🌺MiroPure TriFold 24 LEDS Lighted 🌹 Dimmable Makeup Mirror Product Review 👈

Hey Guys
I have a new makeup mirror It’s not just an ordinary mirror
This one has some really amazing features This is made by MiroPure and it’s a trifold
light bar dimmable mirror with 24 LED lights and it has a touch screen with 1, 2 or 3 magnification
I have been wanting a trifold mirror so that it’s possible to see a side view when applying
makeup or fixing my hair Here’s the box that it came in
This side has 2 times and 3 times magnification so in addition to the regular mirror the magnification
allows you to better view tweezing your eyebrows or applying mascara
so using this the lighting is bright so that you see everything you need to be able to
see to put eyeliner on and I like the 2 x and 3 x magnification so you can see things
a lot closer so you don’t have to zoom in or go in so it is very helpful and I really
like using it It is also fairly lightweight so if you want
to move this to a different part of the room, you just lift it up and go
It comes with a usb cable so you can use that or 4 AA batteries
So here is the back of the mirror and as you can see, there is a switch to turn it on and
then off So the master switch is on the back, but on
the front there is touch control to turn on the light you desire
It is dimmible and it gets brighter when you hold it so it just went from dim to bright
and now from bright to dim you just press this circle right here and
it is fairly simple to use you can even turn it off once
so the mirror rotates in any direction you want
The mirror is 10 inches tall and 7 .8 inches wide when the sides are closed and if you
flip these out they are an extra 3.5 inches added to the width
So, to recap, this is the Miropure trifold LED dimmable makeup mirror with magnification
Thanks for watcing

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