我的日常妆 My Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Hello everyone! Today i’m gonna be teaching you guys how to do my everyday makeup Okay before putting on makeup, I will apply moisturizer everyday The one I’m using right now is called “Oil-Free Hydrating Cream from Perricone MD” After that, I am going to apply my primer It’s not hard for you guys to notice that my skin has some acnes Actually my skin now has stopped breaking out actively It may seem very red and inflamed But it’s actually getting much better and smoother Sadly they left me with those scars on my face So first of all, I’m gonna apply primer So the one I’m using right now is REALLY good If you are looking for a primer that not only has SPF in it, but also feels pretty silky You gotta try this one It’s called “SUPERGOOP UNSEEN SUNSCREEN” With SPF 40 After primer, I will start to apply concealer I’m actually not a fan of the concealer i’m using right now But there is nothing I can do for now since it’s the only one i have right now I have already purchased a new one though So i have to wait for a couple days to get my new concealer This one was actually purchased for a very long time Maybe it has been expired already? I don’t know I’ve bought for a couple of years Or it really has expired But I feel bad if I don’t use it up So i’m gonna stick to it for now You can spot my acnes very easily from this side So i’m gonna hide them first Don’t laugh at me This is a concealer sample I got from SEPHORA Why did I get a concealer sample? Because I was going to buy the foundation at store But at the time my shade was completely sold out The store assistant just gave me this little sample to try out This one is really good I really love it! It is “Hourglass VANISH SEAMLESS LIQUID FOUNDATION” The shade I’m using is WARM IVORY This foundation is very high-coverage So with very few foundation should be enough First i’m applying it to the area where I have my acnes Gently tap on the face And then I will use a small face brush to blend out Gently tapping them into my skin And It’s very easy to conceal And then I’m gonna do the same process on the other side of my cheek as well Tap, tap, tap Next I’m going to apply my foundation i’ve recently purchased this one It’s called “BECCA AQUA LUMINOUS PERFECTING FOUNDATION” with the shade “LIGHT” I used to choose all the mattifying products But now as I’m getting older I feel like those luminizing skins actually look younger Mattifying products makes you more wrinkles Although I”m not saying I am old I’m turning 26 this year But still, 26-year-old cannot compare to 16-year-old Anyways I like to use a more hydrating foundation so to keep my skin moisturized and less dry I think everyone is wondering that why my forehead has such a dark tone It doesn’t align with my other parts of the face But the doctor said some people are just like that Some people just have more pigments on their foreheads Wow it’s getting dark now Next I’m gonna use powder Or is it called loose powder? This one is pressed though I don’t know if it really counts as a “loose powder” I really love using this powder Why I love this powder so much? It’s because it feels so silky on your face You don’t have to apply too much because too much powder will make your skin looks dry So I only use it to hide my pores Sometimes I really hate the process of drawing my eyebrows Especially when your eyebrows are like mines How can you possibly draw them? How to save your brows I’m jealous of those who have darker and thicker eyebrows The eyebrow liner I’m using is BROW WIZ from ANASTASIA with the shade CARAMEL Next I’m going to use…(what to call it) my bronzer Just take a brush to….wow this brush is seriously so dirty No wonder I have acnes Now I’m applying a little bronzer on here And then i like to take some more on my nose bridge so that it can have some colors Next step is for blush This one is the shade “Fairy Flush” from “TARTE AMAZONIAN CLAY 12-HOUR BLUSH” I have no doubt that this blush claim it lasts for 12-HOUR It really does its job every time I apply it Don’t apply too much or you want to look like a monkey And next step is for this gigantic bottle, which i have no idea of when am i going to use up This can be used to highlight my skin Take a beauty blender and gently tap it I got smoother skin on this side afterbecause of this product Next I’m going to start to do my eye makeup I don’t usually apply too many products on my eyes I like to keep them natural First i’m using this eye primer from SMASHBOX PHOTOFINISH LID PRIMER This helps to absorb oil on my eyelids Because i have very oily eyelids If I don’t use eye primer, my eyeshadows will fall out after a couple hours Then I’m going to use my favourite eyeshadow palette I teamed up with PIXI X to create this beautiful palette in 2018 We created this makeup palette together It comes with this brow pencil, no it’s a eyeliner** It has liquid on one side and pencil on the other side Why is this eyeliner so good? It’s because it stays forever Even after you cried or you have super oily eyelids It stays! That’s why I’m in love with the eyeliner This kit only costs $20, or around $19.99 So it’s a really good deal It has six shades in this palette which I picked by myself And they are all time favourite as well If it’s only for everyday makeup I will only use this shade called “GIRL” I will use my own finger to apply it on my eyelids I just gently put them on my eyelids which makes my eyes look awake Next I’m going to curl my eyelashes After that I will apply masacara I’ve been loving this mascara lately It’s from a Japan brand called “HEROINE MAKEUP SUPER WATERPROOF MASCARA” My friend introduced this to me And I’ve been obsessed with it ever since If your eyelashes are short as mine Or your eyelashes just won’t hold after applying mascara I really recommend this to you For me, I got really thin eyelashes So everytime i apply mascara they’re just too heavy to stay curled This one is really long-lasting maybe because it’s water-proof My eyelashes will curl so much after using this That’s all for my everyday makeup look Very simple For my lip, i won’t apply any colored lipstick if I already have lip balm on But if i really want to add some colors to my lip I will use this “COLOURPOP LUX LIPSTICK – cinammon creme” I like to use it on the center of my lip Tap twice That will be it Okay that’s all for today’s makeup tutorial I hope you enjoy the video Hopefully my Chinese is not that bad If you are interested in any of the products I mentioned, i will link them in the description box below Please open it and check them out Time flies It’s time to say goodbye I’ll see you next time! Bye Bye

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  2. I been using your pixi eyeshadow palette everyday now and i have hit pan! Time to get a new one!!! 🙂

  3. Hi Weylie, thank you for using Cantonese in this video. Both my parents speak Canto but I was never in the habit of using it at home, but now I'm trying to use it more and often so that I won't lose this part of my heritage and culture and connection with them in the future. I really enjoyed this!

  4. I loved that you spoke Cantonese! Also as a fellow ABC, i totally relate to you not being able to say EVERY SINGLE thing in Chinese and have to say it in English. Love it!

  5. Ur Cantonese really makes my heart fill up with that homey-warmth. I'm still trying to learn as much as I can just so I can converse with my mom's side of the family

  6. Think this might be my first time ever commenting on any YouTube video. Thanks for this! I really enjoyed listening to you speak Canto and it really inspires to go watch more Canto videos to try and pick it back up. My speaking has pretty much all faded after I moved out from my Gran's house… If you/ anyone reading this can recommend any good HK dramas and where I could watch them with English subtitles it would be greatly appreciated! Love you Weylie! 💚

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