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  1. If you're new to Cynthia channel, what you need to do are:
    1. Read the video description, Cynthia tell lots of information we international fans need.

    2. Read her reply, to people comments because she also give an explaination.

    You're so kind Cynthia, thank you for your videos and sub and everything. Let's support WYB and XZ until the end ❤

  2. I know that these few days there are many rumours abt them going around. Different groups of fans are having wars and everything seems to be in chaos. It’s most probably the second wave of XZ & YB’s competitors spending lots of effort and money in an attempt to reduce XZ & YB’s influence as well as weaken the BJYX community. I know that as international fans there seems to be nothing you can do, but as long as you continue to believe in both of them, and be able to distinguish rumours and gossips, it’ll be of great help and support to the both of them.

    Some people seem to be upset that YB didn’t show up at XZ’s bday celebration. You have to remember that both of them are under huge public pressure now and many pairs of eyes are looking at them waiting for them to make a mistake. If they show up together now in public, their competitors can buy all those gossip accounts and spread things about how they’re really in a relationship or sth. When that happens, and if it causes a great enough influence on the society, they might be banned from ever going to attend shows together, banned from meeting each others and banned from any interaction. I believe that none of you want to see that.

    Let’s endure all the rumours and bad things that are happening lately together. After this wave, the fans that remain with them will be stronger and more bonded.

    Edit: here's a gift for yall XD it's a compilation of what happened on XZ's bday (remove the emoji):


    You'll have to type the link yourself coz YouTube deletes my comment whenever I attach a link 🙁 sorry about that

  3. @Cynthia C. Thanks you for the info, I also saw in weibo group of GGDD and how they are struggling so that it won’t spread so much.

    It’s saddening that they have to suffer this mess but after every rain and thunder, there is a clear sky. We will still support them, be it invidially or together. I also hope that fans, true fans of them support them unconditionally. Even fans WHO don’t support them, I don’t mind them as long as they leave GGDD peacefully.

    One question for you Cynthia, I want to know if you have allowed your translation or video to be uploaded in IG?

    I think there is a rule from BJYX that they don’t use or tag GGDD account or mantion their names when sharing about them, right? I am asking this because I saw some in IG tag GGDD when they post about them. Personally, I think it’s not alright. I mean it’s fine of course when they tag them if to congratulate them or wishing them but to tag them in fan made videos and art? What do you think about it?

    I also saw that there are some WHO misunderstood the fan WHO ship this two after what happened with the actor of JC. They thought it was fans who ship this two that bad-mouthed JC.

  4. hey guys just wanna mention sth(might be unpleasant sorry). we all know it's these sasaeng fans who bothered wzc at that birthday night( the statement of xz's studio also confirmed this). however, what's really shady is various gossip accounts (we-meidas making money by posting gossips to attract views, the capital often pay them huge sums of money to post sth to slander someone) have been unanimously planting the bad incident on bjyx fans,wrongly accusing bjyx fans for things they haven't done. This was causing a lot of misunderstanding to people who don't know the truth. Bjyx fans are known to be both xz and yibo's fans, so a large number of passers-by even start to abuse and sneering at xz and yibo.These gossip accounts said wzc is a victim of bjyx fans.I don't know what's going on behind the scenes, but anyone familiar with the Chinese entertainment industry knows that this is a classic play of smearing and slandering. It seems to me those gossip accounts were ordered by the third party. Their purpose is very clear, that is to plant accusations on bjyx fans and damage the reputation of xz and yibo.

    I don't want to make a simple and crude conclusion, but i can't help but noticing many bjyx fans on weibo have found that wzc has become the first newcomer in the popularity index on one of weibo's listing for celebs in one night, that birthday night. and he now officially enters the mainland celeb list from the newcomer list, the former one is much more important, it is Weibo's top 100 celebs ranging by stream index, which is a very important business data(This has the important reference value to the star's commercial value)all because of the false reports of those gossip accounts. and he will soon have a new drama out. Also his agency is huayi, the No.1 agency company in china backed up by giant capital.

    Please note that I am not suggesting that wzc himself is shady or something like that, he must have his own team of huayi, maybe he can't make a decision himself(Or at least he agreed? I really don't know. All I know is that no one who enters the Chinese entertainment industry is not without ambition, and no one does not want to become famous and successful.), I don't want to believe that his team will do so, but the facts are just there. Bjyx fans being vilified is fine, but what will xiao zhan think? Haters picked on him and yibo for this mess, blaming them and bullying them, and what would he have thought(The following are all assumption) if he had known that his new friends in the entertainment industry (at least for a few months) had posted birthday party photos without his consent and bought a trendy in the middle of the night? He must feel betrayed and sad. I don't want to guess. Nor is there any firm conclusion. That's why I say Chinese entertainment industry and showbiz are really nasty remember? That's why I said it's impossible for a star to make real friends in the entertainment industry. It's all so common for your new friends to take advantage of you and hype themselves. It's happened countless times to any other successful star. BJYX fans are now discussing that the only thing that can be done in the future is to concentrate on supporting the career of XZ and Yibo and not to give third people any attention, no matter what his status is.

    I am sorry that these messages are not very pleasant, you can choose to ignore them, after all, xz and yibo are the most important.

    and thank @Eating very much for always sharing so many useful information and details with us.💗

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