[ 이게 진짜 될까? ] 3초면 준비&정리 끝? 퀵파우치로 화장시간 절약과 쉬운 정리가 될까? | 윤쨔미 메이크업

Hello, everyone! This is Yoon Charmi~ Guys, How do you arrange your cosmetics? During makeup, do you tend to put your products back where they were , or do you just put them here and there on your dressing table? When you do makeup in the busy morning, it’s easy for you to be in a rush, so you scatter them on the table and you have no time to clean them up, and then you come back from work You might get hit by your mom… And it’s also really hard to see what’s inside of your pouch, so you might have gone through taking out all the things from your pouch. I think many of you have experienced the same thing. So for today’s Yoon Charmi’s laboratory! ‘Does it really work?’ Today’s topic is…! Tada~ Quick beauty pouch!! Well, some of you who is really good at cleaning and organizing might not understand… To be honest, I’m not good at organizing. So I have a lot worries on organizing cosmetic products that I have. But as soon as I found this stuff, Get ready, and clean your makeup stuffs in 3 seconds! Just open and wrap, it’s all done! Got charmed by this phrase, I can’t help myself buying it! I bought it from G-something 2 months ago, for 6,900 own, free delivery. Reading the direction, You can easily clean your stuffs up just by slide and cinch the rope. Recently for my daily makeup, I pick the products from these three pouches. This one is for the Yoon Charmi edition products, And this one is, for my daily items! And this is for eyelash tweezers, glue and some of small brushes. And additionally, I also have a pouch that contains my daily brushes! Oh, it’s four! I take out some products from those pouches for makeup, so my dressing table is always super messy. As you guys already know, I live with the king of cleaning. Do you think he just looks and passes by my messy dressing table? So it’s time to check out this quick beauty pouch. Does it really gonna shorten my prep time? Or is it really worth to buy and use?! Let’s find out! Tada~ Velvet? Oh… Something is on the pouch. Small piece of thread. Just take that off. Black outside, and silver inside. We can use it as a reflecting plate! Tada~ It’s kinda small. She put this much, but it’s much smaller than I expected! Is it big…? It’s as big as my trunk… Oh. Let’s see. Oh… It’s.. Wow! Wow!!! Guys, this is amazing! Here’s a zipper, And inside is really deep! Can you see? This is a whole zipper thing!! And a rope! Oh, you can make a lucky bag with this rope! And it feels like… velvet. But it’s kinda short, so it’s not that soft It’s a bit rough. Soft but rough. And the inside is… really like a reflecting plate. It’s like this. Oh, it stretches. So it claims that we can open or close it at one go! Let’s check it out! Firstly, I’ll close this pouch. One, two, three! What? Tada! It becomes this small!! (So smaller than expected) (Smile of resignation) It’s as small as my fist. Oh, it’s good to have this kind of stopper. It doesn’t gonna be opened easily, which means, it’s not gonna make my your bag messy. And let’s open this. Take off the stopper… One, two Succeeded in three tries. And… let’s find out how many of cosmetic product can be carried in this pouch! Let’s put my must-have daily items first. Why? If you see the picture, it claims that this amount of products can be stored in this pouch. Firstly, let’s put pore professional. I can’t live without it. Must- have. Cushion, of course. And glitter brush. Okay. Let’s check. Does it gonna work? Get in, get in! Oh, I can see the possibility! Now there’s no need to get hit by mom! Tada~ Tie it tightly. Success!! (I put a hot patch on my wrist cuz I got something during the workout) What do you think? Does it gonna fall out? Let’s find that out. Am I too harsh? Wow, success! Then.. let’s put more things in! Because you know, your mood changes daily, when you are on trip. In that case, we should carry more colors. Add pink. Tada~ Some of them slide down. Close it! Close it! Umm… This highlighter is just about to fall. This is an expensive one. Let’s swing it. One, two! (Oh my!!) It wasn’t cracked! That freaks me out!!! Thankfully, it wasn’t cracked. Thank god!!! You shouldn’t put too much in this pouch! I saw it on the website, It claims that if there’s something on its silver fabric, you can remove it very easily. Of course, let’s find out whether it’s true or not! Let’s smear on it. Let’s say this pencil is rolling in the pouch. Oh, so soft! So scary. Okay. So it’s rolling in the pouch like this. I didn’t close the mascara and just put it in the pouch! I just put is down for a sec and… Oh my!!! And more… Okay. Done with smearing. Oh my god. Tint is almost gone. Yes. I’m erasing it. It’s wiped quite well! Oh my!!! This pencil…!! Oh… I can wipe this powder thing quite easily. I can erase this much with a wet tissue. Then what about cleansing tissue? I think this will work better. Oh… Why did I do that on the new product!? Oh my god!! This silver color has discolored. It gets discolored when you keep wiping it. Unexpectedly, I’m not sure that’s because I wipe it right after smearing them, but anyway, tint, mascara and blusher are easily wiped. But not in the case of eyeliner… Shocking. What should I do? It breaks my heart. I don’t even actually use it!!! Today’s Yoon Charmi’s laboratory! ‘Does it really work?’ Done with today’s experiment! Quick beauty pouch! Today’s score is…. Yes!!! The reason I gave ‘Yes’ is, First of all, I bought it for 6,900 won, without any delivery fee. I like this product in terms of price. I think it’ll be good for travel or a night out. But it’s design is right in the middle of unchic and chic. But this is not my style. I don’t think it’s cute or pretty. What do you think about this quick beauty pouch? Do you think it’s useful? And if you have some beauty items that you are curious about, please share in comment!! Your subscription means so much for Yoon Charmi, So please don’t forget to subscribe my channel! That’s it for today’s video! See you in the next video! Thank you for watching my video! Bye bye~

