100 thoughts on “10 minute everyday makeup routine for when ur running late as usual

  1. Nina: this video is not going to be 10 minutes
    Also Nina: the video is 11 minutes

    Love you, Nina! I am not always in a rush but this work for when I have to go to work and I wanted to sleep more that night haha

  2. "now i cant go without blush", this shows how long ive been watching Nina because I still remember when she still wouldn't use powder and blush omg haha, what a glow up 🤠❤

  3. Eu adoraria se alguém pudesse legendar em português (escrevi ali embaixo usando o Google Translate kk)

    I would love if anyone could subtitle in Portuguese

  4. So,I’m reading all these comments about “how the turned have tables” , and I’m reading it like “how the tables have turned” and I’m like,why do y’all think this is funny?

  5. the beginning of the video played and little did I know my phone was attatched to my massive speaker on FULL VOLUME

  6. So beautiful ♡ since I started uni I only use this kind of make up because I'm always in a rush and doing my make up in 10 to 12 minutes. Thankful for the inspiration 😊

  7. "This is for my people out there who are constantly in a rush because the don't know how to manage their time"


  8. nina: this routine requires almost no brushes, it's just your hands 🙂
    me: yes finally something I can do :,)
    nina: 7:18, 9:07, 10:01
    me: wait… 🙁

  9. I have the weirdest eyes so even if I wanted to wear eyeliner it won’t show up unless I make it thicc. Like a centimetre thick. My eyelids fold near my eyelashes so it hides the eyeliner :((

    I have yet to find a way to make eyeliner to show up on my lids.

  10. "don't know how to manage your time" more like know how to manage your time but actively don't because you just want to finish this video and 17 more and eat this bar of chocolate and a 3rd cup of coffee and play new songs in superstars and

  11. The most practical routine i could actually give it a try….cos m such a noob when it comes to makeup. …thnks neen for sharing this .

  12. I wasn't paying attention for the first few seconds and I thought Marco or Polo started off the video with a bark

  13. You can achieve this look if you are pro at makeup for people like me that rarely use makeup it took for about 30min+ 😂😂

  14. the way you do your eyeliner is so pretty!! 6:38 that's literally me every time i try to do my eyeliner which is why i have opted for an eyeliner-free look now lmao 😂 I JUST CAN'T GET IT RIGHT

  15. Because of the redness and dark circles on my face, just blending the foundation takes 10 mins 🙃🙄 But rest of the make up is 5 mins so 🤷🏻‍♀️😁

  16. The fact that I do my eyeshadow exactly like this bc I'm always late is crazy… 😅
    Except for the eyeliner, bc that requires too much effort and patience 😥

  17. Holy cow dude, you’re so cute. Your hair is SO CUTE. If you ever have downtime and need a video idea, pls tell me what u do with your hair bc my hair texture is similar but I can’t get it to look that damn cute.

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