🌺 Oenbopo FOLDABLE LED LIGHTED VANITY MIRROR 🌞Makeup Mirror Product Review 👈

So today I have a new makeup mirror that’s
really cool It’s made by Oenbopo It has 16 LED lights you can, of course, use
it with or without the lights It has touch control – here with the button
and that’s a great feature and it adjusts the brightness you can make it dim or really
bright There is also no cord to deal with so it’s
easy to move around I like to sit on my bid while I apply makeup
so I would not want to deal with a cord It used 4 AA batteries which I have already
installed I have the white finish here but it also comes
in black and pink as well Here’s how the light works
You just press the button and it will turn on
and you can hold it down or you can hold it down again and it will get dimmer to where
it is nothing so what I like about this as well is the adjustable base you can have it
vertical in both directions and you can format it to however you want it to sit so you are
able to see With this you can put this on your vanity
or other surface at whatever angle you prefer This is so easy to turn on and off
In addition to the touch control on the front there is an on off switch on the back It’s also really nice to use the stand to
hold it up just in case you want to get closer to whatever you are doing to your face
This makes putting on makeup a lot easier So this is easy to use it is a lighted cordless
mirror that is both attractive and very functional thanks for watching

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