Бюджетные кисти для макияжа| Cheap Makeup Brushes| Haul Aliexpress

Hi everyone! Today I have review video on the set makeup brushes from the aliexpress site. If you’re interested, then stay with me. The first brush is for powder. This is a large, fluffy, soft round brush made of synthetic material. The larger the size of this brush, The smoother the powder will be lie on the face. The second brush. It is a beveled brush made from goat hair designed to correct the cheekbones. It is soft and airy enough, It is necessary to proofreader easy lay down and shaded. The following Brushes are for the tonal basis and corrector. They are made of synthetic material. Brushes of three sizes serve for different zones on the face. The next 2 brushes for applying and shading shadows. The brushes are made of wool of goats. They are soft enough to touch and do not prick the skin. Next is a brush for eyeliner and correction of the shape of the eyebrows made of synthetic material. And the last brush of the oval form is for applying tonal remedy. It is made of synthetic material and is very densely packed. You can work it as a region under eyes, and near the nose. I also like to apply a makeup base by by this brush, because this brush does not absorb much material. And it saves your tonal remedy. My review is completed. You can look at my channel and subscribe, there are an interesting video! See you soon! All links in description a video.

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