put it up into a ponytail now with people who have
hair about this length you you know some of you wear your hair though for those
with curly hair you wear you know a roller tube and maybe in the top Erlik
or a sock bun or something like that well this is kind of the same thing only
for day wear now I’m taking this sponge roller and wrapping it around the hair
now the thing I love about sponge rollers is you can make the curl as
tight or as loose as you want depending on how tightly you roll it okay now now
that that’s in let me just pull back a little bit more then you take your
scrunchie and you simply put it over top like so
and then you make sure that you use the scrunchie hair to cover over the roller
secure with a bobby pin and then you’re good to go about the day doing
your errands or whatever at day’s end you got a date with hubby or whoever and
you want to let your hair down and flowing you just whip off your scrunchie
take out the roller turn your head upside down and back
ala rita hayworth and you’ve got some wonderful girls that are fresh and
vibrant and tip number two I have a dome brush here that is in my rather massive
collection of brushes that I’ve had over the years I needed a denser brush for
around my eyes so I needed a smaller one but there’s no way I’m gonna go buy
another brush so what I did was I took an elastic band and I simply wrapped it
around the base of the brush as many times as you need to what that’s doing
is making the brush more dense because it’s bringing the bristles in and
tightening them up there now that’s that’s smaller and it’s more dense so
let me just get a little closer here for you so what I like to use it for is when
I’m putting on my makeup I need to push what they do a finish powder I push it
in like this and push it along here like that
I also push it around the nose and around the corners of the mouth why
because it pushes the makeup in better when you do it there’s several ways to
wear your dual finish powder and you can put on with just a sponge with a dense
Bunch for you no more difficult areas with a with a regular foundation brush
or whenever it all depends on what your skin needs are but I’ve noticed for me
because you know I’ll have a picture here hopefully of how I look normally
and but I’m finding that my eyes need to have I needed to push
and I found that this is this really works well the other thing that I’ve
done is I’ve started using the go Mac long-wear Pro Longwear concealer
sometimes I just mean sometimes after I’ve put my makeup on then I put a
little bit of concealer in where it needs it and then I put take this brush
to add just a little bit more powder overtop works great for the entire day
so that’s it I currently do you can wear during the day in camouflage and a dome
brush made nice and dense for the inner corners of your eyes. Hope those helped.
We’ll see you next time.

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