10 best hair products I’m using for my blonde dry damaged hair

hello hello hello my name is Chantsy
and welcome to my channel today’s video is all about my 10 favorite hair
products hair tools styling products that I’m using right now and then I just
wanted to share with you guys typically what I end up using changes so
this is what I’m presently using and loving and I thought I would share it
with you so if you have blonde hair dry hair thick hair coarse hair frizzy hair
you’re gonna want to stay and watch the rest of this video if you guys are new
welcome if you guys are coming back for more thank you so much I hope I’m your
guilty pleasure let’s jump right in when it comes to shampoo and conditioner for
some reason I like to stick to a set right now I’m using unite luxury pearl
and honey conditioner and pearl and honey shampoo although I’m new to the
YouTube world I have most of my following on Instagram and those guys
know that I am a hair ambassador for the hair public beauty lounge salon and so I
get to try all their products and they carry unites it’s not available at all
hair salons so anyway so I’m really blessed that I get to try all kinds of
amazing products I also get a 20% off discount which helps here in Ottawa you
can too if you use my code Chansey 20 you get 20% off all spa services and on
their products as well so again unite I purchased this at hoerr public this is
the 7 second conditioner and it’s a detangler and leave-in conditioner and
oh my god this is life changer I will always have this in my kit I don’t care
what shampoo I’m using I almost have to like apply lightly because it works so
well so I’ll use the shampoo and conditioner to wash in and condition and
then I let my hair kind of dry in a towel I take it out and it’s usually a
ratty mess a couple sprays of this and your brush goes right through it’s like
butter I wish I had this when I was a kid because my mom used to hurt me
mom I hope you’re watching so anyways highly recommend especially if you have
kids with like long hair get some of this the next thing is of course I have
blonde hair and I want to keep it as ashy as possible so I always use a
purple shampoo right now this is the one I recommend a thousand percent
it’s so dark it’s almost navy blue it’s amazing but what it also does it’s
almost conditions your hair at the same time so I was blending it with like just
a little cheap shampoo when we were away on our trip and it like saves your hair
it makes it sticky smooth and it just conditions it so it’s not as dry so this
one is L’Oreal professional color corrector blondes they also have a cream
a leave-in conditioner cream that’s also very good but right now I’m sticking to
this because with the luxury shampoo and conditioner it’s already very
moisturizing so I need to be careful how much moisture I’m putting in there
because example today I felt like my hair was very greasy so I had to use dry
shampoo this is another huge staple in my kit I like the bestest line this one
is nice it has like a tropical scent to it I have different variations there’s
also like a double XL one where there’s a bit of hair crack in it so it gives
you that like volume if you want to add a little bit of volume to it but it is
sort of like crusty so I like to stick to this it’s more of an everyday thing
we’re doing good segues right now the next the next thing I call it hair crack
but what is it powder up texturizer they have different like very gradients of
like how strong it is this one’s like right in the middle this is an old one I
don’t use it that much but if you want to do the like Snooki puffs or like I
have at the back of my head is very flat so sometimes I like a little bit of
volume back here or if you want to just like pump up your bangs here let me do a
little Sam oh I feel like we all know how to use this don’t be it just like it
because you got a commit cuz in your hair
open first couple little sprinkles and then you
just like shake it in your head but it really gives volume you just have to be
careful because you don’t want like a rat’s nest and you don’t want the rat’s
nest to show so there’s some volume let’s do it on this side to make it
balanced also for me I have obviously blonde hair so I don’t mind if products
lighten up the root I can’t speak to what this does to like brown hair or
dark hair see little wool you it’s perfect when your roots are oily too so
same thing goes for the bestest dry shampoo I like this because I’m blonde
and it does lighten up the root a little bit but again I don’t mind that because
when your oily roots because like when your roots are oily it gets dark so I
like it if it lightens up so I cannot speak to how this works for brunettes
and for girls with like black hair okay I like the order I did this in because
it’s like working and I’m using all the products the next thing is hairspray so
I love this is number one elastic so it’s a little bit of a flexible hold
I have session spray which is number three so it like really really holds
strong and it’s a little bit more crusty but this one has like a nice flexible
hole to it I also like the smell and I like that it doesn’t get gummed up um a
lot of these hair sprays get like gummed up at the tip this one doesn’t okay not
too much not too much okay I like natural hair and of course before all
these products go in my tools that I’m using I love this curler I can’t do the
like finger thing I have really thick hair and I feel like it takes time to do
the thing and I don’t like to burn myself but I’m also just like I’m my
hands are used to this tool so this is the Nano titanium from baby list and I
believe it’s an inch and a quarter it’s a jumbo jumbo
it like it just gives waves that’s what I want waves I don’t want like tight
ringlets so I love this guy also what does this remind you of mmm hi there I’m
immature so just to finish off on tools this brush is amazing it’s really good
for teasing and I like how it has a fine tip here so you can do all your parts so
you can do that and because I added the hair crack little tease tease tease you
know what I mean but it’s awesome I love it especially in
the back so you like do your little part tease tease tease and then you can just
smoothen the outside no I’m saying I don’t want to have like
teased hair right now so I’m not doing it but you guys get the gist also
because I have a lot of hair I love these big paddle brushes supersoft this
one has like a gummy grip to it and then of course you need a great round brush I
always go for a really big one this is just one that I picked up on Amazon I
find eventually all the bristles get burnt off anyways but what I look for is
a mix of boar bristle and just the acrylic bristles and then I like when
the the pull I don’t know what these things are cool when it’s metal and then
when there’s holes in it because the heat goes in and then it just blow dries
a lot faster and then the metal like smooths and smooth and smooth and makes
smooth the hair this one says ceramic ionic apparently the ceramic piece like
it doesn’t last long it kind of wears down so another reason why you need to
replace it but always I always go for the big big big Bubba well there you go
guys that’s what I’m using for for my hair right now let me know in the
comments down below have you tried any of these products have you wanted to try
these products or do you have any products of your own that you want me to
try so again I have dry damaged bleached frizzy thick hair I mean I wouldn’t have
it any other way I like my hair but I need to put time into it I just I can’t
just wake up but I do find that whatever I do to it it usually
stays so bless if you guys like this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs
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now thanks guys we’ll see you in the next video bye

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