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  1. 오오 저 화장도구모아둔통 아리따움에서 3만원이상 사면주는거울이담겼던케이스같군요ㅋㅋㅋ저는회색받았는데..부러워용민트도있었다던데

  2. 언니 그 파우치에 뭐 넣을때 살짝 오므려서 벽을만들고화장품을 넣은다음에 완전히 오므리는거옝요

  3. 윤쨔미 언니 너무 예뻐용 그리고 매일 언니 영상 보고있어욤^^ 언니 사랑해용♡♡♡♡ 언니 꼭 답장 해주세욤 ^^~~~~~~♡♡♡

  4. 아니 제가 홈플러스에 화장품가게있어서 어퓨로 가서 젤 틴트 사려하는데 어퓨 매장이없데요😢😢😢😢

  5. 저거 살짝 닫고서 넣으면 많이들어가고 잘 닫혀요~!!ㅎㅎ그리고 지퍼에도 넣어보세요~!!ㅎㅎ

  6. 전 정리할 화장품이 없습니닷!(당당
    핸드크림5개랑 틴트2개 립스틱2개 립밤3개랑 스킨로션이 다에욥ㅋㅋ

  7. 쿠팡에 360도 회전하는 화장대가있는데가격이 29900인갑? 어쨋든 이거 사서 리뷰해주세요

  8. 헐…윤쨔미님 손목다치셨나여? ㅠ
    밴드가 붙어 있길래..ㅠㅠ

  9. 윤쨔미님 이 영상 저희집 티비 3번 채널인가? 나왔어요(해설과 함께)!!!!!

  10. 쨔미언니 쌍액 해보세요.
    쌍액은 쌍커풀 액인데요 쌍커풀을 크게 만들 수 있는 재품이에요.
    다이소 같은데에서 구매할 수 있어용.

  11. 저 퀵파우치 화장품 꺼낼때 조금만피거나 다 필땐 책상 같은거 있어야할 것 같음
    그리고 또 다폈는데 굴러다니고 그래서 짜증날듯

  12. 처음에 파우치에 화장품 넣어보고 막 던질때 안에있는 섀도우 깨질까봐 조마조마하다 ..

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